Whoa There My Pony

To say that 2016 went out with a ‘boom’ is an understatement; and to say that 2017 came in under an incredible wave of outright getting pounded in the surf yet still managing to get out of the ‘sand tumbler’ on both feet, with nothing more than a lot of sand everywhere you can imagine it might collect in a situation like this.  This is not only a metaphor, but the first time I ventured out into the waves since the beginning of the year, not only but also for several months of lots of rain, and this is exactly what happened…and yet I was high on the energy of ‘dancing’ with the ocean again, albeit in a moment of her rather unrelenting circumstances. This was insight for me as to what was coming around the bend…a peak at the year ahead.

Now, one month later, as I look back so completely over the gradual yet steady momentum building towards the end of the past year, thinking all along ‘Is this finally happening? Is this it? Are we actually a go here?’ with a dream plan of the entire six years…only to get completely blown off of my rocker with a completely different idea of forward direction, let’s call it an arctic blast, that turned our heads from the idea of living indefinitely in the tropics to a place that is currently deep in snow. Wow.

We left that six years ago, a winter that wouldn’t quit. The snow was deep then and continued to pile up, to the point that there was absolutely no escaping it, we were confined to quarters and had to deal with what was on our plates completely, totally, and without hedging or fudging – to the point, right here right now. Do not pass go – we were in snow jail. But when the snow melted, we were free of all ‘extra’ baggage (at least what we had identified up to that point, this most certainly was an illusion, though) and we were on a plane with everything we had left to our name, no frills – just the basics – to the tropics, where we have been living very simply ‘in the campo’, or ‘tico style’…we still are…ever since.


What a Journey! OMG, we landed in this amazing zone of flora and fauna (and community) that we have watched grow and bloom into some very amazing goodness in vibration…and yet, overall, the impact of the world’s woes and nefarious agendas is evidenced here as well, and ultimately has most definitely made a serious impact on everything, especially since the election. Including the fact that what we considered to be an absurd impossibility all of a sudden sounded like the absolutely and very totally ‘right’ thing to do – and that is to sell what we have, keep only the essentials and head back to the good ole US of A – no matter what. We have always liked to ‘hide out’ of the mainstream of society, anywhere we happened to live in the world, and up until now this has been the idea to continue to live here…but things have changed, big time. Living in the campo is still absolutely the way to go, but the laws in the Big Kitty litter box have changed (here, yes), and there is a LOT of confusion, laws contradicting one another and thus making it impossible to obey the laws – to the ‘T’ – and therefore making it very easy to find oneself in a very precarious situation with nowhere to turn (or run) to. Hmmm, not a very good position to be in, especially if you are merely a ‘tourist’ with a ‘tourist visa’. It seems that residents, temporary and permanent, are also looking at difficult conundrums in the laws. And where might all of this be headed? Not sure that we want to find this out the hard way, no thanks.

Therefore, the overwhelming enthusiasm of our (adult) children assisting us to help us get re-established on that side of the border, instead of this side, has made it a ‘no-brainer’, it really is time to ‘go home’. Funny, we have been looking for ‘home’ ever since we have been here, had none anywhere else to ‘return’ to…yeah, yeah, ‘home is where the heart is’ and we get this – this place has been the most amazing place to live and I have fallen in love with it and wanted so very badly to have a place here to call ‘our own’, but alas – ‘twas not meant to be. We enjoyed it on the fly, the adventure and education of a life time – you can’t buy this stuff, you make it – and we have learned one very important fact, and that is coming here for however long it might be, is a healing Journey – ‘soul R & R’, as well as ‘human physicality 3d awareness class, level wherever-u-r-at’. Now it truly is time to ‘go home’, and we will be able to create the space to call ‘home’ one more time (anyway) before we jump this Earth ship, once again.

Life on planet Earth has been quite the ride, Mama Turtle’s Wild Ride for sure, but most especially since the evolution of consciousness has become main stage, theater I. You can’t ask me when that started, because it all depends on when it started for you, but the important thing is that there are a whole lot more folks watching the show now and hopefully participating more keenly, than ever before. Well, at least in times/places/spaces that we can relate to, don’t even want to get started in the realms of other realities and dimensions and other planetary systems and all of that stuff, for Pete’s sake – we have enough on our plate  right here right now. We are still hanging onto our hats on this wild ride and keeping our hands and feet/legs – and heads, we hope – inside the vehicle at all times. Wowzers, let’s hope this car stays on the tracks! LOL, actually, our car jumped tracks and now we are on a different ride…my brother said to me, ‘sounds like another Journey to me’. Yeah, duh!

We have an amazing community of very illumined souls living here and passing through our space here in the jungle, and it is really amazing how many that we know personally are currently and very recently being confronted with similar track shifting episodes in their lives. How one deals with the ‘shock’ of the situation is of course paramount to how things might unfold…resistance equals pain, and there is no ‘control’ any more. We have worked hard at establishing what the precedence of our ‘dream’ picture looks like, what it feels like, complete with fine tuning and all; and yes, we have been through the deep dark corridors of logic that pamper the ego and temp us to go this way or that, because we ‘should’ or some crap like that. Letting go of the ultimate need to ‘make things happen’ is a must do, willingly or forcefully. For me, pushing the boulder uphill or bucking the currant really gets tiring, and it most certainly begs the question, ‘what the f.&* am I doing?’ Seriously getting in my own way, that’s for sure. Looking at everything that has been preparing us for this for the past however long is also interesting, in retrospect… ALL things considered both personally and globally and cosmically. Ahhh, how I wish I could just tap into all of that information that just resides down there underneath the sub-conscious, the really deep hidden stuff we aren’t allowed to ‘remember’ so we can have the ultimate education while we are here. I guess the truth of it is that we are supposed to find it out along the way, or as much as possible – no freebies – doing the work that leads to the ultimate ‘remembering’. Free will, yes, to have any experience we choose to create (like it or not); but we have to do the inner digging and attain realizations and pearls of wisdom and gold nuggets that keep the party moving along all by ourselves. Of course there is help, but you have to recognize the help as it shows up, also – that is the truly comical part of our Journeys, eh? How blind we can be, each and every one of us.dscf5451

Well, I am not blind to this one and every single day the message is more clear of what needs to happen. I do experience some anxiety along the way, ‘too many mind’ syndrome, but that is just too much heat accumulating in my system, which is predominantly water, so the Chinese elements indicate. Yep, just have to adjust that petcock once in a while to let off some steam so it doesn’t get trapped inside and cause problems with the operating system. We all must tend to our own individual systems so as not to get bogged down, heated up, blocked off, or become a runaway generator – this is not a good thing, it makes things really rough and tough.

The energies bombarding our planet to ‘help’ us are stirring up plenty, so we will continue to ‘get what’s going on’. This past weekend we rode in our last local Cabalgata, and the incoming cosmic energy blasts had the humans quite lost and doing things not in the best interest for 50 horses and riders on a very busy (two lane) road with heavy traffic going both ways…geez, guys, you could have stopped traffic for the fifteen minutes we were all on the road, ya think? Anyway, it was evidence of confusion, mismatched ideas, signals crossed, things missed, and horses dancing in the chaos on the pavement – it was hot, also – and I am thankful that there were no wrecks, as it was a prime opportunity for that! We were blessed, everyone had fun – especially after we got off the public road and into the cool jungle. I didn’t get any fotos on the road as my horse was dancing sideways and wondering which way he should run…and my friend’s horse was just as nervous, so we held onto one another to cushion the tension. It’s good to know that you can count on one another when things get weird, we all need that.

And having said all of that, in these incredible times of nobody knowing much of anything, trying to find our way in the deep caves of the unknown with itty bitty flashlights, and maybe no extra batteries…well, it’s always good to have a friend and be a friend. We are in this together, and I am ever so grateful that our family is pulling together to get us off this playground and to the next, hopefully without any major hitches, so we can go home.

It’s all The Journey, best to enjoy it along the way, ‘cause there isn’t anything for sure anymore, seriously moment to moment living. Watch the show and laugh a lot, there is so much healing in having fun along the way.

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out my front window
out my front window