This Crazy Ride

One Crazy Ride

I am extremely grateful that we have finally stepped out of this mercury retro phase we have been in for what seems like about six months now (actually only the past few weeks, but really).  This past two weeks I have been working on an article, some intensely profound concepts that have been building up, I work on it and then I have a different idea that needs to be written about, and I find that it overlaps the first one.  Then a third one gets started on from a completely different angle and it, too, lapses back over into the same territory.  So now there are three unfinished articles with a lot of repeat, so I think perhaps I can combine two of them, they are similar enough…now I have a ridiculously long blog article and what I keep hearing in the back of my mind is one of my kid’s commenting, ‘and your point is?’

So I tossed all three and now I will try to make a point without a ton of words and repeat!  This mercury retro has befuddled me in my writing, and it also really messed with my computer by hacking into my email and scrambling everything up, what a mess.  Well that is all remedied and things in the computer end are functioning, albeit with much room for improvement, again.  But how is the mind doing?

That is a good question, there have been so many amazing facets to  this adventure that have had us really in the ‘think box’ lately, but not really in a box at all – way out and beyond a box and any walls.  In fact, the reality skipping and time-line hopping has been a real trip and this is what has been so confounded tough to write about!  Looking over the past seven months of adventures is amazing, where we started and now the perspective that we have is completely different!  Looking back and saying, wow – was this for reals?

Let me see if I can summarize and make a point without too many words, LOL…

At the end of the year when all that hoopla was going on around December 21, 2012 (which followed an eclipse portal of powerful impact), our life here on this jungle mountain top was turned upside down and inside out when we realized that our time here had quickly come to a finish, or  so we thought.  Immediately we had the word out to find another place and immediately had overwhelming responses of places that would be ‘ideal’ – which we could never even find – but we started out 2013 with the ‘search for a new home base’.  We pretty much started out in somewhat of a ‘panic’ mode, being given the ‘word’ that we had to leave in a few days – what???  This was insane and not do-able; however we gave it our best shot to find something as soon as possible.

The Journey that we have been on while on the ‘search for a new home’ has been absolutely amazing.  We had an idea of what we were looking for and what came across our path was virtually every version of that idea imaginable, except for the one that actually could work, for us – one that was without what we call the 3D parameters of existence (yes I know, we do still live in 3D – just talkin’).  The search led us around the entire southwest portion of this country, we saw some amazing land and fell in love – again – with one of our favorite places, yet for every imaginable situation we could not fit us into the equation, there was always something amiss.  One of the most common situations is a property owned by absentee owners with a dream and the need to find someone to pull the dream off for them, they cannot do it themselves.  Within the various situations would come financial limitations, living limitations, rules, requirements, lots of work to be done and usually rent was required.  Another common one was the reluctance of the locals to let gringos into their part of the world, they had somehow managed to hoodwink the property owner, or taken advantage of the land for their own use, or something of that nature, and the idea of gringos coming in and changing things was NOT going to be allowed.  Then there is the spouse that lays down the law at the last minute situation and tosses the entire ‘plan’ out the window for a relative.  There’s the con job, you can rent my place and improve it and clean up my garbage, si?  Or the ‘really, why don’t you just buy it and you can do whatever you want?  ‘cause I don’t want to live here anymore’ situation.

Of course none of these was what we were/are looking for.  And the result of having to decline in each situation has resulted in living up here on this mountain indefinitely – yet with the urgent need to make change.  What a conundrum!  Remaining up here has also been insisted upon by the jurisdictions of this 3D reality that we are ALL feeling the restraints of, and that is the current economic situation that appears to be affecting just about everyone on this planet.  There is a definite shift going on and everyone is being jolted one way or the other, the heaviest hitter being the lack of money – for most people. Everyone everywhere is asking/begging/pleading for money for this, that and the other thing.  (And if you DO have money, how available is it? Or is it merely a digit on the computer?) Our stubbornness about NOT stepping into something that isn’t ‘right’ for us has been an important thing, regardless of the position we find ourselves in, because we do believe that by refusing to walk through ‘that door’ because of some dumbass 3D reason, the one we are supposed to go through will show up, that seems to be a no-brainer for us.  Living up here is peaceful, quiet, beautiful, etc. – however, the days are numbered, they have been stretched out far enough now, something needs to shift.  And unfortunately money still has its hooks in our world, and there isn’t any.  What to do?

What we saw in our travels, and in our own lives, in all of this was that everyone seems to be at a point where something needs to shift, it cannot remain the way it is, it is not working anymore or it has done nothing for too long or perhaps merely the need to do something different!  Some folks seem like they have a pretty good idea how they will make this shift, but they too are finding out that things are not ‘clicking’ together in the same ways that they have been for eons of 3D time, the ole fishin’ tricks are catching any fish.  We truly are standing on the bridge of realities, and for those of us who are consciously participating in this shift, we are really paying attention NOW.  We are now recognizing more often where we are getting in our way, and therefore consciously making choices that will enhance the ‘flavor’ of a new reality, and we refer to this as using the ‘spiritual tools’.  And what appears to be the ‘tribe’ is finally starting to gather…like energies attracting like energies of people with the ability to work together to create this new reality that we find ourselves stepping into.

As we traveled throughout this geographic region in our search for a new ‘home’, we have been on a Journey of truly getting a ‘lay of the land’, or how these shifting energies are affecting people and who is stepping out there and ready to take the bull by the horns – actually right now since we are just stepping into the Lion’s Gate within a Grand Water Trine that is very soon (July 29) to be a double Grand Trine, a Star of David conformation, also referred to as a Mer-ka-ba – our energy ‘vehicle’ or ‘spirit mobile’.  To say that we are living in very amazing times is quite an understatement, to be sure.  Back to the Journey and where we are today, we are seeing the need, the desire, the enthusiasm, the spark of knowing that ‘hey, we’re finally doing this!’, even for those that are unaware – they know something is up.  We are meeting lots of folks that are part of this ‘soul’ tribe gathering to pull off these feats of magic as we reconstruct a new world from the ashes of the old.  The idea that has been stuck in so many folks’ heads that life is continued ‘business as usual’, I bless them.  Everyone has a front row seat in this the Greatest Act on Earth, where everyone has their mask on in the illusion…and then there are those that realize it is just a mask so they finally have no fear and take it off, while others may not understand…

For the Ones that have been riding the First Wave there is a realization, an epiphany which for us is revealing that which we have been traveling to for what seems like forever.  Chinese proverb that warns ‘be mindful of where you are headed as you will end up where you are going.’  How long has the ‘wake-up’ bell been dinging?  A big one since 1987 Harmonic Convergence, and the ringing has been getting louder ever since.  And here we are where we are and now we see the possibilities of things working outside of the realm of ‘normal’, IF you are willing to step outside the box and play with the unknowns.  None of us knows what is coming for sure or when, we are the ones that are driving this Divine vehicle, we are having the thoughts and making the choices and experiencing the Journey and feeling the feelings and choosing each and every moment what our reality will become.  Many of us are struggling a little bit with the extreme pressures that have been put upon all of us especially over the past six months, the ‘big squeeze’ part of birthing a new world.  Surely you can relate to the areas in your life where you find yourself stuck on the hamster wheel of ‘repeat’, ‘stop the world, I wanna get off’, and frustration.   Okay so I can go on and on here about all of this, but I won’t, not now.

What is important is that after being up here in lockdown on this mountain, in this amazing wild jungle retreat that is more amazing than I could ever have imagined, the energy of the Mother Gaia through her jungle brethren and we have merged and meditated and contemplated and howled and ranted and screamed in happiness and frustration.  There have been people games and past pura meirda that has surfaced and the struggle to figure out ‘which way do we go?’  And now there is a gate, a portal, an avenue of opportunity…it lies just ahead, right in front of us…we are squinting to see.  We have been working hard at ‘seeing’ where the weak spots are and the potential building blocks are, or whatever has enabled us to peak in at the world of human beings and glimpse some of those possibilities that lie just ahead of us all.

I do believe that we are in the home stretch.  I encourage everyone to listen to their heart’s counsel.  Pay attention to where you are fighting to maintain a hold onto those things that need to crash and burn in the old world, they are anchors and hooks that hold you back.  We are walking our talk, and Mate has been up for an hour howling with the Howlers, I believe that he has gone to fetch some bananas…and I can smell coffee, so ‘ta luego for now.



Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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