The Story inside the Stories

Seems to Be a Theme Within a Theme Here

Having decided to go back and pick up where I left off, more or less, since the stories just kept pouring onto the computer, it is really interesting to return and see what I saw happening, the progress, the interpretations and the decisions and thus course of events.  Yes, retrospect is worth a ton – but you get it later rather than sooner.

The last adventure into the magical mystical aura of Gaia at her finest and the opportunity presented therein faded into subsequent moves and decisions… as the revelations of what was going on in ‘the rest of the story’ hit home.  The neighbor was not interested in being a good neighbor, in his mind he was being ‘invaded’ and did what he could to prevent the invasion.  El Presidente went for a rafting trip with his family down one of the two sacred rivers and had a soul awakening experience of his life!  So many decision makers do not fully realize what they are actually making decisions about, entirely – in this case, damming up two spectacular rivers and water canyons and thus ending something that will cease to be and never again exude the magic that it is.  However, having spent the day immersing himself with his family into the phenomenal energy of it – his newly found respect inspired him to immediately create a law preventing either of the two rivers in this precarious position to be dammed up or altered in any way for at least twenty-five years, NOT to be changed under any circumstances.  Hallelujah!  Ten points for the politicians!

We had stepped out of the scenario by now, having received the message loud and clear to step away peacefully, despite the current stabilization of the sanctuary.  There were other issues, like access and…

…The battle between the owner of the property and the neighbor continues on, even today, and we are happy that the cards fell as they did and we did not go there.

Despite all of that, we did have our hearts set on moving into that zone, this area makes me smile, warms my heart, and is a world that is very hard to find in many ways – despite the fact that there remains human issues that must be considered (ho hum). This is very big country, and surely we would be able to find a house to rent…at the very least, even if we don’t jump into that really big dream of a lifetime project that was held out on a carrot stick for us to consider.  It seems most important that what we are (and were) looking for, the description of what the dream is now (then), what had it evolved into for us at that point in our lives? More fine tuning, soul searching and letting go of the part of the dream that no longer fits – or works…somewhere therein is the peace we seek.  Listen to the heart speak.

Keep it simple.  Find a house to rent.  Just live a good simple life and allow things to evolve slowly.  It’s about the journey – not the destination.

Trod on (or is it trot on?) – the stories continue…



Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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