Slipping Through the Gate – Together

Every day is becoming way more than interesting anymore, it seems that we truly are ‘flying by the seat of our pants’.  There are no absolutes or ‘for sures’…we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

The changes that have been happening very subtly over the past many years – intensely so since 2012 – have been worked on by many combined collective energies of the few and the many, to facilitate the rebalancing and restructuring of our magnetic grid – our matrix and reality.  If you think about all of the groups of energies working together stationed all over not only the planet, but the solar system and the galaxies and as far out and beyond as our ‘rational’ (left brain) can comprehend…energies working towards this shift, the least of which is working on our own ‘small pocket of Self’; many working so diligently together towards something that feels right, yet we really have no clue what it is!  And yet all things now are pointing to what feels like the starting gate is about to fly open.


Trying to make plans of any kind is tough, even for a day!  Stuff is still swirling around demanding that changes be made, something else is always jumping in the middle of whatever and shifting things around demanding our attention and last minute decisions.  Hanging loose and going with the flow is absolutely required right now.  Choosing always in good energy to head in the direction that you like, that is going towards the creation and realization of the dreams you hold, and always to watch for falling rocks and messages from the elementals along the way!  Pay attention to where those energies are ‘collecting’ that are assisting that creation – this is really fine tuning.  It is too easy to fall into the old modus operandi of left brain dominance…as we bust out of our cocoons.  A butterfly’s mission and way is not the same as the caterpillar’s mission.  We truly are seeking a balance here, and the choices given to us now and ahead are crucial.  I have learned how imperative it is to live every moment as a Spiritual Warrior, we are being tested again (sigh).

Truly, we have reached a point where it seems clearly evident that in each and every moment we are allowed to observe a splitting between the old realities (duality, polarity, 3D…)  as we are transitioning through the fourth dimension and stepping into the fifth.  Yesterday and today I clearly saw that the circumstances of our lives at this point in time (now) are providing grand opportunities for us to be able to stop and look at both sides of the given situation and choose very consciously…like, wow, do I want to continue (key word) to live in that energetic ‘mind set’?  Or do I want to step away and go in this other direction here…the one that chooses to operate with more collective benevolence towards the desired outcome of that direction?  This is where the magic and ‘solutions’ to life’s challenges exist.

We are standing on this precipice and being given situations requiring that we make decisions, choices that are clearly and totally opportunities (the portal before us) in a world that is being created right now.  We envision creating the water system that will be running as optimally as possible, and living sustainably off of the land (permaculture and more) is successful and it all flows smoothly.  To do this and survive is vibrational, it must be operating on a harmonious vibration to ‘bring up the magic’ and keep it there.  Too many (communities) have and are still desperately groping to find that magic to make whatever they’ve got work, and there are many falling apart and will have to start over – all with intention of ‘getting back to the land and living sustainably as a community’.  The dysfunctions of that ‘reality’ are/were the stepping stones for the lessons we needed to learn this go around.  In front of our faces right now we are watching the diversity of perspectives in the dysfunctional systems that must come together to progress, what apparently seems so totally not capable of seeing the other ways because they are so different – wow, what a conundrum!  These are the conflicting energies of the huge gaps in understandings or visions that create the dissonance, the stress.  How to bridge those gaps so that a community can have a good flow?  Everyone had and has stuff to learn (and yet still more) this lifetime to get to this point of harmony and balance in the group; this is part of personal evolution as well as collective, which brings up a really cool point in all of this:  Bob Marley wrote a song, Redemption Song – one of my fav’s – and he said ‘we got to fulfill de book’. 

Every last one of us has to fulfill our own book as well as with our civilization as part of that evolution.  I.e. ‘the system’ is also having to take this ‘script’ (reality) that they have written all the way out…to the grand finale of an old paradigm being closed off behind that ‘door’ (some speculating here, as who really knows the details?  It’s all metaphors for visions and interpretations).   Realities have to play themselves out – eventually – and this is so much of the ‘concentricity of cycles’ (all of those cycles coming ‘full circle’ at the same time) all wrapping up in 12/2012 was about, as we prepared to step into something completely and totally new, something that could NOT be created with 3D vibration, it would have to be created with energies souly from the upper dimensions.  We are at this point now, and the shocking clarity of it absolutely was like a hallucination (he he), a total third eye explosion thing, and it totally summed up a few very key points in this step, at least for me.  The New Paradigm will be created with synergistic cooperative higher vibration energies that CAN work together to create for the good of all. The conundrum of conflicting energies based on old paradigm programming cannot go with us – it doesn’t work.  So important to know this to be able to reach the end of your own personal ‘script’ and move beyond.  We got to fulfil da book, for all to see.

The synchronicities of events is magic and it is happening in abundance.  The birds have been very vocal this morning and the howlers have been yakking throughout the days and nights at odd times for weeks!  (This is not their ‘normal’ at all.) We have been contemplating a potential endeavor in our desired direction with a few others for the past year and see that at this point it is coming finally together; what’s really cool about it is that it is a soul group – family – coming together and our energies blend very well and our vision of that future ‘dream’ is in the same direction and we each respect the other’s niche in it.  This is stepping out of that 3D limitation and opening up to the possibilities of what we truly could create together harmoniously with other same vibration energies (5D and up) connected to Gaia and all cosmic assistance working with you to boot! Like in one day a bunch of support for the project showed up and there was this ethereal ‘YES’ vibrating all around us. Yeah, I feel a shift coming on, like a big gate up ahead is starting to close…wait, no – it is opening!  Which means that I do not have to hurry to make it through before it is closed, but I can proceed without rush, or fear, or panic, or the feeling of pressure of any kind (that is all totally 3D).  It is the gate of 3D behind that is closing…We now can look outward through ‘new’ lenses guided with balance (lots of homework for many years) of left brain/masculine, right/brain feminine, and heart guidance – Triality.   Now working with a very expanded and open chakra system, and functioning crystalline bodies – integrated and infused with higher vibration energies.  Interestingly we have observed the potentiality of this next step more than a few times over the past four years and up to this point it has not one time felt right…it is very different now.

To toss in another example of this juncture in realities for good measure: when you have travelled through your life wondering about that hamster wheel with no ‘exit’ or off-ramp, the hardest of our lessons along the way and now another opportunity to make a similar choice comes before you again.  As I recognized a very familiar scenario before us my response was a really fast walk back through all of those crazy adventures in the School of Hard Knocks and Instant Education (which, btw, became Cosmic 4×4’s) right up to now…this very now, where similar situations as all of those are still happening all around us (for others also)…we have this opportunity to choose differently this time.  Yep, we are looking back at the old way of stepping into something thinking about nothing but responses, choices and reactions made from 3d limitations and programming, and when you realize that we had to experience those harsh lessons to be here now – pounded into us again and again the lesson that it’s not about the ‘rules’, it’s about the integrity behind it.  Another key word.  Papers won’t hold up in the courts of the current system – that is all dying, there is a new reality emerging based on principles created with the guidance of the triality – in balance.  It is the changing of the guard.  I can trust my heart’s guidance this time.  The jiving energies are talking to me and there is faith and trust in abundance, not fear and distrust.  We tried so many times in the past to have good outcomes, but life had to be lived as it was to be totally prepared to choose where we want to go now, to truly trust and let go totally that old 3D energy and belief.  Fulfil dat book to recognize what to let go of?  No doubt.

I could mention herd mentality again here…step back and view these moments of the ‘reappearing same situation’ that are like ‘bait’ to entice us to repeat the same scenario; clarity is available, we can choose differently while stepping into the zones where those pockets of supportive energies are pulling us – higher vibrational options that whisper trust…and believe, it is possible.  It doesn’t work to get stuck on repeat and think the results will be different (sound familiar? Einstein’s definition of insanity, LOL).  miracles-g-plus-Copy

Kinda cool, yeah?  Yep, there go the howler monkeys again…perhaps they are our cheering section, gift of the Mother.  It’s all perspective.

For yet another dose of ‘do or do not’, stepping up to the plate and ‘owning’ your authentic self – whoever and whatever that is – as we prepare to choose at this very important juncture, is pre-requisite.  Each of us has had a lifetime (or more with plenty of repeat scenarios) to become authentic, and now there are no more secrets, the cat is out of the bag and the rabbit is about to pop out of the hat.  Being true to your own ‘mission’ and skills in life and not spinning our wheels (um, like hamster wheels? LOL) while we master what skills we have nurtured in our lives; letting go of the hats we put on ‘for show’, we have no business trying to con our way into getting others to believe it is the truth!  The bs is not invited into 5D – authenticity and owning who you truly are is.  We are not who we aren’t – yeah?  Ha ha.  I mean good grief, this is one of the hugest requirements for stepping into creating a harmonious sustainable life in community is by being real, being authentic, and the combination of those authentic selves in higher vibration (collective energies) can make magic…as we choose in creating the reality of our dreams, the feeling of Home.  All you have to do is click your heels three times…

Life is interesting, no doubt. We are putting on our final touches.  I know lots of folks right now straddling a huge crack in the sidewalk/earth, knowing they must make a choice. Mercury is cracking the whip this retrograde, like no other I can remember!  There is endless grace and gratitude in this moment – finally we have arrived here at this now, the chance to step beyond the maze of mirrors and hamster wheels that have bound us for too long.  The curtain is about to be drawn…time to choose to take off the last mask or masks and know ‘I Am that I Am’ as we attract those creative supportive energies.  Magic.


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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