Let’s Cut to the Chase…


That’s such a great saying, perhaps for a long time now it’s not so relative except to us oldsters, yet it says it very well.  This is where I am at today, I’m just going to get to the meat of the material.  My last post spoke of the most incredibly high ride – I was ecstatic and high from that for days.  Wow, to do that kind of thing a few times a year – perhaps more – would be a dream come true!  Better yet, to combine that with an incredible off-grid life growing your own and being in the wilds, offering it to that select few that choose to come and experience it…yeah, that’s ‘it’ for me (LOL). Then to find out that the financial end could possibly show up – even though we decided that we were no way going to sign up for anything – no matter what – that did not have everyone’s best interest at the top, and was not profit-based.  Our gig is sustainability, preferably in a world with no money, however capable of making money in a local market enough to cover costs as needed.  Setting up the farm to operate completely within itself, with a local community effort as well contributing to the potential outcome.  My big dream creation within doing what we do – homesteading.

My 5D creation concept drive in these morphing ways of living, as we even consider attempting to put something like this together, requires NOT doing any of it based/established upon outdated old energy modus operandi currently ‘dying’ in our 3D world.  For profit?? What about an awesome way to live that is healthy, totally health promoting for everyone, in the heart of Gaia, eating organic (or not eating at all, whatever)…everybody wins.  Thus far the major feedback from most connections to money is ‘well no investor will even look at a project unless there is return on the investment = $$’.  How sad this is!  But – we live in a money based world.  And until we do not, we have to make at least some money as we transition to barter and whatever other methods become ‘the way’ of the new world.  As is ‘normally’ the case, the human gets in the way – of not only everything and everyone, but also the self.  Unfortunately, money required to even get near the start button for a project like this…and yet I kept glimpsing a way to step into it without too much. Me, myself and I were the only ones capable of glimpsing that one, logic was the king of the day.

And so it went.  We followed through with the Doc, he was willing to buy the property, we were willing to make it work as long as he didn’t sell it for profit (more or less), and we visualized the potential of a very big dream actually coming to fruition.  We had planted those seeds again and again, and followed our hearts as we watched the carrots of opportunity dangling in front of us, to see where they might lead us (yeah, a rabbit hole of sorts – more like the tornado, though).  Of course we were under pressure to move (time-line even) and thus far the only house available in this area that we wanted to live in – with farm or not – was only available if the farm was purchased.  The fixur-upper required too much money for us to do on our own.  So a date was made to talk money with Isaias. It is now the end of October, 2015.

We all gathered and the talk was made and the offer was laid on the table and Isaias took it home with him to give his due consideration.  Everyone in the room would ‘profit’ in life with this move, as well as so many more of the locals. We could not imagine that he would turn it down. All kinds of ‘next steps’ were being set into motion – at least in the idea realms – and the energy was high.  Everything had totally supported this move from the get go, why would it not happen?

As you may have already guessed, of course it didn’t happen. Isaias needed more money – lots more.  The conditions of the deal were sweet – he needed more. End of discussion, we all went home and tried to let go of everything attached to this one. This decision left all of us in a bit of a shock, and expecially – perhaps even to this day – all of the rest of the ‘family’ still shake their heads at the decision that Izza made, as he has no car to drive and his saddle remains patched together with whatever he can find to make it work. Sigh. But for the power of one decision, what could have been. Detour ahead.

However, as things would occur, on the way back down the hill, the day we learned of this decision, a good friend stopped us on the road with information about the ‘best farm of all’ now available for the best price! We did not have any interest whatsoever in going to even look right then, thank you very much. It was not in an area that we would choose to look for something – uncharted waters without much draw.  However, eventually we had to go see and one thing led to another and we took another crazy horseback ride on horses that should NEVER have been called upon for such action – yet they were all that was available, at a cost (our horses were over two hours away). Even though we had to find a house to live in, and we found one here easily enough that would have been a very nice house to live in, everything all around the whole thing was shit!  Where do you draw the line? Man, we were packed up and truck was ordered to make the move then all hell broke loose and we threw in the towel – all at the risk of blowing a few minds (the owner of our current house at the top of the list)…but we just could NOT go through with it. The rest of the local scene that unfolded around this property would put anyone’s brakes on, despite the fact that this farm was truly an awesome chunk of jungle with enough water forever. Brakes on – time out, we are going to take the next two weeks OFF from thinking about any of this stuff for Christmas Holidays and the New Year (while the world played the game, we stayed home on retreat) and waited until January to see what might possibly come up.  We even went to a Christmas potluck with at least 50 other gringos (fish out of the fish bowl on aisle 5) most of whom we did not know. Egads!  But one thing for sure, the word was out big time now that we were looking for a house – IMMEDIATELY. Ahh, the pressure…that we so piously released to allow things to regroup.  Not without its adverse ill-effects, however.

January came in providing us with pasture for the horses (they were out of a ‘home’ as of December, also, double whammy for sure).  By the end of January the owner of our house was visiting here for the first time in ten years and demanded to sleep in her house…but acquiesced with some more focused understanding (yay compassion) and we agreed to once more look at the fixur-upper on the hill – next to the horses.  The good-will part in all of this (i.e. belief, prayer, faith, allowing, following your heart, and so on) was not working so good in the manifestation department. Yippee, more lessons!  We opted to go with the fixur-upper, we would come up with enough money to make it comfortable to live in…hopefully. Of course all of the answers were everywhere, and everyone we knew had plenty of offerings but nothing made any sense at all. And after several trips with stuff to the house on the hill, only just a week ago that scenario shifted right under our feet, as the accumulated information revealed that this house now available to live in with so much potential was extending so far out of our financial reach that we had to bail on it, as pieces of the puzzle from ‘the other side’ began to materialize on the game board.  BE OPEN FOR ANYTHING. What is going on?

Not only that, but under no circumstances has it been ‘okay’ to have any idea of what we thought any of it ‘would, could or should’ look like.  Absolutely no expectations.  There is so much more to this story, but my biggest lesson was in surrendering to the ultimate max and having faith required to allow the process of things. No thinking.

The horses are fine. We made an agreement with the house owner. We let the house on the hill go. What else do we let go of? The dream? I thought (oooh, silly me for thinking) if we have passion about certain aspects of living, then our passions would (or should or might?) provide for us along the way. My belief systems have been shattered like into a gazillion pieces. Yet to allow for what might unfold to show up…without judgments…total allowing and open to whatever – seems to be the current ‘way’. All the while keeping in mind that everything is an illusion, nothing matters – as we go to the market and fill our shopping carts with ‘things’ to sustain our ‘thing’ (at least it isn’t it). Good grief, where do we draw the line?

Pretty comico, eh?  So a Tico friend offers up the family farm in a zone that we know nothing of a far ways away from everything that has become our ‘comfort zone’ in the last five years of life in another country. We have to rent a house – found one already, a good house with no repairs required and affordable.  A long ways away, but it seems to fit the bill very loosely – lots of wiggle room and/or growing room. Another interesting scenario unfolding, maybe even room for the horses.  Is it magic? Well – it looks pretty inviting in the distance…definitely horse country and within horse distance…Volcan, a small Villa way out in another nowhere zone. We shall see. Energetically I must say that there are very few clues as to what is going on here.

But then I could safely say that I have been clueless in many areas for the past four months, so what the heck?

In the meantime, the astrology part of it stresses this month of March with such a stellium of action in Pisces – a total solar eclipse, Jupiter conjunct south node opposite Sun conjunct north node/moon, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury all on the playground with Venus showing up in another day or two. Pisces, the zone of letting go entirely – the complete death and letting go, as we prepare to step into another cycle of rebirth…Aries. Pisces: magic. We are in a time of great magic and potential. I so love the feeling of the magic and mystic etherically present in the options presenting themselves, especially through the cloak of Gaia – in our case, the wild jungles of Costa Rica. My eyes are open, as is my heart…especially now for the entire month – setting the pace until the next eclipse season.  All of those planets with some intense aspects. I am having my own interesting chart of aspects that I watch as I experience these trials and tribulations of the soul’s journey.  Wow, so much more than a bunch of words.

What was it all about? To be able to go so far into a zone of magic…only to get bumped off of the ride in a flash.  Undoubtedly pause for rumination.  No doubt more than a few ‘WTF’ moments. The land is still there. Our family still lives there, and we so enjoy their camaraderie – in fact, we have a fish fiesta and maybe a ride planned sometime during Semana Santa, kind of an ‘adios amigos’ ride (providing we can dig out the horse saddles and gear from the neighbor’s bodega…buried deep within transition).  But now we move into a zone of the unknown…the twilight zone.  The outer limits – of curiosity and speculation.



Everything is very different. As our buen amigo Alberto says, it is Dios that has the final word.  We are/I am allowing the process to unfold. As long as the door opens for things to evolve without sudden stops, we’re ok. But then again, sudden stops are part of life on earth, I’ve just had my fill recently is all…can we move along now? In fact sudden stops aren’t so bad, it’s only when you are going too fast over a great distance that they can be shattering, or explosive, or debilitating, or all of the above. I cannot find my ‘get out of jail free’ card…dam, it is here someplace in the dark night of the soul, hopefully not lost.

The past couple of mornings has been incredibly active in the jungle – all of the morning critters very active; but we have had two troops of Congos (howler monkeys) realllllllly close to the house, and during the night of the eclipse they did more than a normal howling serenade – even yet the night before we had a wonderful deep and drenching rain and they were non-stop ‘bitching and complaining’ for most of the night. All relative, eh? For all of Gaia’s creatures. We each have our own personal experience through these portals. Sometimes you have to let go of all of the opinions and just go…simply for the experience – no logic, no thoughts. Wow, what a ride.

Perhaps Mate and I each have an appointment with our Self, sure looks that way. But then, it has been that way for a while now, lol. Just another shift in degrees, yeah?

And as I am open for guidance, always, I just happened to listen to this ‘Lee Harris Energy Forecast’ for March, just before I post this – synchronicity. As always, he says it quite well.  For me, it’s nice to have support feedback – as I hold onto my faith in very uncharted waters – as we bumble through the insanity of the shift.

‘March will herald a very new beginning—not only for the year of 2016 but one that closes out the past four months as well. November and December were very strong, chaotic, and powerful months on the planet in many different ways, and this left a kind of hangover feeling for many people through January.’ – Lee Harris

We have definitely felt the hangover ‘fog’ – !!

For more of this March report from Lee, you can go here: http://mayanmajix.com/art_video_730.html or here: https://youtu.be/MPxok2WnjOA

Stay loose, have faith in the process, no expectations. Perhaps one day we will look back upon this time and call it the ‘Oh Shit E-Ticket Ride #3’, yeah?

Enjoy the Journey – with much love and abandon



Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Cut to the Chase…”

  1. Boy!…….girl what a ride and you tell it so well. The radio is just asking this moment who is my best friend. You are and will always be that person. I am in a different jungle of people. But learning day by day to connect to God. I am having to focus on all the good things to keep my heart in the right place.Genevieve is doing amazing and she is on her own learning curve. As things look great on the outside you know how sometimes on the inside they’re difficult.my cat is sitting on my lap half sitting half standing looking at me trying to figure out what I’m thinking. Meka the dog is asleep very peaceful right now.The way this cat looks at me I feel like he’s somebody. I am riding in a the swallows day parade tomorrow. Not really caring to but I’m sure will have fun. I am not one to want to do much but when I get there I am ok and have a good time. Still loving cadence Jose is leading him out on the trail he’s a good stallion. Does the name Blair Cooper ring a bell with you he is a whore Shoer now and start horses. I think he might have helped Gene Armstrong when we were taking the class at Cal poly. His name was given to me by a top rider Susan Hutchinson. Tracking him down I found that he graduated from Cal poly and 76 in animal science. I called Linda Smith and asked if she knew him I thought one of her friends dated him well she did.small small worldneed to go put blankets on the horses talk to you later love you. I wish you were on Facebook so you could see Genevieve’s Videos

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