Horse Lessons II continued…


How do we reclaim our authentic selves that rely on instinct and ‘gut feelings’, intuition or whatever you want to call it?  For me with my horses and my dogs (the kids are on their own now figuring it out for themselves) I give them as much freedom to be their natural selves as I can, yet they also have the understanding that there are rules of ‘respect’ that must be appreciated – between and for us all to insure a ‘smooth act’.  The young dogs want to bite the horses on the heels (they are cattle dogs instinctively) but the horses have lessons to teach them – like a bad look and a lifted foot, and if need be striking out with a foreleg and maybe even a bite! (Actually, threats work very well here.)   I allow my horses to train my dogs (get in front and too close and Juan will come after you with pinned ears and open mouth) and the dogs learn to pay attention and get out of the way; yet I also teach my dogs to respect that I am the jefa – the alpha female and therefore in command – and all is well in the pack.  But, they challenge me until we have established this understanding – pecking order – especially the young ‘punks’.  Just like with the horses and the grain bucket.  Just like kids that want candy at the grocery store checkout and have learned to throw a temper tantrum.  Who is the boss?  Who should be the boss?  Why do we even need a boss?  Is there a boss in dolphins and whales and elephants, those incredible intelligent ‘gentle giants’?  You betcha.

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We each need to LEARN to be our OWN boss, and to learn to choose wisely (by listening to heart counsel) in each of our experiences.  The heart MUST be the guide, Logic has left the building and the manmade agenda that takes advantage of its methodology does not work, not now (even though we were tricked for a very long time).  Respect and understanding for those that have more wisdom, know-how, experience – this is what will teach us; and for youth that need a firm but gentle approach in their education (puppies that pee on the floor), and thus instills confidence – with respect for what can and will work well (no, we pee outside)…lots of patience.  Kids that respect their parents and wait their turn get rewarded – not by demanding the ‘reward’ OR ELSE I WILL THROW THE FIT OF THE CENTURY RIGHT HERE IN WAL-MART.  A brand new baby horse that you catch to hold and love and rub all over for the first time – they are so strong!  Better be ready to hold on and let them know that you are bigger and stronger than they are (it won’t last long – maybe a week or two) and teach them to relax and not to have fear, you will be kind and gentle and you are NOT the enemy – only the leader (aka ‘boss’) – and they will feel really good when you are done and then they can be free again with their ‘mommy’.  In training horses the goal is to teach them to RELY on you to lead them safely.  ‘Boss’ translates well to ‘respect’ here, and this is what there is such a lack OF.  Those first steps are monumental!  Leave the routine out but instill a sense of being consistent, you will always be there (even if you are late for dinner!).  The little baby that cries to demand control (incredible how fast they learn this) – it is ok to let them cry by their self, it’s time for a nap!  The indigenous carry them next to their bodies most of the time.  I carried all of my children in a pack on my back – whenever I was out and about, they were with me.  When I had to put them down, they learned confidence that I would return and that they were safe.  I did my utmost best to teach them to learn respect, kids and critters.

Understanding that there is a difference between habits and routines that program patterns of behavior (i.e. Pavlov’s Law)  images (12) – this is far different than learning to work well together to make it work…for example, working ranch horses and dressage horses performing at their peak with their people.  It takes good ‘training’ to synchronize a good horse and rider team, and this includes some disciplinary routines – this is respect for ‘who’ is calling the shots or better said, leading the team; and with horses and dogs and kids someone will be taking the lead, who is best for this job? LOL.  However, this is a much different approach and (key word here) motivation than what we see with those that upset and manipulate the ‘natural’ flow of things.  Understanding the pecking order is important in working with the animals, this is their ‘way’ and this is what they know instinctively as they learn who to respect.  However…the herd mentality that has been manipulated into the reality of people is nothing more than a means of control.

I am leaving out a lot of the examples that are out of the realms of ‘normal’ – there really is no ‘normal’ anyway – but just talking generally about the learned behaviors of us all, and the underlying pecking order, as well as the stress of programming and instilled habits that pretty much can destroy any of us – human or critter.  Nobody likes to live life in a way such that they are ‘allowed out of their pen’ occasionally to have some ‘fun’.  “Production, that’s the name of the game.  Rise to the top and one day you will have it all!”  Except freedom.  Some folks get off to that.  Others ask for it, then get it, then wonder why they wanted it (illusions of being Top Dog) in the first place!  Everyone deserves the ‘right’ to live freely, doing what they love without being ‘expected’ to adhere to some level of routine performance.  Routines or learned responses for ‘survival’ on any level, even survival within the pecking order of the pack (however that may be represented in your world), is something that is currently evolving into something that is much more instinctive, or relying on your gut…yet pushing and shoving the human ‘animals’ to move way beyond anything they understand or know from ‘before.’

Consciously we are stepping out of the routines and expectations that bind us, as we see them, as we dismantle them through understanding just what they actually are.  Sometimes even where they came from!  OK, actually – that one is pretty much a necessary ‘evil’.  Just like in training horses, one asks ‘why won’t my horse walk home?’  Perhaps because he wanted to run, and was allowed to run all of those times, now it is the habit, the programming – it is what he does…’did I create that habit?’  Did you?  Even if you didn’t, it is up to you to change it – if you will.


We had a skunk visitor (again) last night…after my dog’s food.  So we will need to shift that routine before we get the skunk programmed to a bad ‘habit’!  The dog will get fed around the same time of the day (more or less), but then the food will be taken away for the rest of the night – thus unavailable to the skunk.  The dog will adapt…we all adapt, learning to go with the flow and make adjustments to whatever is happening around us.  However, sometimes adaptation is tougher than other times – we all can get stuck in a habitual ‘rut’.  To adapt – that is the ticket, for sure – chillax and go play when you are called to do so!  And if you get fired, well…don’t tell them I told you what to do!  LOL

Hang loose, we are shifting the ropes that bind us…out of ‘herd mentality’  images (1)…and back into living life naturally with passion, purpose and above all, respect for one another, as we learn compassion.  Herd mentality works well for critters living naturally in the wild, however it has been used ‘against’ us to create those bindings…stalls, cages, cubicles, routines.   albert-einstein-intuition Recognize where this resides in your world, then choose what, where, when and who, with conscious awareness.  Moving beyond our old programming, and stepping into a completely new way of Be-ing.  Our evolution into a better reality relies on the merging of wisdom from both sides of the brain, connecting with the wisdom of the heart, in balance.  Always seeking the balance…




Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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