Back to the Howling


The howlers had been absent for almost a couple of weeks, very loudly absent, and it was disturbing for be – I really have connected with their nearness, their morning ‘symphony’, their alarm system.  They disappeared right before ‘da llord’ showed up here on the mountain at eleven p.m. on a quad, a Saturday night.  He had been gone for quite some time, a few months I think, and it was very peaceful here as nature was quiet and comfortable all around us.

Just for an interesting update, this man has been largely absent from his house for the past eight months.  Over this period of time his home has become less and less habitable.  When he leaves the doors and windows are all boarded shut, yet he will leave laundry hanging on the lines.  Since we have known him he has complained that most of everything he has of any value has already been ripped off by the locals, and so he said he locks up what he thinks are the remainder of those valuables in his bodega, but then he leaves his generator out.  At first no one showed up for great lengths of time, but more recently he has had someone showing up every three to four days to water his house plants, a different person every time.  We were even asked to do this one time by the ‘relative’ in charge, and we did-only once, which is when we got a glimpse of the status of his ‘home’.  Everything was essentially gone that made the house functional, like kitchen supplies and amenities.  The water did not flow, and so buckets were stationed to catch the rain water, which is what is used to water the plants.  There was little evidence to anything left that anyone would want to come ‘home’ to, including all of the burners and parts to his propane cook stove!  So when he showed up at eleven p.m., we wondered…

He stayed all of one week.  This man is looking very old and very unhealthy, he has no personal ‘light’ whatsoever.  His face shows all of the contempt and anger and hatred and everything negative that you can imagine a face to hold, the shoulders are stooped to carry the burden of this negativity and he just shuffles along, stooped and bent.  He has no cell phone, no transportation, no water (except rain water), the house is barely functional, and yet he returns…and then he leaves, on foot, with a full pack and a very dull machete.

Yes, the howlers have been absent.  There have been many motorcycles traveling the back roads that go all the way around this property, recently – the past few weekends they have been spending a lot of time racing back and forth these back roads (they love it when it is muddy and slick).  And it just happened that on Saturday the motorcycles showed up for the day.  Apparently they had been preparing for an outback jungle race and there were lots of them, and it seemed as though they might be racing in heats, because with all of those bikes – no way, there couldn’t be that many.  But we were in the center of the noise, and from our deck vantage point we could hear the bikes at their starting point to the south (a point that I have ridden to and know this road to be insanely rough and wild), riding past our front gate and below the neighbor’s property to the north (another familiar riding trail), circling around to the north and through the jungle to the top of the mountain behind us and following the old roads all the way back to close to their starting point.  Only a few rivers to ride across…!!  What a cross-country course!  On a horse exciting, on a motorcycle…well, an extremely noisy day, we were quite happy when it was over.  And go figure, da llord decided that he would walk out in the middle of it.

moto trail near gate
moto trail near gate

Interesting person, interesting attitude, really makes you wonder about where a person can focus and how the reality reflects where his/her focus is, yeah?  Gone again, for how long?  When you realize that your home is not your home anymore, and that it doesn’t work for you and you are not capable of making it work for you, well – things must change.  Hard nut to swallow when you are really stuck in your belief system and stubborn as hell about changing anything, and bitterness swallows you up as your resistance to the need for change gets bigger.  And then he hates the world for giving him such a bad deal, but has no idea that he called all of his own challenges – he gave himself his bad deal(s) – taking responsibility for one’s actions (for every action there is an equal opposing reaction)…well, that might not happen for this man in this life, he’s pretty stubborn…but, nothing is impossible.  All you can do is to bless the situation and observe from a distance, while tending your own vibration.  I must admit, though, that one evening while he was at his camp we did some of our own howling.  When Mate sings or whistles sometimes Mariposa joins in, and especially when invited – so we all howled, Mariposa and Otis and Mate and myself, our own little coyote evening symphony, to express our oneness with the Jungle.  I wonder what the stubborn one was thinking.  LOL

The howlers returned the day after he left, the afternoon of the next day.  I was thrilled to hear them calling again, and they are all around me this morning, singing their morning howling song.  Amazing how attached I have become to the song of this jungle, this is my preferred reality, for sure.  Perhaps not all the details of it, but her peaceful song is definitely something I cherish and choose to include in any future realities I may be a part of.  Living here has its requirements, on many levels, and we are learning about them all.  You have to get tough to live in the jungle; it will test your mettle, to be sure.  However the rewards are beyond amazing…especially when you really listen to her songs and the messages within.

DSC_1014 DSC_0983 DSC_0980

the cutest caterpillar ever
the cutest caterpillar ever

Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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