A Letter

(note: this started out to be a letter I was writing to my special goddess friends/familia…but it went further than that, so here it is.  The crazy part is that obviously I was riding a similar wavelength as a few others, links offered below.)

Buenos Dias mis Hermanas

Each of you is from very different, yet in some unique way inter-connected worlds. Toss me into the mix and you have yet another world in the party, and so it is. I think this has been one of my strongest ‘epiphanies’ in these past almost eight months, the merging of the worlds – we know that we are in the depths of realizing our oneness with all things…all of them.

For me this has been taking place in the arms of the Mother Earth in her vastness here in the jungle. Some of you have lived intimately with Pachamama of the jungle and her spirits for many years here in CR;  a couple of you have experienced the Mother through her archetypes and goddesses and the mythology behind it all; some are fellow farmers, and body therapists; and so on. I am collecting and applying as many pieces from all of you as they are mingling within my intimate liasons; those that are most relevant and significant for me  while I try to get to the ‘unveiling’ of this multidimensional many realities blending into the oneness connecting with the All Shift that we are each and all experiencing – independently in our very own personal ways. The integration of all of it has been one wild and woolly ride that just goes right along with the previous ‘Oh Shit E-Ticket’ rides I have been privy to experience. And as 2016 would have it, we are being tested to utilize the tools we have gathered which can and will assist each of us as we bumble through this shifting passage (and all the rest, sigh). And it is all very interesting, as the ones we are sharing it with are an intimate part of the soul family gathered together to witness it – and perhaps help each other as we can, along the way.

Biggest and loudest for me at this point is the realization that our realities are really overlapping, seriously overlapping, right now. We have been traveling down this road of ‘creating a new paradigm/reality’ whateveryouwantocallit, with the ideal in mind that we DO have the power to create our own reality; but the way to actually accomplish this is ‘hiding’ within the ‘daily toil’ along the way (chop wood, carry water) as we continue refining what ‘it’ looks like, to me/you/whoever. Of course there is always the option of just going along for the ride and not focusing on creating anything…and apparently some do just this (or do not, as Yoda says). Among these ones are some that have learned to watch their step, while others maybe not so good at looking where they are going. Personally, my vision of what this new world that I am consciously seeing/creating being a part of asks me what it looks like and feels like and what I might be doing there in that place – and, is this what I want to do, or think I can do? In this refinement, along the way – especially in the past six or so months – I started having the idea or premonition if you will, that what I envision does not exist in this current reality that I am now muddling around in.

Dam! Talk about ultimate challenge – now I have to figure out (ha ha) the next part of actually employing my tools and shifting my reality so that I can find and step into it (such is a mind a-fire, lol)…which is the dream we hold together.  As we understand, the realities/dimensions are separated by vibration. To change your reality you must raise/change your vibration or frequency. To do this you need to do all of these other things that we have learned along the way, but now is the time to ‘walk your talk’, so they say. Do it. It is certainly not about figuring it out in the mind, verdad.

If my external picture represents my current vibration, then that is the starting point. Because we are still in the 3D reality of polarity and drama and free will, we still get to have the ups and downs and all arounds to go through along the way, the questions and the challenges. However, it is being aware that we are in the fine-tuning moments of being able to crossover, move between the realities, that is up front and center. There has been some recent talk-story regarding these very strange anomalies occurring, which can be totally relevant to this overlapping realities concept.

Because I had pondered and begun to realize that my ‘vision’ of the ideal I see myself living in doesn’t exist (thus far, I’d bet on it) in this reality, it really got my attention. So far in 2016 we have had some amazing earthly phenomena happening – all at once – along with cosmic phenomena and beyond. My feelings are such that my balance is within my connection to Gaia, the loving ‘arms’ of our sustenance. And she is squirming big time and showing her unease with the disease all over this reality. The stakes have definitely amped and there is some serious ass kicking happening around the planet – if you haven’t noticed it already happening for a while; unfortunately there is more to come as the powers  make their plays in the evolution of consciousness here on Earth. More mythology in the creation mix, right? And the goddess is moving up in ranks and our awareness, from the planetoids to the volcanoes, LOL. Huffing and puffing along the way, hey hey. Or showing Herself boldly as a beacon to respect and listen to (thank you Sophia).

Okay, the latest interesting part of this whole process is some pretty strange stuff going on in the communications department, and personal awareness field…yes, Mercury has been retrograde but then so have a bunch of others at the same time and now Jupiter and Saturn are in their third square and and and…the depth of the meanings of all of this is more than my astrology understanding goes, but I sure can feel it and I know in what departments I am being affected. And the ‘time weirdings’ or wondering what happened to that week, along with some indeed VERY strange occurrences with word interplay; not knowing exactly where I am at a couple of times; an intensely deepened connection with being grounded; and a definite shifting beneath my feet. Way beyond ‘am I dreaming or awake?’


There have been lots of those kinds of moments in the past six or so months, so it’s nothin’ new, but they keep on a comin’! What’s interesting is that once again we, as in Mate and I, are moving towards a leap…another presentation of a couple of earthly this reality kinds of possibilities, while knowing the leap is imminent, but now we are wondering if indeed it is into another reality that we are co-creating among us that are in the know? We’ve dreamed of and/or conceptualized this idea, but to actually be at the moment of doing it? We know our capabilities as humans allows this, but it seems as though we have remained ‘stuck’ in this 3D realm of repeat, unable to break the code.  Like when Adamas St. Germaine was stuck in the Crystal for thousands of years (in 3D linear); or like I am reading Dan Brown’s book Digital Fortress, all about the cryptologists in the computer world these days – OMG! The mind to do this is phenomenol – but can they shift their own reality? Perhaps they have – they live in a digital reality, but still within the realms of 3D. This is what we wish to shift from – and into those 5D6D and onwards dimensions of realities, by using whatever tools we have awakened to knowing we have within us – always. The veil is thinning, dissolving.  And here we are, on the threshold of stepping into another reality that we are creating as we go – and we definitely are not in Kansas anymore.

So many things going on all at once, yet where do we find our Self right now? It has been difficult to center myself and to write at length, writing messages or taking care of biz has been challenging enough! (The unforgiving ‘to-do’ list.) And yet there is a need to communicate with others, especially those that are consciously traveling along together heading towards that leap, however it becomes personally expressed for each of us. There is yet so much we have no idea about – that has become very clear to me: we have no idea what’s coming around the next corner, no matter how much of a flow might be going on for us. Anything is possible.  The Masters and Guides helping us along have made this clear: we are in unknown territory, new turf – no rules (more or less, except for Cosmic Laws).  My eyes are definitely open, and I have had to slow down…or is that a misperception? Like when you are moving so fast all of a sudden it ‘appears’ (to whom? Who is the observer? Better yet, where is the observer observing from?) – appears that you have stopped…and now ‘going’ retrograde.

Is this what happens when we hop dimensions? Ah, so many questions. Yet we must walk our talk now – and really pay attention. As the Mother tosses us about and delivers us these experiences we are dealing with – wherever any of us happens to be, and whatever the tossing might be – it is the ‘Oh Shit’ ride of the century, and there are no more excuses – and no more secrets. If you have a dream or a vision for a New World, or ready to get on with the shift (for crying out loud) – no more politics and games! No more pain…yet it truly is up to us individually to be a very aware molecule of water in the tide that is moving in this direction.

Personally, we are off looking for something that is outside of our Self as ‘the place’ we choose to move towards…and the path to get there is an energetic wavelength – beam us up, Scottie (sts). Yet for now here we are, and all there is really is now – and yet this is a ‘place’ or point on a time-line, is it not? We are either moving towards our Divinity or away from it, this is wonderful guidance: how something makes us feel. As we do what makes us feel good, in any given moment, then we must be heading in the ‘right’ direction, right?

No Expectations, nope – nada. All must be flushed out with the rest of the toxic residue we are dealing with during all of this upheaval. Pay attention to where those little devils are hiding, and exposed as the light brightens in your own personal reality.

It has been a bit crazy and most uncomfortable at times and frustrating at certain points, undoubtedly humbling and yet very exciting…the realizations and understandings and progress are very apparent – finally.  As we Journey towards wherever it is that we are going, seeking throughout our daily experiences the directions that give us joy – through our dreams, visions, mental creations – it is in the heart where we like to play, and earth is our playground. For me, being in the wilds with my Mate, horseback is best, in the heart and embrace of the Mother – as we feel our way through the maze. We even had some fun last weekend! Fun has been difficult to summon up recently… There is movement beneath my feet. Something is up…Mate and I even spoke of a magic carpet ride…the stuff of myths and fables. Goddesses and Dragons. And now ETs and Politics…and cosmic historical shifts.

Are we ready for some fun now? I am! And rest assured it probably won’t be what we thought it might be, ha ha ha.

with much love to all of the Goddesses in my life – and the Soul Mate and Soul Family – and the Gods, too – okay, much love to All! 😉

(and by the way, as I proofread this for the final time, I receive this blog post from a fellow blogger… https://heartuniverseorg.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/more-on-the-megashift-may-15th-24th-by-georgi-stankov/.

Synchronicity – and so much more

Another link:  http://www.openhandweb.org/Time_is_Now_Accelerating_to_a_Standstill…How_do_you_deal_with_that




Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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