Whirlwind of What, Exactly?

It truly is hard to believe that it has been a month since I have had ‘available’ to me what it takes to put out a blog post – wow! It is like my life has been in a whirlwind, caught up and flying all over the place, really very busy…and then I look at it and wonder what all of the busi-ness was about, like ‘tangible proof’ (um, can I see what has been accomplished, please?) – LOL. Okay yeah, there are lots of projects always happening when you have a good size garden and greenhouse going on, but the maintenance factor has just been over the top for everyday life! WT…really? Didn’t I just do that job – and now it is demanding my attention, again? Life in the jungle is an ongoing process of ‘bugs in, bugs out’, and more. Or like things happening every day, places to go, people to see, places to go – things that beg your attention to take care of. What happened to ‘muy tranquilo’? Off and running with the congos (the chronically punctual Howler monkeys) at 5am in the morning, and then ready for a medicinal puff by about 4pm.
Well, apparently the whirlwind is more relevant to the acceleration of our evolutionary progress, the illusion of time absolutely hammering us to realize that it is indeed an illusion, and the only way to deal with it – as such – is to really accept and integrate every moment, insane or in love, with the full understanding that each moment is all that there ever really is. Not like we haven’t been studying this manual for a long time and working out all of the kinks and wrinkles in our own internal core Being-ness, which by the way demanded a lot of ‘work’ merely to identify just what are the kinks and wrinkles so that we could work on them; apparently this whirlwind has us stirred up in ways so that when the dust truly settles (whenever that might be – ‘soon’, yeah?) our ducks are lined up pretty good, our joints are lubed and adjusted, and what no longer serves us has been pulled out like a bad tooth and forever discarded so that all we have left in our very own personal system is exactly what serves and enhances us, resulting in a vibration that is in harmony with Who we are and Where we are headed.
And that of course has begged another entire set of chaos as a large percent of us Hu-mans on this journey have literally been stuck on ‘pause’ for a while as we ponder these crucial questions. And pause we must as we hone in on the only real moment that there is, this Now moment, in the daily course of our doings as we ‘chop wood and carry water’ in our daily dharma, yeah? Where am I going? Saying by Lao Tzu: If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading. Ahhh, yes – the fine tuning part. Being attentive to your thoughts and emotions at any given moment is absolutely key in staying tuned in to where you are headed! Focus in that moment on the task at hand, and how you are dealing with it in terms of your own balance and feelings about it (i.e. are you ‘reacting’ from some outworn old pattern); this will absolutely determine the outcome as well as the general well-being of you in a flow of moments. Oh how frustrating it can be to get caught up in a moment of aggravation…but really, isn’t the aggravation a result of getting caught up in the future – or the past – or ‘what if’s’ –or whatever’s – instead of just slowing down and doing what you are doing with a clean and invested focus? When life cannonballs you into a whirlwind of chaos (most likely a ‘test’ for something or other, sigh) the goal, ahem, is to step into that moment and focus on dealing with it to the best of your ability, with love. This in itself calms the storm and the chaotic whirlwind dissipates into ‘no-time’. It’s not what happens (to you) it’s how you deal with it…yeah?
I listened to a pretty good talk given by Dr. Daniel Levitin, the author of The Organized Mind, to a group of google employees (go figure). http://www.nextworldtv.com/page/27528.html A couple of key points that I was very pleased to hear him discuss, considering his field of neuroscience, were these: multi-tasking is an illusion and is non-productive; and allowing your mind to wander or have breaks every so often not only increases production levels, but also increases mental acuity. The fact that he spoke of multi-tasking as an illusion by saying that we can never truly focus on more than one thing at a time, actually it is just happening in a series of instances so fast that it appears to be at the same time, and thus by having our minds and thoughts zipping all over the place while we are convinced that we are doing a lot of things at once and being so productive…that is the illusion. When you focus on doing one thing and only one thing then you can complete that and let it go, and then move on to another thing. Focusing your attention to actually complete something leads to many things being completed, because you enter into a state of ‘no time’ by being totally in the moment – voila! You have all the ‘time’ you need to accomplish the (godforsaken) list of ‘must do’s’ on your plate! Unless of course you get caught up in a mental storm, which blows the whole project out of sync. (I speak of this from way too much experience, sigh.) But this is why Dr. Levitin mentioned the importance of allowing your mind breaks to ‘wander’, either by having a ten minute ‘nap’, or taking a walk outside (the blessings of Gaia) without any focus at all. This is the zone of ‘day-dreaming’ where our creative mind can swim freely without a bunch of beliefs and lists and all kinds of ifs, ands and whatevers all bunched up like cows in a corner, or whatever. Especially if you have any kind of conundrum or stalemate where you need an answer, or an idea, and your mind draws a blank. Pull it out of left brain fixation and allow it to wander and float in right brain no-time and all of a sudden you might get the solution or idea in the flash of a lightbulb! Apparently hu-manity is struggling with the syndrome of information overload by the inundation of our lives with technology and the current state of most lifestyles and yes, jobs. (And this does not even mention ascension symptoms we are only too familiar with, ouch!)
I am very blessed to be living the life and lifestyle that I am, right here right now way off the beaten track in the jungle, with my Mate and three dogs and four horses, no ‘job’ per se (retired, theoretically), and very much as self-sustainably as is possible under the circumstances. This does not eliminate chaos and whirlwinds and conundrums from entering my life and ‘testing’ my perseverance in my own personal evolution. Fine tuning seems to be an ongoing part of evolution, we never really arrive ‘there’, and we are always on ‘the way’ or in the Journey. Bringing ourselves back into the moment with our focus is paramount to our ability to transform, morph and blossom or ascend (whatever you want to call it) from the multi-layers of entrapment – which includes the illusion of time – that have ‘programmed’ us into who we are not, who we no longer wish to identify with being, as well as totally being consumed in the frustration of getting nowhere really fast (spinning out of control) – or so it seems. Practice, practice and more practice! Dam, how did I get stuck in this crazy hamster wheel anyway – and where is the off-ramp?
As we slow down and step into that now moment we are grabbing the opportunity to let go of what takes us out of it, i.e. old programming (habits). “I recognize/see you there (you pain-in-the-arse) – off you go now! Be gone and away, hey hey.” At least until it side-rails you, again – LOL. One day it is gone, however, and you have morphed more into who you wish and choose to be, which is what this transformation process is all about anyway; casting out the ‘demons’ of who you no longer are or want to be, while embracing what makes life a joy – no matter what the details might be (you might know that saying, ‘the devil is in the details’? off with their heads!). As Lauren Gorgo says in her last report: …soul merge completion that many are preparing for. I know some of you felt as if you were being bullied by November, (ie, your higher Self) however, I am sure in retrospect you now realize, even tho the master 11 vibration always seems to have it’s way with us, that in all the tumult you were actually given a supreme opportunity to face and change some remaining outworn patterns, stemming from lifelong reactions, to age-old (core) wounds. I said in the last report that the influx of this divine masculine energy may feel merciless or punitive, but really these frequencies are just holding us accountable for our own (past) choices in increasingly noticeable ways so that we can get on with the creation of the new world already. And since time is closing in on us, it’s easier than ever to see the formula in action: Always Choose LOVE. Whether you perceive yourself to be victim or perpetrator, the formula is the same. (http://thinkwithyourheart.com) As we center ourselves, moment to moment, and allow for whatever we must ‘do’ to be done, while also allowing our minds the ‘time-out’ for day dreaming enough for our well-being, we are thus becoming more balanced, more centered, more attuned to our Higher Guidance. In the wandering mind realm we receive much guidance; our intuition has a voice; we receive answers that were previously out of reach. Lao Tzu also said, ‘At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want.’
That’s what it’s all about, as we do the Hokey Pokey dance in our whirlwinds of change. We have the power. We have the choices. We are becoming powerful new Hu-man Beings, with far more access into realms before unknown to us – by letting the distraction of our clutter go, although truly this is far easier said than done. This is not the fix-all for everything, but it sure cuts out a bunch of what we don’t need or want stirring up our realities. We are entering unknown territory and there will be lots of adjustments along the way in our Creation of a New World process. Baby steps for so much…however this particular step is a giant leap forward. We are leaping into the creation of a New World through the discovery and unveiling of our Authentic Self, having committed to shedding the layers of debris that bind us (cocoon), by focusing on each and every moment through the lens of the heart, in a vibration of as Kryon says, J.O.P.B. – Joy, Oneness, Peace, Belonging.
And as dear Yoda says, ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ One step at a time.


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

2 thoughts on “Whirlwind of What, Exactly?”

    1. Thanks Darlin’! And thanks so much for sharing the blog, I do my best to speak a message to whoever it may serve, however it may serve! Each of us is riding these crazy waves of changes individually, but we each have to pull ourselves through it – different perspectives help with clarity (sometimes ;))…and telling it through your own crazy experiences brings it ‘home’. love and much aloha!

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