downloadOkay so obviously things have changed – and are continuing to change. The shift is happening under our feet…right now. As I recently have listened to the messages that were yelling to me from all around, not really knowing exactly what the messages were – but in retrospect, April was hellacious on so many levels I can’t even begin to compartmentalize it, i.e. make sense of the incoming and the outgoing. May moved in with a sense of grabbing at or for something to keep from losing all sense of balance – while maintaining some focus as we are walking the tightrope onward. I saw a picture of someone walking a tightrope in China over one of their incredible canyon abyss – unreal! The sheer focus and confidence and knowing you would have to maintain in peak and ultimate balance to accomplish this – a most daunting feat (I didn’t see a parachute on his back…).XxjshmE005001_20160427_BNMFN0A001_11n

(I remember only too well when I was called to step across – only three, maybe four quick steps – a river MUCH smaller than this one, yet still a river, via a narrow very slippery log…I was challenged in my belief at that moment…)

Knowing. One of my key muy importante balancing acts is making sure I get enough exercise, body and mind, by taking hikes to the river with my dogs or riding a horse or hiking adventures (the last two have been virtually non-existent recently… sigh). The dogs and I have a very special and good working relationship. I know I need to do this and they know what to do – this also applies to the horses, the adventures are much safer as a result. The other day I was watching my faithful companions in regards to their ‘knowing’ something that they do not have to contemplate or question or learn in school (i.e. be taught), but the knowledge is accessible to them instantly without further debate (we call it ‘instinct’). For example, they know what plants they need to chew on. Their noses inspect each smell, searching for the one(s) that will work, for whatever they need it for. It’s not always the same plant, and sometimes they can’t get enough. Sometimes- as they are learning along the way-perhaps if maybe they might have been a little more careful with how much they eat…but really, they instinctively know. If one finds an especially good plant, the others run over and check it out. Knowing.

DSCN0836 DSCN0972 DSCN0958

Horses are the same way. When we were ranching in a space where the Black Hills meets and flows into the prairie – there is an incredible wealth and plethora of medicinal plants growing there. Seven kinds of sage, Echinacea, wild red clover, catnip (established over time), milkthistle – and so many more. I had a young horse that had a very serious injury and he was in the ‘infirmary’ for quite a while, as we nursed him back to being released out onto the ranch again with the herd. I watched him as he browsed out on the ranch, he would scout around with his nose for the exact sage and wild plantains that he nibbled on – natural antibiotics. He knew, exactly what was good or not and what he was looking for.

The dogs and the horses didn’t go to school and study herbology or physiology or wildcrafting. They are not from a specific bloodline that passes the information down verbally, person to person. That information is stored within the great central computer access terminal for horses and dogs. We have our own terminals for information that at one point in the history of the evolution of man were accessed and used. However, something happened and humans lost the way into that part of the Cosmic Computer for Earthians and then we were using other stuff to work with instead, most of which was programmed. But don’t get me started on that, let’s just say it has been a ‘road of many lessons’ since man took that turn.  Yet again, it is always a choice and there will always be lessons, no matter.  7b672ee11d7c08d8aae6ad7dbecfd711


Actually, we still can access that information – the fact that it even still exists at all was essentially ‘lost’ but has recently been ‘found’ again. Yes, there are those few that have known it all along, but the Journey back to finding the access terminal is within your Self. Thanks for the critters! 6854c757a0a863dd5f8d9148f966e9ddThey do point us in so many directions, to tools that are here not only for them…it is up to us to pay attention and listen to what they are sharing with us, even if the understanding comes in through many moments along the way.

I know that things have changed and are continuing to change. I know that the weather has changed, and so have the critters. I know the magnetics are shifting. I know that ‘they’ cannot hide everything ‘they’ want to keep hidden anymore. I know that we have the ability to get past that part of the X-box game (I am not a ‘Gamer’ as such), but the game of life is the same and the blocks are everywhere. But not really…only the illusion of such. The illusion is the block. Yeah, try and fit that one into a nice linear understanding!

There again, you get to a moment when you just know.  It’s all of the other moments that stir up the chaos.

After all of that radical chaos for the past two months and the downloads and the moving earth beneath my feet and losing my balance and then finding it –  sort of, enough to keep going – but the picture seems to be a little bit clearer and the momentum is moving forward now a little bit better (thank you Jupiter) and more momentum to be gained as the other planets go direct as well…but  by golly we got a flow in the know zone going on (is that corny or what?). There is a feeling of momentum gathering – I know it’s moving, it has changed, the nanoparticles are starting to attract to one another and group up and actually look like something a lot closer to that picture we thought we had of where we thought we were headed, which actually was  no-where for a while – but we are now-here. Retrograde Regroup. What exactly are you looking for? Jupiter in Virgo retro: hahahahahahaha, you have to take care of this inside business first, folks – ya’ll better just get with the program, buck up and get to work! We got lots of details to polish up before the ride.

And thus we have done a lot of exactly that. And in so doing have managed to clean up the connection wires to the main Cosmic Command Instinct Retrieval programs, if you will. Actually, we don’t want more programs – we want to uninstall the ones that have been clogging our Know Flow. This opens up a whole ‘nudder system, which we must muddle through via health crisis, among other things. Face it, to get in the know there’s a whole bunch of sewer cleaning to be done. Aloe, Isle 8.  Frustrating is a kind word here.

DSCF4281 DSCF4282 DSCF4283

The good news is that after floating at sea, dead in the water (so to speak) for enough time to drive anyone mad (have you heard some of those stories?  They are true) – there is sight of land…or at least a seagull, which indicates that land is real close. What next? I guess just getting through the election will be a huge milestone. Good God, Barney! WTF is all of this hoopla about? Going out with a big flame? Hope they don’t burn their own tent down! ‘Cause stuff isn’t hidin’ so good anymore, the cat’s outta the bag and the jig is up, there is a Nibiru, Dorothy. And a few others, as well. Oh, and….

Anyway, isn’t this fun? It’s like doing Ayawasca – you really have to want to reap some rewards to put yourself through that ceremony – explosions coming from every orifice of all descriptions: physical, mental, spiritual, and so on. It’s not incoming, its’ outgoing – violently, usually. But all told, worth it. Amazing what a soul and/or a physical body will store and hold onto in the most deepest darkest furthest places!

Alrighty then, now that we have Phase 1 of the ‘get to the bottom of it’ Scorpio health challenges (geez, could this have something to do Saturn and Mars in Scorpio? Retrograde? Hmmm…) behind(?) us (Dios quiere) – and healing, we personally are looking all around with a keen knowing that there is a place for us to live not far away and in our near future… we are going to find what we have so diligently been creating with undivided attention for quite some time now – at least get close to it very soon (like the seagull), and the rest of the metamorphosis going on will take another step (at least a few) to proceed as challenged.


We came into this incarnation with the challenge to live life on Earth during these incredibly transformative years. We know what we know, we just have to find our way back into the confidence zone of believing it – like the Chinese tightrope walker.  Automatically knowing it, without having to explain where, why or how we know. Trust in knowing what you know. And okay with getting a lesson (or two or three, etc.) along the way, just like Searchlight did (the dog). I tell you what – my dogs can smell a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake. They also move first – fast – and ask questions next – same with the horses. And the campesinos can swing a machete and kill a sudden snake in a heartbeat. They know – instinctively.






Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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