‘Round Full Circle…plus some

Alrighty then so I am back ‘on the (blog) job’ and yes there is lots to share but already my first day back receives the reaction, ‘That’s it?’ My daughter (and others along my mercurial evolution) minces no words when she says, ‘And your point is?’ Evolution of communication, and coming around full circle.
To add a little clarity I will jump back a few years to when we left the states to move lock stock and barrel here to Costa Rica. We left behind lots of words worth of stories (to be told another day), but we came here with very little in the way of material possessions or attachments – almost nothing – starting over, totally. We got deposited off in this house that we are in right now – we were shocked then, more like the shock was hitting the fan on every level after liquidating what remained of our assets and packing up very small – to make a new life, starting out in this little house on the edge of the jungle that was nothing like anything we had ever known before, yet it had the blatant familiarity of many experiences before it…i.e., OK – now what do we do? Make do with what is. First thing I did was set to cleaning up the house so we had at the very least a clean bed to sleep in our first night, a clean bathroom and a clean kitchen. That was some laundry and mopping and a good smattering of scrubbing.
The next night I was sitting on the very clean cushions on the recently cleaned bamboo sofa reading, legs curled under me, when an extremely large scorpion crawled onto my thigh, stopped and gazed up at me…I looked at it, registering (as in wtbleep?) that this really was a very large scorpion on my leg, looking at me…then I swiped it onto the floor. I had a hard time breathing for a few minutes, my heart was going way too fast and there was no way that I was going to sit on that couch again until something changed. We did find the scorpion and removed it, it had obviously set up housekeeping in the bamboo couch (inside the bamboo) for the past who knows how many years and had been feasting on all kinds of scorpion delicacies, probably having lots of children and grand-children by now. They are territorial, scorpions, and will pick their ‘spot’ and return to it over and over again, as will all the relatives.
Suffice it to say that was my welcome here, and being the very dedicated nature enthusiast that I am, I recovered. And now, as we have come full circle back into this home (again since February 1, 2014), the experience is like opposite sides of the coin! What happened here back then…what came next…and after that, along with at least two years of traveling all around the zona sur and looking at different scenarios to see where it might be that we could possibly be looking to become settled into for who knows how long…how did we end up here again? (With a very new regard for scorpions and other jungle critters, as well.)
To say that it feels so totally different now compared to then is really something. Ok, so we all change and evolve and grow and all of that, but we have stepped into this spot and cleaned it up, nurtured it, landscaped and made it work for us twice now, and in so doing of course it is ‘new and improved’ this time around, and meets the needs of our current focus, but to be fair about it we have now had the opportunity – two years’ time and traveling – to look at this expanded zone all around us to see how it is put together, and also to experience the energy of the people that have migrated here…along with the local folks that continue to live here despite ‘progress’, adjusting to new ways. We have made lots of friends and there is a big thing going on in this ‘zone’ that has some pretty cool folks working hard at making it work, and the progress striven for and being made in the preservation of the integrity of this amazing land as well as the education of those seeking it, is here – along with the sharing of the education with the locals – and it is all adding up in the name of making big changes for the good of Gaia, Mother Earth, Tierra Madre, Pachamama – and the healing of a civilization in the process, to be shared…here, with a bunch of like-minded good hearted folks.
Now I am getting off on a tangent, but the point is (remember that is where we are headed, to the ‘point’…if you remember that great movie ‘The Point’ narrated by Ringo Starr, story of Oblio and his dog Arrow – YouTube has it)…the point here and now is that we ended up in this most amazingly peaceful spot in the wilderness of an absolutely amazing water canyon that is flanked by another water canyon and they merge to form the biggest local river – and the waterfalls and wilderness and wildlife and opportunity for healing in this vast and majestic part of this country…well, we are just dam happy to be here!DSC_0454




DSC_0368 The first time we landed here we didn’t ‘see’ it, heck, we didn’t even know that there was a river down the road for the first couple of months we were here! Humans have so much garbage that has been collected and held onto in our brains and our bodies that blinds us…and then one day we open our eyes and somehow peer through the haze of the garbage and realize what is right in front of us! Usually, however, we have to go around the hamster wheel a bunch of times before we realize that we keep ending up in the same spot (like Pooh Bear lost in the forest with Rabbit and Piglet – and then Pooh lets the honey pot call him home because he was hungry). Yep, we all have to recognize our own honey pot and that it will call us Home – but that is not such a simple task, yeah? Really, it takes being hungry enough (for whatever it is we are looking for or seeking) to allow the honey pot to ‘call’ to us…then we must listen.
The Honey Pot: what does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it smell like? How does it make me feel? Is it good for me, and hopefully everyone else benefits (one way or another) from it? And so on. When we got on the plane with our last meager possessions in tow, yes there was much shock, but along with that out the door went all (beliefs, ideas, modus operandi, etc.) that we had been (holding onto) for a very long time. Recognizing this (somewhat) was relatively easy, but what was not easy at all was honing in on what we were looking for now – having shed all of that, who are we? And what do we want to do? And these past couple of years, 2013 now 2014, have been huge in the transition department for setting all of this ‘reorganization and restructuring’ (like one big retrograde phase) into place. 2012 had been a big move into a place that we invested ourselves in setting up our self-sustenance, it was off grid and we built a greenhouse, etc., thinking that we were ‘preparing’ (this is the part where we roll on the floor laughing) for whatever might be happening by the end of 2012…and we had no idea what that might be but we wanted to be in a good place. Ha ha ha, the first of December 2012 we found ourselves looking for another place to live, which led to the entire year of 2013 looking for whatever we were looking for, and really we had not a clue what it looked like. We had been lost (going around and around that darn hamster wheel) but then we let our senses use our ‘honey pot’ to call us back to ‘it’ (it has to be here somewhere) – would we recognize it? We seem to understand (or ‘think’) that we know what we are looking for, yet all of the experiences along the way that knock us upside the head with nasty blows, bruises and welts say different. Dam, where is that elusive honey pot? I can smell it…at this point (ahem) it is important to feel it.
Okay so we went around and around and finally ended up here where we started, for now. What we truly accomplished is now we understand more about what it is we are looking for, what it is that makes us happy and feel good. What is our passion or passions? What and where is this ‘place’ we are evolving towards? Kathunk – place? It is the Journey, not the destination, LOL. Yeah, but we believe that something else is calling us – the honey pot is still calling, the smell is really strong, the difference is that we are no longer ‘lost’, even if the honey is merely an illusion.
Full circle. Here we are, certainly we are not lost. It is the end of 2014 and for all of this year we have been chillin’ right here getting into our now, or present to the best of our ability in one of the most powerful zones I have ever lived in (and we are fortunate to have experienced many), with some amazing people consciously following their own noses to their honey pots, collecting in this area. Coming together, forming a very special community. We had some amazing journeys traveling all around and meeting lots of folks along the way. The honey pot is close…our eyes are open…everything says that something is up and all of this stuff happening over the past couple of years was part of the ride of the ages about to ‘deliver us’ to where we have been headed all along, but truly no one knows exactly what or where, how or when. There are a few of us honing in on a very special something, as co-creators reeling in some amazing possibilities, feeding our souls with them, while we continue to focus our gaze into our day dreaming, the portal that transports us to our honey pot(s) – aka ‘home sweet home’. Everyone I know has ‘stuff’ in their face to release, shedding the layers of ‘garbage’ or who we are not – it is all part of the process, however always remember that there is a dream manifesting in the madness all around, and we are a special part of it, so buck up! Yeehaw and whoopee, yeah? Everyone has to run around in circles before they see/recognize the off-ramp, or smell the honey.
Enjoy the ride, one of the very most important things you can do as a gift to your Self and all of those around you is to HAVE FUN!!
And the point is, that’s it – for now.


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

One thought on “‘Round Full Circle…plus some”

  1. Glad to hear you are having fun! I’m not sure I know how anymore! I keep getting the feeling I am being punished for a crime I haven’t committed. Much love to you.

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