Rain and Wind and Flying Things

The past few days have been pretty strange, weather-wise, and the rains have returned early this year.  It started with some gentle on and off again rains for several days, and then it came in full force with two days of serious rains and a wind storm to start off the ‘fall’ season here in our neck of the jungle.  The winds came up and they were blowing way up high in the tree canopy (fortunately), and I could see the trees blowing – whipping – in the moonlight outside my window.  It was so loud and these really tall trees were making arcs that were huge in size!  Dead branches were flying everywhere, crashing onto the roof and the ground all around the house, a tree snapped in half right out back of our house – the top went the other way, thank you Dios.  The dogs were lying on the deck looking up into the sky with awe and wonder.  One long sleepless night, for sure; we got up early to survey the damages and all of our trees in bags out back were lying down, but other than that there was no serious damage, just a big mess of big dead branches everywhere and lots of leaves.

Then the rains returned the next day…it poured!  The parched and thirsty land was finally getting a drink, and the water canyon was once again speaking loudly. It is obvious that everything is relieved to get watered and refreshed, even the critters seemed to be happy with lots of birdsong blessing the new day.  It seems to us that the rains have returned somewhat early and with great force, kind of like ‘out like a lion’, the saying for March – but in our case this could be an interesting weather year all around.  It has been unusually and uncomfortably hot for the past month or more, and yet already I am wondering if our ‘cool season’ may be extra cool this year.  Mate was researching some of the weather oddities and found that the trade winds had virtually disappeared, the melting of the ice caps and the rising of the seas have caused the trades to disappear.  This is not good news for sailors.  But our Jetstream has also taken a big swerve in ‘normal’, as evidenced by the crazy winter weather this year, which has been getting crazier as the seasons go by.

The eclipse season is just around the bend, in fact you could say that we are already in it.  Usually before during and after this season the earth is prone to more geophysical activity, and it appears that this is already on the increase with some good size earthquakes rattling Indonesia.  We live in Central America where there are four plates that intersect, creating a lot of movement and adjustment.  The month of March was pretty active for us seismically, although they were not huge movements, there were many, most not even documented.  We also have a few active volcanoes which is an interesting feature to have in your ‘back yard’.  Although they are not close, the effects travel great distances.  We were living in northwest Oregon when Mount Saint Helen went off in 1980, it just so happened that I was in Seattle at the time as Mate was working on a ship, preparing for a trip to Alaska.  When I returned to Oregon there was at least an inch of ash everywhere!  So, suffice it to say that when they blow, their message is spread far and wide!

Anyway, getting back to the weather, after the rains came and gave the earth a much needed drink, it became quite cool here…yesterday we were completely fogged in ALL DAY and I was considering finding more clothes for warmth!  Very interesting, it was the first completely foggy day we have experienced since living here.  The coolness definitely provides for a much more comfortable night’s sleep, however, no problems with that.  It is the wild swing of temperatures that are the interesting part, a very normal part of living in the northern plains states, but here?  Hmmmm….

The huge winds (they actually were blowing the roofs off of local houses not far from us), the early rains, the unusual coolness and the consistent rolling of the earth; recall now the relentless voices of the jungle creatures recently, at odd hours.  And now we enter eclipse season…and we pray that we are not entering into battle season as well.  My prayer is that the voice of the Mother speaks up before things get TOO intense in that department (she is already whispering her messages).  We are so thankful to be living here, however it is good to remember that the only ‘safe’ spot is the sanctuary of your own heart.

Again I will say this, my attention continues to be honed through my experiences of the events around me, on whatever level I happen to be observing, be it the jungle and her life, the villages and/or cities and their people, the dramas unfolding  across the globe, or the Earth and her adjustments in her physical redistributions, even the sun and the stars (i.e. Asteroids and meteors buzzing us – closely) – all are amazing to witness during these phenomenal shifting times in our station of the cosmos.  The saying ‘hang loose’ has extra emphasis for me!  Now we are getting into another territory of discussion, so I will close here by saying that everything is talking right now, all around, and the ‘buzz’ is that big changes are underfoot.  Could be an updated version of ‘Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride’, circa Disneyland a very long time ago – so hang on to your hats, it IS going to be an exciting and wild ride.


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

2 thoughts on “Rain and Wind and Flying Things”

  1. Elena,
    I so love envisioning the pictures you paint of you and your Mate’s life. Here is South Dakota, USA we are experiencing a blizzard. Everyone has closed down and we wait. Cloud seeding of last week is here in the form of snow and cold temps again. We have had 70 degree days just a couple days ago. Is it any wonder the plants and bushes don’t know what to do? No lilacs last year for this same reason. About three weeks ago I was traveling the Hills and got caught in a freak snow storm no one saw coming. It snowed 10 inches in less than four hours. I was stuck in the middle of the 40 mile trip home with a hundred other cars wondering if we were going to spend the night on the highway. No movement. Apparently a semi truck had jackknifed on the road up towards the town of Hill City. We all spent an hour or so at the Keystone Y.
    Well anyway, Just days ago, I was seriously looking at my beautiful garden and wondering about plants and preparing to start ‘making ready for spring’. I am certainly glad that I take a long time to prepare to do anything. Energy best saved for keeping warm…ha ha. Much love my Jungle Sister

    1. better late than never, yeah – the weather. as you can see by the newest post it is ‘tree falling season’ here, not to mention all of the other weather anomalies, just a taster of what is yet to come! love you, thanks for the comments! It would truly be nice to get some banter going on this blog, but it is beyond me how to get the ball rolling! come on folks, read it and speak! would love to hear from anyone!

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