“If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will take you there.” -Lewis Carroll

(from July 2015)

Life is a bundle of surprises, yeah?  And we used to think that holidays and birthdays were exclusives for that.  When we wrapped up June (complete with a bow) and stepped into the July festivities with the first of two full moons (i.e. blue), and the Sun conjunct Mars and Jupiter conjunct Venus, well we should have guessed that a bunch of something might show up, not much different than what the kitty brings in to share from the night’s hunt.  All of this emotion brought up through Cancer – wild swings of the pendulum for the displays – and lots of water…and water under the bridge, as well.  Thank God there has been enough water to put out some of the fires set off with the fire signs recently!  Very interesting indeed.


This recent door closing on a very alluring step in our lives – even though just being in that ‘neck of the woods’ part of this country is still where we are headed – pushed the pause and reflect button.  Also at this time we witnessed a bunch of stuff in the communications department get blown all over the place with hand grenades.  What a mess!  There were words everywhere and none of it made any sense. There was all kinds of information going around and not a clue as to what was real, or the truth.  Things had definitely changed, however fortunately we were primarily observers with limited interaction.  In the human games section, the owner of the land was furious with the neighbor for causing problems that ultimately ended the sale of his property, but then what else is new?  The entire adventure seemed to kick a hornet’s nest that had been in ‘the shadows’, but is now out in the open.  Go figure, we seem to manage being catalysts for this kind of shit to unload, a very curious thing indeed.

But what is next?  You cannot really make any plans; thus we will sniff the air and ride the wave of synchronicity for the next clues.  Like chess, you can only move your own pieces, not the others’, so important to pay attention (to the current drama), watch and consider the next move(s).  We make our decisions and then again keep watching (one foot before the next) to see the course of events – with an open mind – hopefully.  In the meantime we continue to clean our ‘houses’ (self) and duck when the incoming gets too fast and furious…as we hone our radars for any clues to the next scenario.

Interesting as the last big one unfolded and called us into it, I saw the familiar drama whirling and twirling around with familiar characters and scenes from ‘other lives’ (even other lives within this one).  However, we remained on the outside looking in as the information train delivered the knowns plus the unknowns and promptly moved us off the tracks – instead of like the other times when we had to learn harsh lessons the hard way, kinda like contact football – this time it is the other players still dealing with the current avalanche of information, changing their lives forever in a very big way, as we observe the action from the stands.  (Remember that saying it is easier to play ball from the stands than on the field? Yeah.)  I take a very deep breath and I am so grateful that we are simply the observers, but it certainly begs the question: ‘what’s up?’  As we are the observers, we also are the ones experiencing the game.

Of course as is usually the case these days, other things are pushing, prodding or nudging us into action in our day to day life, in one or several areas…for us we have been badgered to move our horses from their current pasture, and it is extremely difficult to find horse pasture where we live.  Yet we get a call from our worker…he has a friend with pasture!  OMG, and where is it?  About half way to where lies the zone of our attraction…thus if we were to move out there this place is on the way of where we would ride the horses to get to the New Zone (which is an all-day ride one way).  This pasture and point is about 15+ kilometers from us, and possibly a 4 hour ride.  So really, because we have to see what the Cosmos is cooking up now, we had a Journey yesterday:  Road Trip.

Villa Bonita on top of the hill
Villa Bonita on top of the hill
see that windy curvy road over on that side?
see that windy curvy road over on that side?

I believe that I mentioned in a previous post that as we travelled along the eastern ridge top heading northwest along the long winding road out to where the Sacred Waterfall land is, we stopped to pause along the top and viewed our old stomping grounds below.  Our buddy pointed out the small villages and the main pueblo out there, and we were able to see the entire lay of the land through a completely different perspective.  We talked about our potential route of riding the horses ‘when’ we needed to move them out to our new Zone, going down into the valley from the south and up the mountain in the north, up to and through Villa Bonita and then over the top, through the next pueblo – San Marcos in the next small valley, DSCF0077

San Marcos
San Marcos

and then again over another ridge before dropping down into the Savegre Valley.  It was really cool to see it that way, as we had tried to drive down the back side past the ridgetop village of Villa Bonita once a couple of years back, and the road was not at all okay for a vehicle to drive into that next pueblo.  Fortunately we managed to turn around and retreat.  The back country places around here and all of the road systems – many of which are improved horse trails – are so much fun to explore, but you must have a durable 4×4 to do it, or a horse.  This is what attracts us so much to this area is that so many folks living up here still depend on their horses to get around, it is so cool to see this and to live in an area like this calls us intensely!DSCF0083

The Rio Division and another way of life
The Rio Division and another way of life

Now we are invited to put our horses in a pasture way up there, almost to Villa Bonita!  What’s up, Doc?  (So says the wacky wabbit.) 

The road trip took us through the big valley and up into the mountains towards our horses’ potential new home located before the village of Villa Bonita, and we met the family that agreed to host our horses for a yet undefined chunk of time, and we immediately were friends.  In fact, already we are planning a rendezvous feast with homemade tortillas from corn we grew and dried, maybe some fish and surely some fresh plantain to go with (mmmm, yummy).  My first go at grinding and making chorreados!  Of course I will share all the yummy details afterwards, but to say that we feel very good about having our horses all the way out there in the care of these people is understated.  It is very special to instantly feel ‘at home’ with folks you just meet (especially with the obvious cultural differences, i.e. me gringo – you Tico).  AND, as we spoke of our desire to move out to the Savegre area…he mentioned a farm for sale very near them, down the backside of this mountain right out of the next pueblo, with a couple of rivers inside of it…wow…do I see another door opening?  (Note: we weren’t looking.) And this has everything we (think) are looking for without any of the repeat dramas (so far…) and totally OUT OF THE LINE OF FIRE of the political shenanigans going on over the next hill!  We shall see…

In the meantime, we have a couple of weeks to get the horses ready for the journey ‘over yonder’ to the next pasture, and after they are all in and settled we are planning to head on out, saddle ‘em up again and have a ride to ‘look see’ what the next gateway may offer.  You never know, it could be just pokin’ and hopin’, but I certainly have more faith than that.  The Synchronicity Express is working, it is what we do with it all that counts…so it seems. 

Keep cleaning our houses – out with the old, allowing room for the new – and one extremely important thing:  have no expectations (theme for 2015).  Anything is possible, and how it gets delivered is part of the Surprise Package (with a ‘no guarantees’ clause).  There is a potential exit ramp off the merry-go-round of repeats of Daily Soap Dramas of the past, we are the Creators, and our choices DO matter.  What’s better than that?

Getting word yet again of another place…just now.  Another adventure to experience, come what may.

Yeehaw, time to ride.

“Begin at the beginning and go until you come to the end and then stop.” -Lewis Carroll




Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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