Bringing up the Magic


We have been living intimately with the earth for a very long time, Mate and I.  Each of us had the privilege of growing up with access to remote areas, unspoiled wildernesses that we both found as havens for our contentment and joy. And together we have ‘homesteaded’ for almost forty years.  Our motto for a long time has been, ‘If you aren’t living on the edge, then you’re taking up too much space.’  Indeed everywhere we have lived was (and is still) remote, not easy to get to, and very much in the middle of a very pristine world – the energy of Gaia’s heartbeat.  When you live this way you do not live by schedules or clocks, you live by seasons and with the Mother Gaia.  To survive and yet totally live in joy while submersing yourself into this demanding lifestyle, you must learn how to live harmoniously with your earth connection, and we call this ‘Bringing up the Magic’.  thAZAMWCGK

Together we have this gift, although when we first started out it was not very well defined and of course totally new, but we jumped into the lifestyle with the delight, joy and anticipation of children.  Funny, for a moment there I stopped to think about that as I wanted to compare it with something – the memory of a familiar feeling, but every comparable concept that flashed through my mind’s eye did not even come close to that feeling.  Anyway, we were pretty excited about having our chance to live this way (both of us grew up dreaming about returning to the wilderness as permanently as we could) and we jumped in with everything we had to make it happen – starting with an almost clean slate – when you buy an old homestead that was built in the late 1800’s and has a history…but must be completely rebuilt.  So we have had many years of hard knocks and instant educations – the learn by doing method, and that is becoming another blog site for those stories, but here we are almost forty years of practice later in Costa Rica, living in a hidden paradise and watching the Shift happen all around us.  thBWQBTKTH

One of the biggest lessons for preparing to ‘leap through the Shift Gateway’ is to learn to live in the moment – right here right now.  It is seriously difficult for our minds not to want to leap about – mostly about what might be happening ahead of this now (i.e. the future) – and then there are those who get stuck in the pain of the past, their thoughts/experiences have created pain blockages and it is their challenge to keep remembering to return to the Now to create fresh, new….letting go of those memories and thus pain…to walk their dreams of Now.  The distractions of a world in chaotic upheavel doesn’t help, as so many of those distractions are created to manipulate our attention (remember ‘herd mentality’?).  Living in the Now is a required class for bringing up the magic in your current reality.  The pain eventually dissolves as your world is more and more in each now creation.

Ok, so aside from that, when you live directly in conjunction with the land (truly getting ‘back to nature’), she teaches you how to listen and abandon your ‘schedule’ and clocks (ahem, routines).  You are listening to her ‘clock’ instead, and there are no routines or schedules in her world.  The closest you get to that are seasons and the moon and planetary cycles, and those have so many variations that nothing is ever the same – change is ‘the norm’.  Like weather for example…LOL.  You get what you get when you get it, and the demands that go with can be exhilarating and exhausting – overwhelming at times – but it is those challenges, living your life in almost always ‘expect the unexpected’ mode, that polish the stones.  When you live this way it is amazing what kind of curves the Mother can throw at you in the spur of the moment!  (i.e. 16o weather in September…at least six weeks ‘early’…dumped on your garden-yikes!).  We know this, and this Journey has demanded a lot, but the rewards are so great that there is no way to describe it all in words (however, I am giving it a go).


And so we do.  Everywhere we go it becomes our ‘job’ to bring up the Magic, come what may.  We just have to jump in and start getting the (current) yard set up for growing food and being productive, pruned and beautified – here in the jungle you would call it ‘taming and reclaiming’ a piece of the jungle for your space.  It’s funny, but we have always lived on huge acreages, but then you could get around them hiking, on a horse or an ATV, and to some extent vehicles.  It doesn’t work quite that way where we are now, what it takes in labor to keep the jungle ‘at bay’ does not translate well into large acreages here; however, the immense vast wild jungle all around makes up for it – we are still ‘way out there’.  Therefore you make do with the space that you have and ‘regroup’ the plants from ‘garbage to produce’, ‘cause you are still surrounded by lots of plants and trees.  And the wildlife continues to visit and enjoy as well, the bounty of your work – like bananas and annonas and we have a tree here DSC_0361 (2) that puts out a fruity seed that ALL the animals enjoy.  That is bringing up the magic in harmony with the Mother, surrounding yourself with the beauty and the bounty of tastes and fragrances and her medicines that are there and so available to incorporate into your life!  This is connection, grounding, submersing yourself into what this living breathing very alive and soulful earth is all about. DSC_0348 (Medium)DSC_0351 (Medium)DSC_0354thJEZS2YHV

It requires a lot of work, and no routines.  We are very unsuccessful with ‘days off’.  We are not motivated to go ‘out there’ in the world of 3D busi-ness and have to jump into that vibration – often.  We have definitely become addicted to this way of life and have learned to listen and ‘read’ what things are ‘on the (fricken) list’ today, for Pete’s sake.  We have a little early morning cruise this morning, after just declaring that we are NOT putting anything on the list today, let’s try to have a day ‘off’.  As we toodle about we see that this is needing to be done, the dog has decided she doesn’t want that ‘thing’ in her pen anymore and is eliminating it (so we will salvage it, remember this is ‘The Land of Make-Do’), and then over here we need to take care of this, and that must be watered, etc. etc.  When you have animals in your care, like horses, dogs, chickens, cows, goats, ducks, ad infinitum (that was our ‘normal’ for thirty-five years) you ALWAYS have to be ready for something to be demanding attention.  When it is calving time, there is always a ‘post’ twenty-four seven on the bunch of heifers having their first calf, and the post has to be ‘savvy’ about what trouble looks like, and then what to do.  That is life in the campo.  You become an adept at many things, and you learn to pay attention to what is happening around you on many many levels.

For example, we are now living on a large lot in a community with water issues.  Without going into detail about the actual problems, it is ‘yelling’ at all of the folks that are here – which includes only a small handful of permanent residents – and those other owners that happen to be here now ‘on vacation’.  We are all on strict conservation measures to insure that there is enough for each of us for necessary things.  Those that are visiting tend to be quite reluctant to want to conserve…and use the water frivolously (I could get really sarcastic here, but I won’t…ha ha).  We on the other hand are taking every measure to help the situation and alleviate our part of the stress load, like hauling water and looking for other possible water sources here, like hoses in quebradas (small creeks) to help in watering the garden.  (Note: permaculture is a wonderful way to establish living totally harmoniously with the Mother, so many of these ‘issues’ are reduced substantially if not entirely eliminated.)

So we are being ‘gifted’ these challenges, and in these challenges we hone our ability to ‘stay in the flow’, pun intended.  There are many folks around the world that exist with complete dependency on others for their ‘sustenance’, I am talking about basics like food, water, electricity, and these days phones.  When there is no electricity, they call the electric company.  When there is no water, they call whoever they have to call, and so on.  Since our water system has become incapacitated, it is funny how life must adjust merely in the small acts of everyday living, like flushing the toilet…we now have three full buckets of water stashed in the bathroom, just in case.  We also have jugs and buckets stationed in the kitchen and all over the greenhouses – when you have the water, fill up.  So life’s little ‘routines’ have been rather disrupted in the water (or lack of) chaos (cosmic curve balls) – toss this one in: our phone would not charge (we have one cell phone), so we had little opportunity to connect that way until we went to town and did the next step, which was to leave that phone for repair and buy a new phone that would need to be charged for six hours before I could use it.  Still no phone connection.  We get home and it had been threatening to rain all week, spitting at us a little bit here and there, but nothing worth getting excited over, yet in town we saw a HUGE THUNDERHEAD building over the mountains and sure enough we were getting sprinkles on our way home from town.  So we get home and take care of the day’s surplus and we plug the new phone in, discover we still have water in the line (but we don’t know the status of the tank…) and it is getting really dark outside…then the electricity goes out.  Now we have no phone, no internet, no fans (talk about dependency!) – but it starts to rain.  It is so dam hot in the house without fans here, especially in the summer/now, so we sat on the deck and enjoyed watching the rain come in.  After a couple of moments we knew it might be a good idea to get the little (20 year old) generator hooked up to the house, ‘cause we would need to go in soon and better to have it all set up before the next event arrives (pray tell – what might that be?).  We got the extension cords and rerouted the necessities to the plug end and once again had the phone charging and fans on and the rain arrived, in buckets.  We were so happy that the outside garden was getting a huge deep watering from the Mother!  SO MUCH GRATITUDE!!!  (Living off grid with a very good system is WONDERFUL – however, we are not there, yet.)

The electric dude on his moto came by, they were looking for the problem and within a couple of hours we had electricity – that lasted for about forty five minutes after we got things set up that way again – and we had the most serious set of power surges and then blowout – OMG, I was racing for the box to shut down all of the breakers and save the electronics.  What a day!  And that is not even talking about all of the synchronicities of thinking thoughts to watching them manifest, almost immediately.     thDCMKHJNZ

Out of all of this came a little bit more honing and refinement of the dream that we have of a new paradigm way of living.  It starts first with being connected with Gaia, as she can provide everything we need, if we respect working together to make it work.  This is what living off the land sustainably has taught with a few cosmic 4×4 whacks!  The learn-by-doing method, and hanging in there – perseverance, and resilience in the face of adversity. thSMUCNWTY And paying attention – lots of that!  We love our life, we live well enjoying the fruits of our focus, we envision a place where others will also enjoy learning this way of living, as we perfect our connection with Gaia and live together in harmony – not in dependence of others (aka ‘the system’) to ‘fix’ anything or everything – independent and off grid with reliance upon our community.  With a good team, just think how it could be!  There have been lots of visions of this over the years, a huge movement that started back in the ‘60’s and is being ‘reborn’ today…but, the team would have to be working together for the best results for everyone, not as in this current ‘community’ (as well as so many others) situation, a gift of life’s circumstances, i.e. experiencing folks that take for themselves first and do not respect the needs of others, as well as so many other ‘lessons of living together’.  Ho hum, such it is with the dying world of 3D thinking, full of separation ‘anxiety’, as the routines of life and herd mentality dissipate in the throes of life metamorphosis.


We are the creators.  We have a vision that is getting clearer every single day.  Our current transformation is moving out of the head where the Ego is running the show, and listening to the heart messages – first.  It is our point of connection with all that is. There have been many lessons to learn for those who are seeking to live in community…but that concept is defined (old paradigm) in many ways and must be benevolently manifested in new ways to work in a New World, a very different Reality…ways that we absolutely know nothing about – yet.  What is your dream?  Listen to your heart as you stand connected with the Earth’s embrace and allow it to guide you and learn how to bring up your own Magic.  Work with Gaia and her diligent crew of elementals and fairies – they are there to help.  The magic is there to be tapped for creation – and Creation allows us to experiment with and experience how it is used.   You don’t have to invest in a huge garden or wilderness living to tap the magic, it is available to us all.  The power of living as we have is in living in the moment, this lifestyle cultivates it.  Find your own path to living in the moment, it is up to us to be in each moment, without expectation, and create with our heart’s guidance.  Totally possible, cosmical – Magic.   thYG4MAZOB


One year.



Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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