Another Caterpillar Story

It was supper time, and as we tend to eat late afternoons usually, the light was strong to the west.  I was gazing at the porch railing and saw a critter ambling across – definitely looked like a caterpillar.  I watched it for a while as it slowly and methodically made its way across the railing and disappeared behind the edge of the door, casually wondering about its unknown journey to who-knows-where.

feathery wandering caterpillar
feathery wandering caterpillar

The following morning as I was sitting on the porch reading and sipping my coffee I noticed the caterpillar headed back down the upright post, obviously from where it had been for the night – the destination of the previous day’s journey – and it was backtracking in direction.  I sat and watched as its hind legs started the undulation of each set of legs in front of it to move the little one along, it had long hairs that appeared feathered all over its body, and three long and each different antennae.  What an interesting creature!  Apparently it thought that I was equally as interesting as it stopped and rose up the front part of its body to inspect me, address me, and ponder me – perhaps.  I spoke to it and asked it if it was having a hard time finding out where it needed to be – and was it looking for a spot to step into its metamorphosis?  I mentioned that I understood the feeling, finding your spot is not so easy sometimes.  And it seems that backtracking goes with the territory sometimes, as well.  We had a camaraderie together for a bit of time as I spoke to the little one, it continuing along the railing, stopping often to inspect all around it as if it most certainly was looking much more carefully along the path that it had previously traveled, the day before, with focused deliberation.  I told it that it wouldn’t be right for me to interfere with the progress, as we all need to find our own way.  However, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask for some help, if you really are lost.  It seemed as though at that moment I was asked for help, so I watched a bit more…it stopped every couple of steps to look all around before moving on again.  Finally after watching the obvious difficulty that it was having, I obliged and got a big dead leaf from a porch plant and set it down next to the caterpillar, offering some help.  It had a choice: allow me to help it or not, and it chose to climb aboard, upon which I transferred it to a spot on the deck, next to the plant that gave me the leaf.  I told it that it was on its own now, good luck finding your spot!  Another direction and opportunity has just entered your world.

almost a rainbow...
almost a rainbow…

Most people wondered what would happen when the universally foretold event of 12-21-2012 came to be.  We are now several months past that time and we have seen some wild and wicked weather; we have seen some pretty bizarre events; we have witnessed some unbelievable social situations that will mark the history books; and we are seeing the advent of change manifesting all over our planet in unprecedented numbers of ways.  It seems that most people are a little bit flustered with the energies that have been flooding this planet from many directions, including our presence in a solar peak and the flares that go with it; countless numbers of folks have lost everything they own to tornados, floods, and fires.  Civil rights are all but gone.  Where do we go?  What do we do?  Where will we live, and how?  Start over – really?  There are those too old to work again.  Now it is a grim possibility that savings plans could be instantly gone – for whatever reasons (do your own investigating/homework).  We are not unlike the caterpillar searching for its ‘spot’ or the gazillion ants that are constantly searching for something to hone in on to feed their masses.

This is a time when some may ask for help, and if it is possible to assist and help, then this is awesome.  Each of us ultimately will have to find our own way through the maze that life will be presenting to us – ‘No stone shall be left unturned.’  Life is interesting, indeed.  Fear is the enemy; focus instead with love on the vision that we together can sustain of what good may come.  We can do this, together, while we each follow our own Journey along the way, seeking our ‘spot’ where we can and will metamorphose into the butterflies that we are.  Get out of our own way and enjoy the process, yeah?  The future is undecided, we are the main actors on this stage, the outcome is up to us – it is most certainly time for us to act, now.



Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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