Jungle Message Delivery

Hoop hoop…whup whup, hoop hoop…whup whup – the palomas are welcoming in the morning. The nightjar is whistling not far away…a troop images (11)of howler monkeys near the river is making a statement…the night is fading to a glimpse of light through the thick clouds in the east.  The jungle awakens!  More birds offering their songs…the laughing falcons

Laughing Falcon
Laughing Falcon

are talking, oh my – there are two very nearby just raising all kinds of conversation to one another.  It would be difficult to describe all of the sounds but suffice it to say that it is a wonderful symphony – even the cicadas have joined in now, they begin with just a small voice of zzzzzzzzing, and as the sunlight dominates the landscape it becomes more steady through the day – and loud.  Such a joy to awaken with Gaia’s critters in her jungle – thank you for this gift in my life!

In the past few weeks, notably around and within this latest portal of eclipses and equinox, the jungle has been incredibly and very noticeably more alive and active. Especially during the full moon, the local howlers were really raising a ruckus, both day and night. There has been a lone male hanging around very nearby the house; the normal habits of the howler troop is to announce their feeding areas each morning, as they migrate throughout their territory, which is relatively large. We have a convergence of about three different troops here –probably because of the vast expanse of ‘undomesticated jungle’ that surrounds us, plus the river nearby. This lone male has been basically stationed in a small area for a few weeks, and he has no problem making a lot of noise at many different moments during the day or night. We think he is crooning his youth and images (12) download (1)vigor outwards to the other troops in the hopes of luring some young females to join him…or perhaps even an elder female seeking a more prominent status in a ‘new’ troop.  Anyway, the resulting cacophony of howler ‘music’ has been something – despite whatever reasoning we might apply. The outside troops have been making enough sporadic noise that Mate and I have wondered if they know something that we do not?

The music of the jungle has been filled in the early dawn with the songs of the Crested Guan, a large turkey-like bird that is really quite clumsy as they move through the upper canopy of the jungle, and make a noisy

Crested Guan
Crested Guan

racket not unlike that of geese, honking and screeching to one another. The  Grey-Necked Wood Rail is another rather interesting bird, that has a territory that moves around us these birds have been likened in sound to a ‘drunken chicken’, a voice that is loud and choppy and incredibly funny for such a small bird. The dogs go crazy when they get too close!

But the joyous sounds of the ant or house wrens, especially now as they are building their nests in the end of the bamboo runners that are the DSC_0580laundry porch overhang, as they hop from branch to branch of the plumeria singing their incredibly beautiful songs – invites a peace and joy to the environment that is penetrating into the depths of the heart. This morning I have the pleasure of watching the interaction and dance of three wrens through my window, what appears to be a male and possibly two females –as the male drops his wings in his way of beckoning the girls…as they work into the very small spaces that appeal to them as potential nesting sites. These songs of the jungle – as ungainly as some may be – are the music of Gaia in the morning…a wonderful space to behold.

Of course the hummingbirds also come to visit the flowers outside of my window, and invariably always come to look at me through the screen. During the day the screen doors tend to stay open, and so many times a colibri will fly into the house, or through the house – but sometimes they can get lost and trapped inside a room, poking the screens with their long curved bills trying to find a way through. We coax them to ‘go to the door’, but many times I must catch them and escort them out to the freedom of their world. We have several resident hummingbird species here in our space, each different and incredibly beautiful.


The flycatchers, or in particular the Great Kiskadees – which are relatively DSC_0586 DSC_0584large birds – have been very active and plentiful recently.  There is a large male that has been spending a fair amount of time outside of my window, off the back porch – hopping and resting on the hammock, the flowering shrub behind it, the fence posts, and the lime tree – as he makes his rounds, but unusually close. Yesterday as I look out the kitchen window I see two in the other plumeria tree having an interaction with one another…they both look to be the same gender, although with this bird it is hard to tell – but as I watched them have their interaction I realized that the one bird was a little smaller, and the other was one of the padres feeding it – teaching it to hunt, a fledgling not long out of the nest. The fledglings, fully feathered and practicing their flying skills, must learn to hunt. The flycatchers are incredibly acrobatic and can pick a flying bug out of the air without a hitch! They can see the bug from their perch in a tree, zoom out and grab it, do a 180o turn and go back to the branch – in a heartbeat. Junior was learning ‘the technique’, but yet to be able to fend for itself – so Mom or Dad was there to insure the tyke is fed enough until he’s good on his own – or they figure he had better be, lol.  The flycatchers live in communities, and they are very territorial – to the point of aggressive towards other birds, even much larger birds of prey. There are many birds in Costa Rica that live in various levels of community, like the Oropendolas that create long pendulous nests hanging from electric wires or trees or whatever, and these nests are like nest ‘condos’ that house several birds and their brethren. The oropendolas


have been around every year – except this one, hmmm?

This past week I have also seen a couple of very large snakes, in the middle of the day and moving – but on the road. Both of these snakes are good guys – i.e. not venomous – but it was interesting to see them on the move during the heat of the day. And it has been hot! OMG, the heat and the dry has been beyond ‘normal’ for CR as the weather patterns continue to shift and change (um, I mentioned this recently in another blog…).  This has been the effects of El Nino, and we have most certainly felt it. The heat has been almost unbearable, especially where we are living – which is in a carved out hole surrounded by jungle quite low in elevation and close to the river. Mate is covered in heat rash and we sweat constantly. The sun has been intense, and the local advisory has mentioned high sun radiation, take care. No kidding!  We were at the beach the other day and time in the sun is minimal, and the water is like a bathtub. In fact, the water coming out of the faucet is like heated water. This is not good. And the water is drying up – the rivers are record low.  Now the reports are that we should expect an extra month of this hot dry, but when rain season comes in we are going to get more than our fair share, in fact – they are talking La Nina in August, with expectations of hurricanes and cyclones.  All or nuthin’, feast or famine –the wild swing of the pendulum in weather anomalies.

Well, we have been feeling the earth moving and expecting a big shaker. We live where four plates converge…oh my. The volcanos in CR are active, lots of them.  Volcanos are active all over this planet. The howlers have been ‘talking amongst themselves’, and we have listened to the best of our human abilities. The snakes are now contributing their own messages, as well as the crazy weather.

The frequencies, i.e. Earth’s heartbeat or Schuman resonance, have also been oscillating quite a bit, and this has quite an effect on everything. Combine that with magnetics swinging wildly everywhere and you end up with lots of confusion in the natural world…and airplanes trying to find ‘lost’ airstrips and some of them crashing, like the gps isn’t working well, folks. Isn’t working so good for a lot of the critters, either. The point of this article is not to establish a doom and gloom, but a reflection of what is going on with the planet, energetically.

Somethin’s up, Amigos. But then, we already knew this. It’s the ‘what, where, when and how’ part that we don’t have any clues about.  I know lots of folks that say that whatever happens ‘out there’ on the planet will have no affects whatsoever to them, because they don’t think  ‘those thoughts’, therefore it will not exist in their reality – problems, that is. Okay, so there are many drops that make up the ocean, each drop unique unto itself – yet what happens in the ocean does have a ripple effect…every incident affects all realities in this dimension on Earth. Yes, thoughts become things…beliefs create our realities, essentially – but if it is so ‘easy’ to create a personal world with absolutely no connections to worldly mishaps whatsoever…tengo curiosidad…how is it that working? It seems to be more important to contribute as much harmony and balance as one can to the whole, but we cannot block out and/or separate ourselves entirely from the whole. I do think the energetic waves shall roll over us all in this collective reality.  The devil is in the details.


A little side-tracked there, but the general feelings are that the messengers of the flora and fauna are talking – and we are listening, and feeling, but the message is not a clear prophetic message – only warnings to be aware, and pay attention, and stay centered to the best of our ability – no matter where we live or what we believe. If something is coming down the pike cosmically – and all of those volcanos and earthquakes going off right now in complete correspondence with the sun…and all of the cosmic downloads…well, my attention is on…as a huge CME is unleashed from the sun this morning, not insignificant, so we shall see.

In the meantime, one day at a time – you never know what’s around the next corner, and ‘direct hits’ seem to be happening all around.  Listen to the voices in the wind speaking and follow your nose…’cause it knows.

Time to go cool off in the Rio and check in with the fish – they seem to be trying to say something to me, as well.

DSC_0543 DSCF4165 DSCF4168 DSCF4169 DSCF4160


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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