Insights…hmm that translates to me as ‘feelings’ or intuition about something, and this is very important.

Learning to read people is a lifelong challenge, especially as people are rapidly changing as the world changes around them.  Fundamentally, it is the true nature of a person that we try to see – or feel.  It is easy to be tricked by much of the world at large, not so easy not to be tricked; man has been programmed in, worked and studied hard to learn all to be learned – in the department of ‘integrity or lack of’, for way too long.  The new paradigm that we dream of is based on integrity; contracts are only as good as the integrity of the people behind them.  Thus for us, it is of ultimate meaning and value to consciously strive for integrity in action.

Getting to this point has been ‘The School of Hard Knocks and Instant Education’, and thus the people that we are dealing with indicate (i.e. the ‘mirror’ effect) to us the nature of the situation (i.e. our current ‘status’).  These folks (‘characters’ per se) in our life reality experience (right here, now) in particular, seem to be very genuine, authentic, real, and simple; they have incredible values of human worthiness and respect for their way of life.  Their way of life is all but lost…in a way it still is lost, way up on the mountain in a place that very few know about or would just happen to ‘pass through’ – ha ha.  We were guided to this area, this time actually is the second time (the first being 2.5 years ago) when we visited Villa Bonita to look at another farm to possibly live on, but in a completely different situation. This time our worker and friend found us the pasture for the horses with Alberto, his friend, and set up the meeting – thus here we were in the same ‘zone’ again…interesting.  The day we went up to talk to Alberto about bringing our horses up we instantly liked each other!  His 15 year old son was standing by and watching the conversation and at a certain point he stepped up and introduced himself and shook our hands and then we were invited to meet the rest of the family.  They were so open and welcoming to us, albeit the fact that we had only just met and we are gringos – and as such this would put every one (of them) on notice to err on the side of caution – yet they really had complete confidence in us after that first day. Good energy chemistry.

However, as a reflection back on us – have we evolved to that point where we are looking at possibly stepping into a world with folks in it that actually are of that nature we have been looking for? Ultimately and especially, the cultivation of these values within.  People are people on planet Earth, and we are people. Conscious awareness brings in the different element where we strive to let go (continuously, so it seems) of ‘old programming’, which has an incessant and demanding way of getting your attention. Sigh.  For me, my ancient tribal memories always steer me back to that simple way of life where people work together to make it work in harmony with Gaia, and your possessions were the tools that allowed you to do what you could in contribution to the whole. Idealist/romantic/dreamer that I am, it sure seemed that I was looking at these folks and this area as representative (albeit contemporary) to this way of life…and I was captivated, intrigued, and feeling totally blessed to be witnessing it.

Nevertheless, my attention was on as we enjoyed the company of this energy…no expectations, right? Only one moment at a time.

For our next visit we had arranged to tend to the horses, as Isaias said that he does his own horseshoeing and would help us. Chuck only had one shoe left on at the end of the last ride, and Juan had lost one and Kinto needed some work – so it was necessary to prepare for this next ride. We had a fiesta planned and Alberto’s wife had chicharones (fried pork pieces) and homemade corn tortillas ready to make, and that was my lesson for the day – taking the dry corn to eating the tortillas, all cooked on the chimaera – over a fire.  (We are good at growing the corn and making all kinds of good chow with corn, but this was new territory for me.) First meal of the day: desayuno or breakfast, before working on the horses.  These folks don’t have much, all of it in small spaces, but their lives are good and happy and they just make do with what they have.  We as ‘westerners’ or gringos might apologize, whereas they just are – it’s all good, they are grateful for their good lives.  We showed up and they were waiting for us with the horses already tied…through a different gate at a house that was empty on the south side of their ‘campo’.  We put shoes on the horses on the front porch, out of the rain – a team effort with four country folks (campesinos) – but I had to walk around and see what this place was all about…this empty house – right here.  Rich had mentioned earlier to them that we had yet to find a house (we’ve only been looking for five years), and they still didn’t know of any others (so it seemed), and yet here was this house…empty, apparently available – is it available?  And it just so happens to be where we are working on the horses…hmmm. The house belongs to the extended family and hasn’t (obviously) been lived in for a while.  Yes, it is available, for rent or to buy, with one hectare.  All of a sudden?  Interesting…more insights. (Was this a plan – a subconscious invite or happenstance?  Cosmic wink here…there are no coincidences.)

The day’s activities became a family affair with everyone, the little girl Cailyn (5 years old) and the son and the wife and the two men with the both of us, all jabbering away in Spanglish.  When it started to rain Lisette, Alberto’s wife, and I went to the kitchen to start work on the afternoon meal, which was the small pargos, rice, boiled green bananas and fresh avocado.  I helped her get the fish ready and visited and played with the little girl and when the guys came in, Mate and I fixed the fish. Fixing the fish was an adventure in itself, considering that as a gourmet chef Ricardo has a little bit better cooking situation to work with…as it was, a wood fire and a very small pan with oil to fry the fish – hot and fast – one at a time, with a very poor selection of tools.  Staying out of the line of flying hot oil and keeping the fish in the pan and none of it falling into the fire was a challenge – yet we made it, and everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal in good company, which is what counts.  We were thinking how a few simple changes can make life easier, better.  And we applied that to the dreaming of what could be done with that house (amazing potential), where it could possibly go from there, and the fact that we were totally being invited to live as neighbors in their family space.  And they were open and excited about it!  The son wants to help me with Spanish and I help them with English – they want to learn, and know they need to learn.  They are eager for an interchange, and yet we have not yet conveyed even remotely to them our notions and/or ideas of what might lay ahead…it is as though they sense that something good will come from all of this, and they have faith in that.  We did share our photo album with them though – wow, that opened up their minds as they viewed some of our accomplishments in the ‘campo’.

Our view of life is very much like theirs.  These folks are honest, would give you their horse (Isaias did) and always be there in times of need – without any expectation other than return in kind.  This is how it ‘should’ be.  This is what people have forgotten, getting so lost in the programming and the brainwash of how ‘this is how it works’ in the gringo world (like plastic surgery and ego fodder, never having enough ‘stuff’, or like what are the Kardashians doing now? Ho hum.), a world that is totally NOT even comprehendible or similar to their world.  Horses for transportation and growing food and cooking with wood are the norm.  Cell phones are the latest, opening up another realm to them – sad but true. Already we are witnessing the effects on life in general here  – evolutionary leap for the people of this culture, really fast.  Here in the campo money is scarce.  They live well.  The family members are genuine, authentic. They are inviting us in.  We come from a world (the western world) of mistrust and lack of faith in ‘neighbors’ and community; and the Ticos have learned this from the gringos and there are many that operate in that realm now, being deceitful and not honorable – whenever it serves them, often in the guise of ‘helping’.  To find this kind of heart in these people is a blessing.  They have faith that all is coming together, in purpose – and through the will of God.  Please understand that we do not practice any specific religion other than We Are All Related, from the same source.  These folks are culturally Catholic, deep in their beings, but they are not practicing – there is a church, but we doubt there is much happening in it.  They have a fundamental faith in God and connection to the Earth that is very powerful – native.  We understand native, we have lived of that world for a very long time.  It is a privilege and a blessing to find this place, these people, and to be asked to be a part of it.  We feel as though we have much to offer, and look forward to having the opportunity.

My insights and observations speak to me that we have been lead into a place with a flavor of people living in a way that we totally resonate with. We want to live this way, we always have in our own way as homesteaders in the States, since the 70’s. Truly with indigenous principles. There is a huge modernized permaculture movement with folks of all ages participating in our zone here in Costa Rica, and this is wonderful to watch and participate in. But this is not our ultimate destination, to be living in the midst of this. We love what we are seeing and feeling here with these folks of another culture, as they live in peace on the edge of the world.  Where there are not too many people, and some of the most incredibly beautiful and sacred places are accessible only by horse.  These are good hearted folks and I do believe that there is much to learn from one another. If this is an indicator that we are heading in the ‘right’ (or very good) direction, then I am honored to finally be at this spot in my life.  As within so without?

This house has us intrigued…can we make it work? We will have to seriously investigate, as money is always in short supply – but then, this is the land of ‘make-do’, yeah? We can always ‘make do’, hmmm.

Well, the list of insights and observations became a story, but that’s me.  Lots of words.  My heart speaks, I write.  We are excited.  We are Dreamers.  We are Creators.  And it’s all happening on the top of that mountain…on the edge of a very magic spot just outside of San Marcos, in a powerful water canyon…with tons of potential.

Most certainly there will be many more chapters, yeah?  And photos… Th’th’th’th’that’s all folks, at least for now.  Listen to your heart!!  It is very wise and knows.  And so it is.






Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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