Practicing Pono



 “In the Hawaiian thought, being pono means being in perfect alignment and balance

with all things in life.

… Pono means you are in complete harmony and alignment with your custodial relationship with the earth. That you operate on the earthly plane as one who is the caretaker of the land during your lifetime. That your stewardship of the land leaves it as good as or better than you found it so that succeeding generations can enjoy the resources that were gifted to you in your lifetime and during your stewardship….Pono means that your relationships with others are just and fair and untinged by anger, jealousy, resentment or any negative energy. You are in harmony and in integrity. Discord is resolved with ho’oponopono – the setting right of bad feelings….In truth, every action in life is either pono … or not. And humankind’s assignment is to be pono in all things…”

As in all of Creation, there are many facets, many levels and so many dimensions of perspectives, being-ness, within the illusions of our realities.  Therefore, finding and/or living pono is challenging – to say the least. A simple concept, very much in principle like so many other spiritual paths…all require a ton of ‘letting go’ in the 3D department, especially in the perception department, which inevitably changes the nature of our reality. Or so the story goes. We interpret our experiences and/or lifetimes in 3D, and make adjustments along the way – unconscious becoming conscious evolution. Earth School. Some call it ‘prison Earth’. The Eagles said ‘you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.’ At least until you get all of your ducks lined up – or your pono ono. And you get serious about getting off of the cycle of 3D repeat all together!  Yes, into another realm of cycles in a different relationship with our beloved Gaia and her flora and fauna – and each other. Another reality of living pono.  By changing the perception of this reality…which seems to always be in the works.

Trouble is, when we first arrive here via birth into an incarnation, we are virtually blind to the process; yet, when we do eventually wake up to the process and start (key word here) being accountable along the way, sometimes the sheer depth of our current ignorance is so staggering that we become ‘overwhelmed’ with how clueless we really are (enter: humility) – and the ego-mind jumps in to ‘save’ the human. Oh Brother, this’ll put you on a roller coaster ride, because now you don’t know which end is up or down or this way or what way! Who’s at the helm? What’s driving the vehicle? Save the physical at the sacrifice of the spiritual.  Yes, topsy turvy down another frickin’ rabbit hole.  Good grief! There are perspectives all over the place – it’s not a pretty picture (thanks Robin, xoxo).The path of pono is a road to living consciously, which then eventually restores our balance and this then leads us to wherever it is we end up…and for me, I am visualizing this other world daily from inside our own personal illusion of reality: a world that feels in balance, in every which way…certainly yet only a dream.  Also part of the mindful practice of attention to living in the moment, the knowing who is at the helm part, which then leads to definitely more shifts in perception, eventually more conscious pono in one’s life. At least as long as you don’t get side-tracked, and it sure seems like this is the bane of our current civilization’s progress – getting side tracked (don’t get me started on that one) in the ongoing chaos, and losing our ‘pono’. And God forbid, having a clueless moment (or two or many, yikes).


We are here experiencing life on this amazing awesome wonderful beautiful magical planet Earth…Gaia…in a multitude of lifetimes, all in 3D. The relation we have with her is the relationship of all relationships, the one of having-a-human-physical-body-on-earth experience, i.e. physical incarnations – many call it ‘souls having a human experience’. While we are trying to live together on the planet together – in search of ‘peace’, mind you – without destroying her or blowing everything up. If it were not for the loving grace and humungous-hearted Gaia – however as a riled up Goddess, look out, here She comes – an ultimately benevolent Goddess, we would not be here now or ever. However, there is a co-existence here on Earth with other dimensional realities as well, and more. She is shifting and changing as well as the cosmos around us – cycles within other cycles of cycles, ad infinitum…currently stimulating lots of chaos. We don’t even talk about (publically, anyway) the chaos beyond that which we are witnessing in our own solar system, beyond that and beyond our own galaxy! This is bigger than big, even though it is relevant at its own level – bring it back to the point we are in now, with what we are experiencing around us – and this is a bunch of lost humans trying to find harmony and peace on the planet of which we are an intimate part of. care-for-earth-and-her-animals To find harmony in relationship to the earth is totally required in ultimate seriousness by our civilization, to even become aware of any portals, and if we can get the bugs and kinks worked out…we might just find that portal to the next dimension beyond ours that we would like to experience. Anyway, the point is to break free out of the ‘prison’ aspect of this dimension and to do this requires focus in practice. And pono, no matter who or where you are.

Perhaps the perceived goal of graduating from Earth School 3D might be so that we can finally practice living pono collectively – as an advanced civilization? It has been this way before…I yearn for this way again and remember this other life and know what happened along the way.  As it is said, there is no way to find peace…peace is the way. Pono extends that out to involve a very personal relationship with the Mother that gives us life – beyond the prison of limited perspectives.  Mutual respect is mandatory on fundamental levels, as our lives are interwoven – a very symbiotic relationship.


Bottom line, as we are wearing these human suits and trying to find peace on earth we must experience all phases and this one is playing itself out right now. Humans are humans and right now the collective of humans is relatively lost – not pono…the truth is self-evident, yeah? So ‘collective pono’ might be a pipe dream, unless we adjust our sails. I think we have reached a collective point in that you/me/we have at least acknowledged that sumthin’ ain’t right with the current events taking place everywhere all around us right this moment in our cumulative external world…and sumthin’ has to give.  We can practice pono, as we may believe, yet the madness around us remains, and there is no way to separate ourselves entirely from it, other than maybe in running the ‘8’ that Bodie and guys did in the current version of ‘Point Break’ – now that’s riding the edge, total commitment and focus and determination – wow!!  No Fear – this is facing your death, embracing the magic of the moment and either going into it or moving beyond.  We still live in the 3D realm of life on Earth; hopefully by now mastering some kind of understanding of the integration of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional parts that make up the whole of us housekeeping in this human suit. In the madness and chaos that is everywhere all around us, how can we find pono? At least for our self?


Alright, so moving right along suppose you’ve figured out at some point in the Journey that things are ‘amiss’, and perhaps you ought to do something about it, and yet you are struggling to find some balance in this chaos that is the transition of the ages – even while understanding the concepts of ‘pono’ as well as the other paths ‘home’.  Many have had a really rough go of things the past several months, ourselves included, trying to find some kind of stability during the last minutes of the current shifting.  And this has been lightweight from the Mother Earth end of the spectrum – I mean, she hasn’t really started rocking and rolling too seriously, some warning shots over the bow – yes. Lots of volcanos huffing and puffing and lava flow lightning_volcano_01– I guess the balance is disappearing into the lava…and with every little bit of very much needed cosmic support, transforming (i.e Phoenix rising from the ashes…) raphoen-300x225into another reality/dimension that respects and evolves beyond the aforementioned ‘3D Stuck 101’ class – and into a new reality of stability in balance – well, having said all of that – this requires an incredible amount of devotion by you. Very pono. It is not the pono that left the building…it is the human connected to it that is being caught up in Pele’s flames of purification.

It all boils down (good pun, eh?) to a respect for the earth that provides for us. When you live the life of a farmer, a country person, or with traditional indigenous connections, paganism, whatever (so many lost ways of living hand in hand with the Mother) – a way of life that survives simply because of that relationship with the earth and her creatures – well, the inherent depth of the connection leads you into pono pono. It’s not about money, it is about living well with the gifts of Gaia and in return she provides.  Country folks don’t always have all of the material things that their city counterparts revolve around; but they wake up every day to a life connected to Gaia, i.e. the weather, the birds and the bees and the critters all around, the fresh smell of the forest, fresh water from a spring, swimming at the swimmin’ hole and so on – and everybody gets by.  The Hawaiian culture was master of living this way. Lemuria…Pangaea…a knowledge living in the hearts of the ones that know it.

At least until the PTB decided otherwise. Enter extreme swings in polarity gauge and a lot of confusion…and for the most part, we all lost our way, our pono.


A life of living connected to the Earth is one that I know, appreciate, understand, and have a ton of respect for. I was not born into a country life, but I know it and worked my way diligently back into it; Mate and I jumped in and lived it and brought our children up in it. My recent and not-so-recent ancestors lived it, cultivated it – and I am my ancestors. I so totally respect and honor this! Living generations’ with/on/by/in conjunction images (4)with…the Earth. Pono.  I remember the way of Lemuria, especially when I see it, experience it, and especially when you feel it in the culture of the Pacific…the Hawaiians thrived on the pono that the Earth offers…but it only lasts as long as we, the humans, maintain the balance.  And yet one day in this story the Kama’aina were ‘attacked’ and lost their balance, and ultimately their connection to pono…by the challenges of a change in command…a very long time ago.  All hell broke loose then, and it seems that we are about at a point of mutiny now in the current shift (as the pendulum swings wildly).  Mutiny Folks are yelling, ‘stop the world I wanna get off!’ and seeking every way to rise above/beyond the challenges screaming at us to make the shift…of at least some of our focal point. Ooohhh, the seeking of balance became and has very much become an ongoing day by day effort – in all things. Some get it – many don’t.

And here we are. How do you see it? It’s all perspective, and many of those there are!

mo-eyeL - Copy

The energies continue to push us into very interesting situations, not always a gentle nudge…mirrors of where we are at…individually – and collectively.  It is said that our own ‘reflection’ is based upon our opinions…or ‘ideas/perceptions’ of things…does this mean that when I change my ideas/perceptions that the reflection, too, will change? Does this require a deposit of faith to be real? Maybe some faith that pono is possible in a new world if I believe it? And practice it?


Ah, the magic on the edge of the world.

Yet, we still must find our way through the maze and the wild swing.  I love the ideals, the good relation with earth, the devotion of effort and time and whatever resources are available along with this life. There are many separate and different avenues to a…common denominator/driving faith ‘goal’. Collectively as a civilization can we step into a common balance – together? A New World…not Prison 3D Earth, nope. Another dimension, the next leap. Definitely a leap of faith, and devotion to a way of life – no matter where you live. A balance of respect and integrity with Gaia, now – first – gets your foot in the door for the rest of the cosmic connections. Practice your pono, Gaia is life. Let’s get into this next dimension through a common thread that it can be done, with enough respect for all life, by starting with your own relations. Not everyone can live in the country, per se, but it is more than that…it is a state of being.

rainbow_falls1_tmb - Copy

I am a dreamer, with a vision of a dimension that embraces the connectedness with all of life, and respect for our sources. It is possible. For the interim between this reality and that one, I envision a place that is a sanctuary, a haven for those seeking some pono in their life – connection to the Mother. Every morning the jungle and I awaken together, in an incredible symphony of aliveness. To experience this is addictive. Here we can refresh in the river, the ocean, immerse in the wilderness with all of the creatures, and the love of Gaia. goddess gaia danceMaybe even embark on an ‘Oh Shit e-Ticket’ horseback ride to a magical waterfall…? This place exists…we are looking for it, we are part of our own local energetics, adding what we can in hono pono, working on creating ‘harmony at home’ while we are still ‘stuck’ on the wild ride of ‘The Shift of the Ages’. At least for now, as we heal and learn how to exist in a new balance – together finding the portals.


oh yeah, and ’cause it’s kind’ve an apology for getting pretty wordy here, hope you made it through all of this – and if you want more info on a beautiful way of life that the Hawaiian’s excelled at, this is an excellent source of information:

images (2) images









Aloha Nui Loa








Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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