Magic Bridge of Dreaming

Magic Bridge of Dreaming

For those who know us and have witnessed our before and/or are watching along with our journey here now, you have heard the expression ‘Bringing up the magic’ probably more than a few times.  We are becoming masters at it. 

In life one encounters all of these situations from birth and throughout our life up to and encompassing the current moment.  Where we are now is a result of all of that experience.  Experiences are a result of choices.  Choices are made from the perspective one has in any given moment.  You are responsible for where you are, always.  We are here, now, at an incredibly magic bridge and I am in awe.

 Mate and I have been privileged to have a call back to nature for as far back as we can each remember. We’ve both seen a good chunk of Mother Earth along the way, seen and lived in some pretty way out places, where what you see is as authentic as it gets – pristine Gaia at her best.  Too many mystic and sacred places are currently ‘protected’ to the point of serious exploitation as well as an incredibly heavy human footprint.  Good ole human elephants tromping across the planet and then one day turning around and looking behind to say, oh my!  What a mess!

Anyway, we have lived in some places where the footprint was so light!  When we saw the pure beauty of a place that is pretty much in raw form – different realities, really – and many times this within a huge buffer zone of wild, well let’s say we are a little bit spoiled.  For us, we saw the authentic beauty in the potential of a few places and had the awesome opportunity to learn and practice how to live off of the land (yeah that’s right, Hippies) and raise a family in the process, a couple of twenty year stints and a few shorter ones.  Muchos anos en del campo, muchos.

Then one day we got off the plane in Costa Rica.  Because of this n that n da other thing, our possessions were few, our load was light, but our reality had made an abrupt 90o turn.  We knew for a long time that we were headed for the tropics – we thought it was Hawaii for ten years, until 9/11 happened and changed a bunch of stuff. Started looking out of country then and it took us eleven years of working on it to pull it off (the complete liquidation thing) – through the freeze n hell and tornadoes and such…and then one day we were here and parked in a spot that actually shocked us at first (verdad)!  However we stayed for a year and then we left for a few rounds here and there, then we ended up back here, hmmm…What an amazing experience living in the jungle here in CR.  It truly is magical to immerse yourself into the earth that surrounds you – your space – and bring out its inherent possibilities (depending on what turns you on, of course).  We are talking about getting your fingers dirty here, and maybe turning off all of the artificial noises and having only the Mother talking to you through her many voices.  A spot, a voice, a place, a space, a vibration, a song – that is you connecting with Gaia.DSC_0304 DSC_0307

It seems to becoming common knowledge these days that staying connected to the Earth via Mother Nature during these transitional times, is paramount to our evolutionary success – being grounded.  There are many ways and levels of this, but somewhere in the deal being in nature is making mainstream news in the medicine chest.  There again are so many ‘roads home’, ways to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’, manners of connecting and levels of connecting.  If you are stuck in an apartment, have a potted plant or two and have a relationship with them!  Very simple yet totally effective – healing.  Much like animals, pets or whatever your fancy is – like tropical fish!  Talking to them and relating is connecting with Gaia.   DSC_0031

Take that connecting way out there, I mean really way out there.  We have always tried to live as far out there as we could get to do what we do (sustainable homesteading).  We ended up living on the edge of the jungle (well, actually in it) in an immense and extremely powerful water canyon that is actually the convergence of two huge water canyons – with incredible water falls as the headwaters and along down the rivers, some hardly accessible.  We fell in love with the real Costa Rica here, the people, the life in the campo (campesino style), the power of the water canyons and rivers, and the jungle.  As I sit here in my space with the early morning sun peaking right at me through the trees and my window, bringing my heart through my words, feeling the powerful essence and Being of Gaia all around outside in the voices of an amazing plethora of birds this morning…magic is everywhere.  Wow, what a beautiful morning! We had a wonderful rain yesterday and everything is refreshed and happy, the colibris (hummingbirds) come and talk to me at my window.  A wonderful feeling to live here and experience this!

We have also had our journey through our new reality these past couple of years, trying (Yoda says there is no ‘try’, only do or do not) to truly KNOW what it is that we choose to do in our lives now – now that we are creating anew after the 90o adjustment.  It hasn’t been easy because, even though we thought we locked the last of the ‘shadows’ up and behind forever – lo and behold a few get out and come to visit.  Actually, a ‘locked door’ is an illusion – LOL.  Point is, we had to tromp through some mud and various situations to really realize what we DO want in our lives – since we are the creators and we are stepping into our new found realizations and capabilities of choosing the life we Dream of now.  Do we have most of the wrinkles ironed out in the ‘do and don’t do’ department?  Many of them.  Yet so far we haven’t found that place where we are meant to be and do what we want to do for the grand finale of our golden years.

Our Dream, having had lots of practice and creating in our minds over all of those years of practicing while fixing up someone else’s dreams and thinking of what we would and could do ‘if’ we could start from scratch; all of the houses and villages we envisioned in our minds and just all kinds of imaginings that we might create ‘if’.  Inevitably we left where we were (always Seeking) for ‘that spot’ where it could all happen, only the game changed big time when we moved here to CR (2011).  Like DUH!  We were moving into 2012 and beyond and EVERYONE’S game has changed, and still changing.  We had to hone what it was that we were looking for and still learning how to allow it to unfold without getting in the way of ourselves.  We looked at a lot of options…grabbed one or two by choice and through time pressure (ah, the lessons – neverending), yet saw the potential in a couple of opportunities in powerful places and almost stepped in…But something put the brakes on (yes, when you live with Gaia intimately for a long time you learn to listen to her voice and counsel) and we said ‘don’t think so…’  Some things you know you cannot do, regardless of whether the ‘reason’ makes sense to anyone else or not! It doesn’t have to make sense to your Self because if you are listening you will just know when the answer is a clear ‘No’.  Or a clear ‘yes’!

Okay so what does this all have to do with the Bridge of Dreaming?  Life is a metaphor, and your reality is a reflection of your dreaming.  ‘They’ start working to keep us from Dreaming as soon as we get here on Earth, like ‘no day dreaming in school’ – the rules.  When you dream, allowing yourself to dream opens up into the process of creating – and I will use our example here, when we create gardens and build around us to accommodate our chosen lifestyle – this is bringing up the magic, which is the ‘art of dreaming’ as well.  Having gone through all of the trials and tribulations that have brought us to this point in the year 2015, wondering ‘okay, are we there yet?’ how many times! Knowing that right here and now is when we are supposed to be in touch hands-on with each step (years of training)…and you get a phone call telling you about a place that you have to go see, it just might be ‘the One’.

It took more than a week to get everything together to go see this property, it is not close (to anything) and much preparation and coordination was required, as we were soon to find out why.  However, somewhere there was a ‘failure to communicate’ some important details between the land stewards and us, the visitors. We had our trusty Tico buddies, Pancho and Lefty along with us and the man that owns the property and a very energetic and enthusiastic lady friend, our senior, that had to go see, just in case.  We packed up some food in the cooler – enough for everyone to have some of the snacks, and a change of clothes and footwear, cameras and two vehicles – three in each.  Stopped along the ridge top about half way there and looked down into the valley where we used to live – OMG!  We were on the mountain ridge to the north and west that surrounds that huge valley, and this mountain ridge is what connects our ‘big city’ to this particular Zona Remota.  We are talking about the Savegre wilderness area, which is also known in the park part as ‘Los Quetzales’ or ‘Los Santos Forest Reserve’, which covers an insane amount of wild and very remote wilderness ground.  This property we were on our way to see was just outside of the little town of Savegre Abajo along the river.  The Lady, a photographer, realizes she has no backup batteries for her camera before we get there.  Hmm. We followed our guide to a place to park along the south side of the river having passed through Savegre Abajao and we were now looking at two saddled horses and a quad on the other side of a very long suspension bridge (walking only), across the grand Rio Savegre and up into the wilderness that was our ‘trail into the property’.  DSC_0460 This was the communication lapse – we did not know that most of today’s journey would be just getting to the property, via horse, quad or walk.  Alrighty then! There were now seven of us, including the resident caretaker, that were going for a ‘look-see’, but only two horses and a quad – the quad would carry the two Chosen Ones with bad knees up the very long and steep road to the property.  I was quick to hop on a horse (yippee!) and Pancho (Billy) on a horse, the others would be hiking and off we went to see the Wizard.

DSC_0461 DSC_0462 DSC_0464DSC_0466

How exciting is this!  Really cool, but also realizing how our preparedness did not include this part – we had no idea that the property was ‘back there’ and horses or hiking would be our mode of transportation into it until we arrived, but we are well seasoned Journeyers and totally up for this.  Our snacks were being left behind, but our compadres all had their packs with water and snacks (no local would be out in that country without a machete and a day pack). Our guide was going to take us to the first waterfall on the west side of the property – which was nestled into the ridge that ran north and south, the top of which borders the land in the west. Bear in mind that this place is 300 (three hundred) hectares, which is ~780 (seven hundred and eighty) acres.  Funny, that runs pretty consistent with our two main homesteads that we lived on for 35 years…!  Anyway, this is really big for jungle, huge in fact.  When we entered the property we had climbed up the south point of the eastern most ridge of the property, crossing the boundary into this world and stepped up into a high plateau, a pristine valley nestled between two magnificent ridges – each with their own waterfalls – and backing up into a canyon that climbs up into the Heart of the Savegre Wilderness. The entire property went from the top of one ridge, the entire valley and up to the top of the other ridge, and way back. We were overwhelmed when we got into this valley, of course it is overgrown into jungle (suffice it to say that jungle grows really fast and you have to maintain a clear space when you live within it – always),DSC_0482 so we could not see much, as we continued climbing up to the waterfall.  We crossed a year round creek that runs the same all year around and meanders through the middle of the property, and made our way up the steep very roughly cleared (just for us to get through) trails until the quad could not proceed, but the horses could keep going.  The Chosen Ones had to walk now – Mate grabbed ahold of my horse’s tail (he would not get on the horse at this point) and Pancho was now walking and tailing (this is grabbing the horses tail and letting him or her pull you up the hill) DSC_0475 the other horse while Lefty rode (an elder as well), and we trudged up the hillside.  Then we had to hike all the way down the other side to the river, using carved out steps (made just for us), at which point Mate and the Lady jumped into the swimming hole muy pronto (it was muy caliente – very hot and serious hiking through jungle); and I hiked up to see the waterfall with the others.  What an exhilarating trek so far!  I had my rubber boots on and I hate walking on slick rocks with rubber boots, but I made it without incident (some slips, phew) to see the waterfall and peer into the vast wilderness above and beyond it. DSC_0484

We rested and rehydrated and put the Chosen Ones on the horses (bad knees do NOT do well downhill) – both were willing to ride at this point (dam right), and we all hiked out to the quad and proceeded up the valley to the corrals.  When we got to where we could see what this property really is, we were standing on a big flat being used as a pasture currently, with an old corral system and a very old house from another reality, and when we could finally and truly see the intensity of this valley and what it really is – we were humbled.  DSC_0496 DSC_0492 It is so grand and as Fran put it, espectacular, that we had to stand there and just be in it for a while.  How do you behold such grandness in one visit?  We had been in a very similar (I recognized that feeling) magical moment once before, in Hawaii…there was a huge piece of conservation land that we hiked through the middle of…Alas, it was not meant to be, but we felt Her raw power in that spot, and it is here as well. It looked like rain was imminent – indeed we did get showers, ahh – muy refresco, thank you so much for that!  Because we were so very far away from town (~1.5 hours from town to horses and another 45 minutes to this point), we could really feel it, embrace what it is. Here is this place, virtually untouched, old growth trees that are immense, fresh clean pure water and LOTS OF IT, wilderness that includes virtually all of the animals that live in Costa Rica, part of the Biological Corridor AND MORE.  A place where it seems that the protection is good – a tough place to get into, which speaks volumes for staying wild – and should never change!  To be conserved and protected and allowed to remain the portal that she is.

DSC_0490 DSC_0470 DSC_0481

This place is our Dream…the potentials for what can be done were spilling over everywhere. Mate was like a kid in a candy store dreaming about water systems – hydroelectric power, the permaculture that we could do with fish and gardens!  A big outdoor kitchen for processing…and for me having a place to ride in like the Savegre!  The mere idea was heaven for me, a place to wander in the wild on my horse with my dogs…seriously better and more efficient on a horse way out there, 🙂  Especially for the rest of our lives, to build the dream vision in an extremely sacred place on earth without impacting with a heavy footprint, but flowing with her…small and seamless very sustainably and naturally.  Bring up the Magic in a place that is bursting with magic and creative energies! To start from scratch, no need to clean up an old disintegrating non-functional system. This land nurturing, yet demanding (like what it took to get there, we already know how to improve that…ahem…suffice it to say that every last one of us was muy cansado – very tired – at the end of this journey), working WITH Gaia and whoever else is part of this Cosmic Puzzle, to do this.  Wow, it is beyond description as it is only just unfolding in the vision of potentials, besides – who could begin to explain this or comprehend living here?  Most likely only a few hardy souls.

What a gift!  To be invited into this is beyond my greatest vision, I am so…como se dice? Smitten. Twitterpated.   I guess because we are still human and have had our doubts about directions and ultimate destinations – this clearly is an invitation to do something huge and magnificent, to undertake as a Senior Project (yes, pun intended) as our Thesis.  Are we up for it? 

The conversation with Fran (the owner) and his declaration of his dreams, the magic of this place must always be conserved and protected, but he could not attain the dream that we were looking at.  Huge leap, big commitment. The guys were playing with a stud horse, each trying their hand and skill at teaching him to lunge in the pasture while we visited at the quebrada and gazed up into the phenomenal wilderness at the end of this magical valley. DSC_0500  My camera would not focus, too much bouncing and moisture I guess, so pictures are few (two out of two cameras out of commission – !) It drizzled and the day grew long, so we assumed our mode of transportation for the return trek – Lefty and I took the horses, Mate and the Lady on the quad and the others hiked (all downhill) out.  Lefty and I got to the bridge – no way the horses were going across that, should we tie them here and walk?  Lefty said ‘Venga’…to the river…Um, hola – el rio esta muy rapido, y tambien muy hondo (the river is really fast…and really deep).  He says ‘Venga!’  So we ride the horses across the river – I hold my feet up high to stay out of the water and my awesome little mare carefully takes me across the river.  What a fantastic way to wrap it up!  Bring out the cervezas and snacks, everyone is back now.  I am exhilarated as we regroup by the river.  Mate and I looked at each other after the others had left – the Lady would be going back with us – and we said: can we do this?

F&*kin A we can!  The One(s) that want to be a part of this are looking for it just like we have been – yes, we are hooked up to one or two seekers and a couple of friends ready to jump in and do the work; this venture will require a team, however this is a time in our evolution when the pieces are collecting to co-create – we are awaiting the Divine Choreographer (or is that us?) to put this ultimate package and let us unleash our wisdom together…to be conserved and protected into the 5th dimension.  Oh yeah – it is in the 5th Dimension!  And most definitely beyond. To anyone that hears the trumpet calling, don’t be shy – we would love to hear from you.  It is available on a level that is totally within reach.

As I was visiting with the Lady photographer with no camera batteries, me with my non-focusing camera, we both mused how impossible it is to capture this magical essence through a camera, anyway.  You have to see it and feel it to even come close to it.  I’ve been seriously pondering recently about a ukulele… And so it is.

Ultimate thanks for this Journey, this opportunity that beckons us to be a part of, as well as the extension of this opportunity to the Soul Family that is looking for it, the Bridge of Dreaming…to Creating in this New Paradigm of potentials. Majia.

Are we there yet?  😉

Stay tuned for further updates – and please, if this calls you do not hesitate to be in touch!



Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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