The Goddess Lights Up

Everything has been really weird lately. The past two months especially it seems that there has been a huge leap in ‘stuff’ rising to the surface, and this stuff is taking form in physical bodies and emotional bodies, blatantly showing in everyone we know and don’t know as we pass by these folks in our meanderings. And the rocking and rolling! OMG, it is so palpable the slow rolling of the earth that makes you want to grab something while the head spins…what just happened? Sleeping like in a boat…rolling and rocking, small quakes and then big jolts. Big Earth element.
And then there is the fire element volcano– volcanoes are speaking loudly everywhere, including not very far from us. Just a few nights ago I awoke and everything was moving and swirling around me, I wasn’t sure what was up, it definitely did not feel like an earthquake. However, first thing in the morning I read that Turrialba had its biggest explosion in 150 years! turrialba-vocano (This volcano is not that far from us – as the eagle flies – and, the timing was coordinated with what I was feeling.) We live in a land of many volcanoes, most of which are active…which means they have been doing much in recent time as we know it, but these waking giants are portals to the internal cleansing of our earth, rumbling and puffing and sometimes spewing and definitely growling…as they release all kinds of pressure from within, in the name of transformation.
Ok yeah, we can say that huge volcanic eruptions were undoubtedly the transformers of past realities, according to history, they are making movies about it now that are more phantasmagorical than realistic, but bottom line is that spewing volcanoes wipe out stuff, permanently. Reality not movie right now: Pele/Kilauea is moving through the Big Island of Hawaii…slow and unstoppable…speaking very loudly of the power of Pele, and the humility of man. road closed

property under

more lava Hu-mans are so vain, un-humble (is that a word?) and stubborn – 3D. There are stupid third dimensional dramas playing out all around this lava flow that is threatening homes and a very long time community…She is dredging up the shadow stuffs as She rolls, devouring this reality like peanuts and pretzels and beer (albeit on a small but very powerful scale). Dumb drama stuff is right out front and center, like lawsuits if someone gets a dozer to build berms to divert the flow away from (and thus try to save) their own homes, however inadvertently (?) redirecting it to other homes. Lawsuits like ‘if you divert it and it takes me out then I will sue you!!’ And if it takes you out without human interference, then what? Yes, home owners insurance policies will cover damage by lava flow, but as always there are those little bitty details that surprise even the most diligent. lavaflow The Big Island is made up of at least five volcanoes all nestled up together. images Actually, real estate is ‘offered’ in zones of one to eight, one being the most likely to be in the flow, whereas zone 8 has seen little to no flow for a very long time. Kilauea is the ‘active’ volcano, having had a steady flow of lava for years and years, however mostly out to sea – the short route. lavaflow

paddleboarder n lava It is the only currently active volcano on the planet with a steady flow of lava. Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa have had plenty of action but not for a very long time, like a hundred years or more, Hualulai and Kohala being the ‘babies’, but the entire Island is young…still developing…and Pele is still very much alive and well on the Island so anyone that lives there should be very aware that they have chosen to live within the realms of Pele, come what may. How can you argue with that? It is actually almost comical to watch the cycles of build and then to get wiped out and rebuild on the Island (or any zone prone to recurrent natural wipeouts, like floodplains, etc.) in the ‘regular’ path of the lava flow, the roads get wiped out and rebuilt, price of land goes up and down depending on what She is doing – recently. lava over road

HMMvent_02June2011_285 But this new flow is on a path that has not been a flow zone for a very long time, these residents are generational living there with lots of soil built up over the last flows – excellent soil for growing things, btw.
However, here we are in the throes of huge metamorphosis that is showing up and coming out of closets (and vents and craters) all over the world – that shadow stuff that has been hidden or ignored, come out come out wherever you are! Ha ha, like it or not, no stone shall be left unturned. A very excellent exemplification (oooh, big word zone) of ‘as within, so without’.
We have had a love affair with Hawaii for about forty years. We visited all over the Islands as often as possible and our dreams and intentions up until 2004 were to move there. ‘Twas not meant to happen; yet the link with Pele is very much alive in my soul, I can feel her…she is reaching out her tendrils deep within the soul of the earth to all of those portals of ‘exit’ that we call volcanoes, and spewing some steam. Instead of moving to Hawaii we moved to Costa Rica, which has a backbone of at least ten volcanoes that runs through her middle from north to south that extends throughout Central America…and beyond, really, all part of the ‘Ring of Fire’ that is currently activated. How interesting, to bounce from Pele in Hawaii to an extremely hot and active spot here! (Actually, it wasn’t quite this active then…but, whatever.) Three of these volcanoes (last eruptions: Turrialba Oct. 30, 2014; Poas on Oct. 14, 2014; Rincon de la Vieja on Sept 21, 2014; and Poas on Aug 29, 2014) have been busy lately, with a fourth one always ominously ‘there’; (Arenal in September of 2013, but active since 1968). volcano-arenal-eruption-costa-rica (2)






Arenal-Volcano1-260x200 This country is always rolling, it is at the convergence point of four plates that are moving and shifting in the seeking of a balance, these volcanoes being ‘activated’ by the movement of the Pacific Plate subduction. This entire planet is shifting and moving – looking for balance – in all bodies, this physical (our body, the earth body, all bodies); the emotional; the mental; the spiritual; and now throw in the dimensional realms because we needed more to ‘think’ about and deal with, yeah?
Japan is receiving more insults to her injuries with the threat of a huge volcano there, and another hurricane. Some areas just seem targeted for ‘wipe out’ on a major level. Other areas are being ‘rearranged’ on a very big level. Some areas are just ‘small’ disasters, however the losses for the individuals can be total. It is going to get worse before it gets better. And this is not to generate fear but to inspire awareness of our own internal cauldrons that yearn for the release of the pressure of too much ‘buildup’…for this life and those prior to this one. We all have baggage and stuffed closets that need cleaning. This is key to accessing those dimensional realms that we are now becoming ‘uncomfortably’ aware of – uncomfortable only because hu-mans are comfortable in the ‘known and familiar’ (and this is one sneaky Halloween trick). Yep, lava flows showing up on the doorstep screaming for change; and lots of earthquakes, rockin’ and rollin’ – subtle and not – shakin’ up our ‘normal’.
Becoming simpler is the key, not burdened with material stuff and thus the headache stuff that goes with that. How you clean up your mess is very individual, and the universal ‘two-by-four’ might come swingin’ for your stability, especially these days if you haven’t been busy already cleaning your house for a while now…ahem. For years we had big dreams of selling our place in the States and buying another one here…LOL…but we had our closets cleaned by the system and moved here with very little, and we live a very simple life now and it is awesome. When I think about what busy little beavers we were for so many years and now we are not – wow! What a gift – but there were huge adjustments that went along with all of that really serious upheaval and change so it was not immediately ‘comfortable’. I love having things to do, it is my nature not to be sedentary, however the nature of the doing has changed and I couldn’t be happier, and Mate is in the same place. We are still cleaning up the dirt that is in the corners of the basement that is yet to be cleaned, poco a poco, but I don’t think it will take a volcano to do that for us, or a hurricane, or an earthquake or tsunami. That doesn’t mean that one will not come by our front steps – or closer. What it does mean is that we won’t be planning for any u-haul trailers behind the hearse! hearseuhaul It is absolutely amazing how much ‘stuff’ one can accumulate in life…we were always saving things ‘just in case’, but when it was time to liquidate all of that stuff…OMG, it just kept coming out of every nook and cranny for the longest time! There isn’t much stuff left now to worry about, only us (and of course our critters :).
Unfortunately we require a certain amount of stuff to function in the reality that we have collectively created, but that is being simplified on a daily basis. I even heard in a recent video that there is a huge movement happening in the ‘I don’t need all of this stuff’ department around the world, especially in the Millenial group (those born 1980-2004) and also in the Baby Boomer sector. The big question is how are you dealing with the items/stuff buildup that’s on your plate today? Those things that are looking at you directly and demanding to be dealt with? This is not the realm of Pele, but she would distract you to the bigger picture of why you are there to begin with, not the details of what is in your suitcase. Would you be concerned with lawsuits or would you be pulling together as a community to observe what is being transformed, in the realm of a Master Creator/Destroyer like Pele, and how could you come together to re-assess the scenario? Tough questions considering our collective reality is still governed by rules that are external – not for the good of the whole, but only a few. In time – and not too much more, actually – these shadowy dominions will be exposed for elimination. Their exposure is already everywhere, if you look. However this is not nearly as important as exposing your own deep dark closets/basements/reservoirs for release and the eventual metamorphosis of you Hu-man on a very new Planet Earth, coming to a galaxy near you, and closer…!
Yep, we are rockin’ and rollin’ while the earth assists the transformation, undeniably and most blatantly. It will take events on a very large and global scale to shake awake the masses. Some will go down in the flames, others in the waves – the water element; Tierra Madre is earth rearranging the physical; and how will air speak? Just know this: the Phoenix destroyed itself (by setting itself on fire) to rise again from the ashes becoming a very new and majestic Phoenix. phoenix201 We each have this same potential, as does this planet. It does not have to literally be left with nothing but ashes, but suffice it to say it might be a good idea to take stock of your own messes, ‘cause there is some serious house cleaning demanding to be done right now, not to mention what’s coming up! Ironically there is a lot of ash being spewed into our atmosphere…and really, burning your old un-wanted no longer necessary garbage (stuff) that we have ‘saved’ forever, just in case…good to burn and purge, really.
We all have some or lots of burdensome baggage (basura). This planet has collected tons, via the collective consciousness of the current reality. Hu-mans are portrayed well by Charles Shultz’ Pig Pen character…shuffling along through life perpetually surrounded by…pigpen

main-pigpenwhat are you surrounded by? Time to take a close look, yeah? Pele is on the move and she is hell bent to have her say. The earth is deeply shifting and we are riding this wave…balance is important, time to let go of what has us off kilter and bouncing off of the rocks mid-stride, heading for a face plant or even watching it go up in flames.
Isn’t this fun? Get up close and personal with the dissolution of what is truly not important, laugh a lot, and the best part is realizing that life is a Journey, enjoy the ride! It’s gonna get real exciting…


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

One thought on “The Goddess Lights Up”

  1. Elena, your words are so profound. We are all experiencing the upheaval in our own ways. It is about letting go of all the preconceived ideas and ideals and tossing out all that doesn’t work. And be ok with it!! Much love

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