Ready to Ride


Tomorrow is a big day for me, four of los caballos are heading for familiar territory – back here to our house. This certainly wasn’t something we saw coming, but this year has been so crazy (or wishy-washy maybe) that learning to stay with the current moment’s momentum to wherever has been the name of the game.

And Mama Tierra is part of it, as well, as she has been ‘creating’ the weather (along with HAARP and other interventions),

today's clouds/scalar waves - in costa rica = scary, we NEVER see these here
today’s clouds/scalar waves – in costa rica = scary, we NEVER see these here

to have us all scrambling and/or dealing with something. We had the longest hottest driest verano (summer) here in Costa Rica in thirty years – so say the locals – and we thought it was going to go on forever. Rivers and quebradas were disappearing; lagunas gone; people in the campo had to really work at fixing their water lines to make it through as everyone was on rations (3rd world country, not much money – you would likely be shocked at what these folks will rig up to work for house water). Hard to believe the rain-forest could be on water rations, but you also have to remember that there is a lot of land that has been clear cut for cattle…so along with those changes, Mama Earth was coming in for some serious ass whoopin’s on various levels, i.e. volcanoes, scorching weather, flooding, etc. – i.e. extremes.

“Normally” the rains begin in April, stirring up the season with a few good storms and tapering off for the end of May, June, July and into August with idyllic weather of sunny mornings and rainy afternoons and sometimes into the night (verano de San Juan, or Indian Summer). Then September through November is officially the heavy rainy season. Everyone is saying right now that we jumped right into that – la Nina already? Overnight from el Nino to la Nina, whatever – the point is we went from no water and no grass for the horses to full saturation, the rivers are ALL running big and fast and the grass is so tall! Therefore, why pay for pasture that has too many animals when I have an abundance of feed all around me? And I/WE CAN FINALLY HAVE THE KIDS BACK IN OUR CARE!!! I am so happy to have the animal family coming back together…but tomorrow is going to be an adventure.

DSCF4404 DSCF4407 DSCF4406

Actually, we’ve been waiting more than a week for the rains to subside for a couple of days so the rivers would slow down so we could cross them, because I was initially going to ride one and tow one, but now one of the boys has a job so Billy is going to ride with me and we are going to each ride one and tow a horse. But I am not really happy about crossing the river towing a horse when it is so high and fast and Billy says ‘no problem, we’ll just walk the horses one at a time over the bridges (there’s two rivers, two bridges).’ What? We are talking about very old suspension bridges for the cars to drive and people can walk across, but they move – like a suspension bridge.DSC_0565 Lots of horses get weird going across any bridge because they get mesmerized by the water flowing beneath them…but Billy says ‘no prob.’ Good grief! (As the sky darkens and already we are having thunder and rain…come on sun! move it on out for us.) Seriously, this is challenging for me, so then I guess I am just going to have to ‘buck up’ for Pete’s sake (oh sheesh, perhaps I shouldn’t say it that way :o) and just do it! Don’t want to feed that wolf, for sure, only the total success of the mission and that is to get four horses back down the mountain safely – us too – and onto the ‘long pasture’ (the road). At the rate the grass is growing from the rains we are getting, there will be plenty of food for the duration…or at the very least, so it seems.

As things are tending to go – in different directions simultaneously – it seems to me (as an observer) that there has been for most folks I know a great unraveling in the past few months that has hit hard in just about all departments: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and the ethereal…and much releasing in the unraveling. I know people from many places that have been ‘slam-dunked’ in various physical manners (big dis-ease) as the emotions blocked/locked down deep have plowed through to the surface and demanded to be dealt with, however one has chosen for it to be. Mate, as well. And through this great chaotic period there have also been great cosmic downloads into our physical 3d bodies as we recalibrate, preparing for whatever is next. The Sun and the planets have been loud and strong! The volcanoes and earthquakes and weather systems have also been ferocious. All of this has demanded some serious program management, or fine tuning, so to speak. In other words, you may have been heading over in that direction and then suddenly you are heading in another. This happens with horses, as well, and just this morning a friend was telling me about his experience with his mule bucking him off almost two months ago…that was his course adjustment.

This morning was the first time out and about for us in our community, after dealing with surgery and reality checks around that scenario. We have a very aesthetic eclectic  community here; all of us living from kind of rural to very rural in this part of Costa Rica. Lots of rivers and mountains and climates, and crazy drivers with only a generation of driving experience at all, and here on the mountain roads – geez; you have to seriously want to live here to live here – and all of us do. The others go ‘home’. We are here by design, and about 90% of us are very much in the know flow of the illusions of this world – and working on releasing it to a new reality by doing what we do. In fact another friend we visited with had just visited with his friend in New York, and he said that his friend pays $5000 a month to rent a one bedroom apartment that is so small they have to go out to eat all of their meals! No sun in the apartment, concrete jungle of busy-ness that is always lights and noisy. He said he had so much anxiety about all of it including how fast the money flowed out of their hands for that life, that he had to leave (muy rapido) and return to his jungle cabin where he felt peace once again. Different strokes, right? But our world here is so connected with the Mother that we operate on a different channel, for sure.  Most of us don’t have a lot of money; everything goes into the building of the farm for living sustainably. Many have to return to ‘alternate home base’ for a few months each year and work for enough to keep the ball rolling!   Yet we all share in this lifestyle choice together, and there are farmer’s markets that also provide opportunity as our social gatherings, when we come in from the jungle to mingle and swap stories, sell our abundance and share hints and tips for living here successfully. It was a beautiful sunny morning to enjoy (while it lasted), but the rain is coming down hard now…dam. To boot, this crazy weather has been cold, I have had to go dig out blankets and warmer clothes from the storage where our stuff is! For me, I live in tank tops and shorts or cool dresses. Now – socks and shirts with sleeves! Whoa.

Anyway, the (previous) point is,  we are all pretty much people of a ‘tribe’ of jungle dwelling permaculture bamboo/cobb house hippies of all ages (all ages, no kidding), and the stories have been rich with recent events and bizarre happenings, i.e. one farm with three greenhouses lost all three to two different storms – ! And there is a swath of storm downed trees, uprooted and broken off, through the hills. We are all in our own personal storms, dealing with trees down in our yard or the jungle trying to overtake the house (or whatever you might equate with ‘storm’). In all of this we are each finding our way…either in a new direction, or in the same one we have been working towards, but everyone has weathered the storms thus far (except for the ones that actually checked out and left this physical dimension – and there have been a few) and are clearly powering up now to charge forward, wherever that might be. The current energy is that of forward momentum, positive thinking, tackling the odds and/or making big decisions to change course – or simply getting a new outlook on life. Hard hits and dusting off our britches, but ready to get going.

We are ready as well. The horses are coming down the mountain and something is up, I can feel it. We have been working so hard with our own clearing to bring ourselves up to that vibration which will open the door that up to this point has been well hidden – we have been and still are desperately seeking where we are meant to set up camp (and I adamantly believe that it is in another reality…we shall see. Define ‘reality’, yeah?). There is yet more chaos – the weather is a good indication of that – and politics (ho hum) – but things have changed. Out of chaos comes change. Embrace the change. Stay in your moment so that you know where to put your foot! (Some things are tougher than others, sigh.) And so on and so forth. We are helping the friend with the totaled greenhouses, she is powered up and ready to get some rebuilding going on! Yes, we all need to power-up for whatever it is that we are creating – after the recent ‘re-boot’. Hopefully in those personal tornadoes and what-not we figured out which way was up to the surface to get our breath…to see where we are, and choose which way we are going now.

Personally, I think that this Grand Cross in the mutable signs of our heavens, the planets involved, the recent barrage of retrogrades that are moving mostly forward now, and this solstice full moon coming up (Neptune just went retro, and I believe this is excellent timing – considering) are some of the most powerful cosmic effects that I have not only felt, but witnessed on many levels – including and very importantly within myself. From being so scattered into way too many pieces to feeling me pulling together…but with everything re-arranged, in many ways and places. Here we are, this is a huge step for us to bring the boys off of the mountain…very exciting, but it has been since October that we have had a ride with them. And this certainly opens up a few doors in a new direction, because we are going to need horses to see the next place that is patiently waiting for our arrival, as it continues to whisper its sweet melodic magic into our dreamtime.


We are truly ushering in something new, collectively and individually, and I am ready, my system has been, um – laundered, let’s say. And Mate had an overhaul…the boys are coming out of storage and life is heading in a different direction. That is, unless Dios has other ideas…the rain has become a big storm with the wind blowing the trees around big time. Everything seems to be fervently demanding that we live totally in the now moment – cannot get much beyond that! Chances are, ‘it’ won’t be anything close to what you may have thought or think, and this totally includes my own speculations.

As of this moment, as we experience another deluge and the rivers roar below us, we will post pone our adventure for a day…as Mama Gaia demands for us to listen very closely.

Saddle up – time to ride, pardners.

headin' out
headin’ out

Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

2 thoughts on “Ready to Ride”

  1. Lynn, I loved this entry…thank you. it brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. today I needed to hear and be submerged in now. I love you…we truly are of one heart, one soul, one love. prayers with you and Rich as you bring your “boys” home. pachamama will and is preparing a way for you…for us…to realize the dream we will never forsake. pura vida my dear amiga y hermana 💛🔆✌🏼️

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