Lots of ‘Talking’ Out There…I Am Listening

There are some pretty radical moments along the course of a day, or a night, when the ‘voices out there’ are really loud, and sometimes downright intrusive, yet I listen…

Sometimes the voice is very quiet and speaks in pictures and visions…I watch…

Other times the voice is hammering away at me in circumstances and drama of the moment – I pause to look and consider…

The other night, the one before the full moon, it was probably the middle of the night, there was a Laughing Falcon parked in the tree right outside my bedroom window.  If you have never heard a Laughing Falcon before, it is quite an experience, the fact that it was in the middle of the night made it even more interesting.  As I listened I could hear another one not far in the distance…apparently these two birds were having a parlay – about ‘what’ is anyone’s guess, however as I listened I realized that part of the message was for me.  This particular falcon is a rather large bird with a flat-top ‘haircut’ and a bold mask across his otherwise dirty white face, mostly dark body and a long barred tail.  Their call starts out relatively low key with a ‘hoo-oo-wah-ah-ah’, that repeats itself, increasing in pitch and length over the course of a relatively long time until it is ‘laughing’ very loudly, and then it becomes ‘WAH WAH WAHHHH WAAAAHHHH WAAAAHHH’ with such intensity that it reaches out for  a very great distance.  The other bird had started ahead and was now being drowned out by this one, eventually quieting down his own end of the conversation.  This went on for at least fifteen minutes, and as I lay there listening to this amazing bird screaming his message in the middle of the night, well I must say that he had my attention.  As for the message in this for me, well…I am still pondering this.

The cats have been acting really strangely lately also, their estrus cycle waned quickly after a few cold showers with the hose, but their energy level and their pre-occupied attention span has been weird lately, especially in the early morning hours just as the full moon is shining brightly on the deck before setting…could this merely be full moon madness a las gatos?

Of course there are the ever present howler monkeys having their own conversations, as well.  We have definitely been hearing some differences in the actual voices they use in some of the random conversations, which could just be springtime lust talk, but what I find interesting is the mass gatherings of groups in close proximity, not only to one another but to our house, a lot lately, in the early morning wakeup serenades.  They are loud, they begin really early, sometimes before four a.m., and they go on and on and on as if in a heated debate amongst nations, but in very close contact instead of across the jungle spanning each other’s territories, which is more the norm.  I can imagine all kinds of logical explanations from my meagerly educated monkey mind, like are they talking of swapping some daughters amongst the troups? Or bargaining for new leaders?  Or are they just pissy and looking for arguments of any nature?  Hard for me to tell.

The weather has been really hot this month, and yet two times now we have had early rains – the beginning of March we had a deluge on the southern coast that really rained on some big plans and made mud, muck and mess for campers…and now this week is Semana Santa and all of the locals head for the beaches for the week from the cities and wherever, and the weather predicted was HOT and HOTTER, but as we see from our deck it has been fogged in and rainy!  Today we got a really good rain here and all up and down the coast, and this past week we have received some serious thunder noise and some rain.  Not enough rain to quench the parched earth, but enough to refresh all things living and provide baths for birds in banana leaves.  This is a wonderful thing to watch as the little birds roll around in the puddles of water on the huge leaves.  But returning to the weather, it has been weird – not only here, but it seems to be weird just about everywhere these days.

And then we have people behavior, which in my opinion has been visibly out of balance for the most part.  As I watch, witness and observe the clearly all-over-the-place thinking and acting of the folks around us, it seems that it is all that any one of them can do to continue forging ahead with the moment’s requirements, without losing their balance.  Folks working hard on the task at hand, yet obviously confused with the energies of the world around them.  Even though those surrounding energies are not clearly definable!  For example, take a major event of traumatic proportions that takes place and it is obvious why everyone is rattled and confused.  This current ‘confusion’ seems to be of a non-definable nature, not so obvious…yet very present.

What is normal?  Is there such a thing as ‘normal’ anymore?  Is everything, the weather and critters and people and such, trying to find that ‘normal’?  Personally I have felt like I am living on a boat for weeks now, like walking on a gently rocking boat on a rolling sea, sometimes it is not so gentle, but enough so that my daily walking and doings has required a different kind of attention.  Undoubtedly my attention is on, although what the ‘message’ is as yet is still unclear.  Guess that goes with the rest of it, including the wacky critter behavior.  Plans have been virtually impossible to make, things changing moment to moment, so the old saying ‘hang loose’ is very appropriate.  Another good one is ‘be prepared’.  ‘For what’ is a good question, but to say ‘for anything’ is a good answer.  Expect the unexpected seems to be the theme for 2013 –  I read Kryon recently from a February message, and they said that 2013 will be ‘a year of full moon energy’, so know this!

Aha!  Perhaps this is what it is all about, yeah?  Not just THIS full moon, but we have all been infused with full moon energies for a long time – consistently.  It is all around us, affecting everyone and everything every day.  That’s a lot of ‘every’!

Oh, what is that I hear out there in the jungle at this hour…a Laughing Falcon?  And what, pray tell, might he be laughing at?

‘wha ha ha ha ha’   (Isn’t all of this a laugh and a hoot? – says the owl)

Hang loose ‘cause things are stirring out there…


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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