Stepping Into a Portal – Gaia Vibe


There is another vibrational level (at least one, ha ha) that ‘comes and goes’ like waves (duh) from Gaia through her ethereal body into very discrete ‘zones’, very much so in precious undisturbed areas – not limited to, however.  There are so many mysteries in life, and when we cross paths with one – especially at this point in ‘the game’ – there is that moment available to really stop and pay attention to it.  The ‘essence’ of a very different reality drifts through your space like the intoxicating scent of the ylang-ylang flowers in the evenings, begging for you to glimpse or see or take a deep breath…an opportunity to experience something very special.

Many years ago we were looking for our ‘spot’, and at the time we were not looking for something in the permanent sense, but we were looking for ‘that spot’ where we could settle in and do what we do for a while, ‘cause this is where we landed with four young children, five dogs, two cats and twenty-two horses. (Is that a wtf I just heard in the whispers of your thoughts? Whatever!)  Anyway, as circumstances have their own agendas – cosmic choreography – we needed to find a place pretty quick and found a classified ad for a piece of land not far away.  We got the directions, it was a private ad and the lady described the property as ‘pasture land with dirt and rocks and a few trees, dry – no water’.  We got out there to see an incredible piece of land – ancient, sacred, awesome and beautiful.  With a very strong question of, ‘are we at the right place?’  We returned to our house and called her again to make sure we had seen the place she had for sale (yes) and began working on the purchase agreement without further ado.

Gaia speaks to us in many voices.  She whispers in our ears and sends messengers and she can give you glimpses into her magical spots – what we might refer to as ‘portals’, windows into Gaia.  Of course some portals are ancient and visible to many, like in Machu Picchu or Sedona, AZ, but many are more discreet being visible only to a few, or during certain moments – whatever!  However it comes through, the point is that you see it, or feel it, or know that it is there – an opening into a realm ‘in-between’.  Magical.

We saw the stunningly beautiful place that it was and stepped into her arms for almost twenty years, nurturing her with care, respect and a whole lot of love and enjoyment in doing so, and being nurtured in return (in many ways beyond the in-your-face variety).  Very few had seen this inherent beauty in this place and it had become hidden – dirt, rocks and a few trees.  But we saw her – this portal – and because we saw her, we were able to open up to her magic Being, help to bring that magic through and thus visible to all, especially the Lakota elders that we had visit us…but that’s a few more tales to tell…

It is very true that the observation of something changes what it is (quantum physics).  Ho’o Pono Pono is, in its essence, seeing someone as being healed – and asking forgiveness for seeing the ‘not perfect’ condition.  This heals.  Bringing up the magic is seeing the innate and incredibly beautiful essence of perfection – in whatever it is you are ‘observing’.  We get glimpses of that perfection – in the movie Avatar it was referred to as “I see you” – in so many ways throughout this Journey called ‘life’.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit a very magical place on this earth.  We saw it, the incredible essence of Gaia, just Be-ing there.  Sheer wild magical awesomeness, like gazing into a very active and alive Pele (Kilauea).  Wow!  She called us to her – it was a crazy day, we got in there late and were basically not prepared for seriously entering her space very deeply, but we knew – we could feel her touching our hearts and souls – so we put the word out to the Divine Organizations Dept. and asked for it to come together, thank you very much!  Since then we have watched the pieces coming together – with such an amazing amount of positive and enthusiastic energy that I am truly in awe.  This is no small venture, and there must be that flow of bringing things together, hiccups and all.  There will always be the hiccups as we learn to navigate uncharted waters, but these ‘challenges’ only help to hone our own intuitive abilities; to put into practice everything we know using the tools that we have been made aware of; and above all, to Be the change that allows for the manifestation of this New Paradigm, through the new opportunities ahead of each of us individually – but especially together.  It is going to take some serious ‘together’ to make this happen, but the team that is shaping up is already energetically very together.  There is a ton of support from those all around us, as well – they want to see this happen.  They are excited about something like this happening, yet do we know why?  I don’t think it really matters – the why part – it only matters that we are here and we are being pulled and nudged and guided along, following our heart and feelings…and the whispering of the voices.

‘It’ is going to happen, one way or t’other.  We have an appointment in another week or 10 days – mas o menos – to go back and jump into that magical place, totally contingent on the weather; imperative to get out there early – totally prepared this time for a day’s horseback ride deep into the property, so that we can experience and feel her.  A good percentage of it is virtually non-permeable, reaching wildly back into the depths of (none – or very few, ever – human footprints) an area that is in complete conservation and very little is known about it, other than its biological diversity is incredible, pure and complete, au natural.  The land has a range of elevation that is perfect for growing pretty much anything, which means that I will find a wealth of medicinal plants already there, and also be planting my own pharmacopeia supply. It is a place that you must have a horse to truly get around, but one day there will be jungle trails for foot travel and meditation spots.  ‘It’ will happen in whatever form and manifestation it shall – no expectations.

We are really dreaming, creating, imagining, designing, loving this new Journey!  What a blessing to have an opportunity like this enter our lives, come what may.  There are no guarantees, but thus far it all looks very positive – and we will not be surprised by the hiccups along the way.  As it becomes more obvious that our time here in this valley is getting wrapped up – as all things are prodding and leaning on us to organize and release all unnecessary baggage…preparing for a move to somewhere!  A house shows up for rent – ‘all of a sudden’ – where we are headed.  Doors are opening, we are listening to the voice and paying attention to the messages.  The jungle speaks, Gaia speaks.  We live in a place on Earth that is very close to the Source – vibrationally.  When you spend this much time in the middle of it your world changes, your understanding deepens.  It is truly a place that will demand for you to re-balance, heal up.  This is the intention, to help to create and assist in the development of a place like this – over there in that incredible vibration – from scratch; a space that can and will provide opportunities to connect with Her by whoever finds their Self wandering into that space…however guided, yeah?

Yep, it’s going to be an awesome ride, I have my backpack ready and almost packed. Still working on the footgear…very important.  All of the locals use their rubber boots extensively for all things.  My rubber boots, being virtually new, gave me a blister from just one day of just a little hiking out there, I have a little time for improvement so I better get to thinkin’ on that one.  You can ride in rubber boots, and you can hike in rubber boots, but walking on slick rocks in the rivers is muy peligroso for me!  I prefer a felt bottom water shoe for that, but the idea of packing an assortment of shoes along is phooey!  Mate is ready to ride this time, as well – last time he was on a quad and on foot, much better that we will all have horses.  Yeehaw!   One of my favorite things is exploring big back country by horse.  Speaking of horses, we are now anticipating the strong possibility of riding from here to there, which would be a long day’s journey – lots of down the mountain, up the mountain, down and up again – all back country roads.  I guess I better start working on getting in shape for that one!  Me and the horses, and if Mate wants to ride – he, as well.

Another must have for that kind of country is a camera that can handle all of that rough country riding, and rain.  My current Nikon DSLR is still rebelling against the last ride, really I had no business even to take it with but then I had no idea what, where, or how that ride would be.  My world is changing and I must adapt to it as best I can!  Although we live in the jungle here where we are now, very humid and hot and right on the edge of it all, we are still a short distance from civilization.  Living there our trips to town would be minimized to once or maybe twice a month and weather will be a factor.  The house we found for rent has no internet access…no cell phone signal…lots of adjustments.

Building in this new environment will demand that we take as many practical moves as possible.  The house that we live in now is ten years old, no windows – only screens, the weather, time and critters have taken their toll on everything, especially the bamboo furniture.  Things don’t last long in the jungle unless they are maintained and preserved, and with any sense at all, created in anticipation of these jungle foes!  Many things to consider and we have learned so much in our short four years here, but we have done a lot of research along the way – and this goes hand in hand with living it – and already we have some serious ‘do’s and don’ts’ understandings for building in Costa Rica.  Poco a poco, slow and sure says the turtle, after all – there is no hurry, no rush, and it all unfolds as it will.

However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, yeah?

Until next time, dream on and smile a lot!  If you cannot laugh at the humor that occurs in ourselves in current reality every day, well then you are as good as constipated – no fun.  Not so easy to do, but a wonderful practice!  One day I will have a plethora of bells and gongs in strategic places that when sounded signal each of us within hearing/feeling range to take that moment, breath deep, smile big and be grateful for all that is in our life at that moment – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Oh, and by the way – when a portal beckons and you choose to step into it, be prepared…kind of like be careful what you ask for, right?

A whole new can of worms, claro.








Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

2 thoughts on “Stepping Into a Portal – Gaia Vibe”

  1. ahhhh, Iqual! heart vibe/jungle vibe/Gaia vibe/you vibe/mevibe/we vibe – !
    muchisimo gracias…we are on our way, yeah? in Gaia’s loving arms…if we so choose. in harmony – shall we build it together? I say ‘yay’…from the heart
    ciao for now,

  2. Powerful reflection. I can literally feel the energy of which you speak coming through your words: that deep earthy resonance feels delicious in the heart chakra; opens it up like a large jungle flower. I will linger here and let that flow in for a while longer. Ahhhhh…. That’s what paradise feels like… Many thanks for this post, and for following my work. Warmest regards!

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