Don’t Know? Follow and Go!

To say that we are in the midst of some radical changing times is an understatement; it has finally reached the point where all you have to do is look around you, even your own neighborhood, so to speak.  Used to be you would have to read at least the local newspaper for excitement, but now it truly is under foot for each of us.  The wild and humbling experiences that ‘used to be’ what happened to other people are now happening to us.  And just when you think that you have some kind of ‘plan’ that is adding up, wham!  Surprise, surprise, surprise – you are headed in a different direction without a map!

Well at least these are just a few of the radical circumstances of our world.  We have been looking – searching – for that next step, and just when it seems as though we are ready to leap, something comes up to stop it and say ‘no, better not go there…’  Plan B jumps in and says, yes – let’s just make life simple and go here!  LOL It is becoming the ‘norm’ to simply be in the Journey with no destination, otherwise we will be on Plan C, D…Z…and then what, start counting?  For a while it seemed that we needed to be really specific and clear about what we were/are looking for, but now I realize that this isn’t necessarily the case, it is virtually impossible to be so specific because thus far nothing has even come close to being everything we are looking for, it gets to a place and we see where we will have to make all of these radical adjustments to bring out and allow the good stuff to manifest – and then the adjustments become so ridiculous that everything comes to a halt. There is a pause and we say to ourselves, are we nuts? And then off we go on another journey of options.  One thing for sure is that the options keep showing up!  And the journey is taking us ever deeper into territory that is off the beaten track, places that few people have the opportunity to visit, much less explore – a virtual wonderland opportunity of some of the last wilderness areas to exist – inviting us to ‘check it out’.  WOW.

Radical changing times, to be sure, and this leads us to continue the search for that ‘comfort zone’ that we will make camp within.  Of course there is no way to ‘escape’ the crazy wildness of this current reality, especially if you want to look at politics and weather (isn’t this the most common thread of conversation for everybody in the grocery store?); both are just totally going nuts on all fronts now.  For us we have entered the ‘rainy season’, however our experience of ‘normal’ is that the  rains are intermittent for several months until you get into winter, and then the rains may settle in for weeks at a time.  Indian summer, a relative ‘dry spell’ is due…but we are wondering if the rains have already settled in for good?  Kind of looking that way – the insect world is a good reflection of the instability of the weather, and they are doing their own kind of searching for a comfort zone!  To our dismay…unfortunately.  We are all in this together, locally and globally, and this is one of the biggest realizations for the awakening masses – HELLO?  Is anybody listening?  LOL

The Uranus – Pluto ongoing square is beating the drums of revolution, the need for radical changes within the local cosmos and in your own life.  We are witnessing the stresses resulting from a collective need for change in our world, and in our lives.  What do we do and which way do we go?  Good question.  I have been ‘preaching’, more or less, to follow the heart – and I continue to adamantly encourage everyone to consult their hearts/intuition for guidance in any decision making process.  But it is also very easy to find oneself in a position of confusion, not ‘knowing’ which way to go.  I read a beautiful article last night, it was a very long blog – and the author apologized several times for that – however the message in the story needed that much space.  This man was on a Journey that had one mishap or ‘wrong’ turn or challenging situation again and again along the way, but his dogged determination to have patience, remain unruffled and continue to go with the flow which led him, along with the others that joined up along the way, to one of the most magical and life changing experiences that anyone could hope to experience in a life.  This is the exact message that I needed to hear, and it along with the message of Michael Dooley (Notes From the Universe) that as we set our intentions, envision the end result of our search, all we need to do is to show up every day, and eventually – eventually we will Be where we are supposed to be.  Yes, continue to show up, stay with the ‘mission’, and enjoy the Journey!  It is always about the journey and not the destination.  Slow down and smell the roses along the way, but keep going – keep a focus on that direction.  Time is irrelevant!  We are in these times of great transformation, the weather and the global shifting and the economics and the politics and the frustration of the masses are all indicative of this need, and it will happen with or without your approval or consent.  It is far better to chill and enjoy the ride, than to fret and worry about some future (unknown) event!  And yes, easier said than done, but to remember to focus on the world we desire to be a part of will indeed be the greatest contribution we can make to help in creating it, one step at a time.  Your personal volition with intention will keep that ball rolling, and we are behind the action so don’t lose sight of that goal, just enjoy as much as possible as we pick ourselves up, sometimes again and again, while heading for that…comfort zone of a new world.

It is of the utmost importance that we realize that it is not that we ‘don’t know’ – it is that we DO KNOW.  Deep inside we KNOW what and where and who.  The when and the how is the call of the cosmos and Divine orchestration.  We KNOW at any point if we should stay or go – trust, follow and go!



Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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