A Very Memorable Memorial Day

Well I am beginning to wonder if life’s circumstances will ever get more simple, less complex, like a ‘Wow! Yes, this is what I am talking about’ in this life.  Okay, this might be overkill, but since my biggest ‘governor’ for direction and navigation through life in the recent past has been based on feelings, intuition, gut instincts given the details of any given situation, it does give me pause to wonder.

Ha ha ha ha ha!  All of a sudden it seems that I am floating in the middle of a sea of details and the decision of what to do next has completely eluded me.  Let me explain…

For one, seeing is believing.  Being there and witnessing what the real deal is speaks loudly, regardless of what one may have been led to believe (thus, I have come to rely on how I feel about what I am actually witnessing, instead of logically assessing what I may have been told about something).  Mate and I have this ‘idea’ of what we would like to be doing at this point in our lives and, considering everything that we have been shown so far as options or choices about getting to do this, up to this point what we have seen is not even close to that mental picture, or feeling.  However just recently an opportunity arrived out of the blue that actually was as close in its representation to us of that ‘perfect’ idea as we have been and it has been exciting dreaming about the possibilities.  The description of the opportunity was wild, remote, beautiful, a grand project with a good start just waiting for us to take it on and carry it forward.  We were told that there was not only a caretaker’s house, but also a lodge started with bunk beds available – preferably for future helpers, guests, what have you – the grounds had been originally designed in a permaculture mindset, there was a pond ready for fish, the grass for horses is in amazing abundance, waterfalls and rivers and wow, so much more!  We just need someone to live there and take care of it.

Alrighty then, today we went to go see this amazing diamond in the wilderness and verdad, it is absolutely beautiful and wild and remote and certainly a diamond – in the rough.  The rough part is where I am having a hard time…For starters it was really rough getting out there, the distance was quite a bit further than what we had anticipated, and it is truly remote – very much at the end of the world, and there is no turn left or right, it truly is at the top.  The road condition is poor and living there without any further road improvements definitely leads to a couple of issues:  it is possible to be in and not be able to get out for a while, or out and not be able to get in for a while – a long while, possibly up to a month or so.  This road condition as it is now, leading very rapidly into the winter rainy season, also leads me to speculate the possibility – or not – of getting our few belongings out there, which consists mostly of building  materials and gardening supplies, a little bit of furniture, and some tools.  Okay, let’s say we actually get us and our stuff in there, where do we live?  The caretakers house needs to be taken apart one board at a time and used for salvage wood, perhaps rebuild the ‘chicken coops’ and ‘rabbit hutches’ that are ‘already there’, uh huh – barely.  And some more wire and lots of time and attention to make them functional again.  The ‘lodge’ is one big room with a loft, a kitchen counter with a sink, and a small wood stove for cooking.  No wood, except in standing trees in abundance all around (green and wet).  Yes, a couple of beds, miracle of miracles (we have no beds and very little furniture), and I must admit that my Mama taught me well, she said ‘Be grateful for the roof over your head’.  Yes, there is a good tin roof, and everything else in the jungle will also be grateful to be under that roof during rainy season, as well, as there is little to keep it out.  But that is part of the adventure, right?  And I thought we had said goodbye to having bats fly over our heads dropping their berries on us at night!  Probably not, by the looks and condition of this should we decide to jump into this scenario, as it is.

Water, this is very important for any living situation.  There is an abundance of water, enough to run a hydropower unit.  It is said that there is a small water generator (located elsewhere) that can be used…we are somewhat dubious as to what exactly this might be…but the hose that carries the water to anywhere was not sufficient in strength and blew up.  A new stronger hose is needed to get water to the house and elsewhere, to replace the ‘broken’ one.  What this will entail I do not even want to think about, this is not in my job description, it is in Mate’s, but of course I am always there to do what needs doing with the extra hands.

Okay, moving right along…no electricity.  No generator (not until the water power is restored, potentially); no shower, no hot water, there is a toilet – it is even a flush toilet, and in the house! There is no refrigerator or stove, so there is definitely room for improvements.  There is a beautiful deck outside and a beautiful handmade table for several to sit at and enjoy.  There are what appear to be some original areas used for growing a garden, quite a while ago.  Everything is deep in mud right now from the abundance of recent rainfall and there will be no drying out for several months yet (January).

The grass is in abundance and there are pastures for horses, but the grass is so tall that something must be done, and horses are not the answer (machetes and weed whackers are not good suggestions, either, in this case).  Building materials for any improvements must be hauled in, even though there is an abundance of material available in the ‘woods’ – we call this living sustainably, not exploiting the wilderness, a big difference – however this involves labor and time, all possible for future use. The river and the waterfalls are a long drive away, further if you walk or ride a horse, but certainly that is awesome potential for future scenic horseback rides.

The views are incredible!  The place is a wilderness gem, there is absolutely no doubt, but what it will take to bring this gem out is our biggest concern…and do we have what it will take physically to pull it off?  We have the know-how and the skills and the dream, for sure, if anybody could make it happen we could, but it will take more than us to do it.  We are not spring chickens and I like a little bit of comfort, not talking about a luxury suite at the Hilton, but really!  Oh, and there is a weak at best cell phone signal, which means little chance of internet.  I am not a phone person, I spend very little of my time on the phone, but internet is a necessity, duh.  Maybe up on that hill over there…yes that could work with a little bit of imagination, possibly.

How does it ‘feel’?  This is where things get fuzzy.  It has felt awesome and great up until today, and today was an absolutely beautiful gorgeous sunny day, we were gifted the maximum in weather to go see this place and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  The potential that is there is amazing, we could see it thriving and growing food and functioning in a fully sustainable way, and us living there happily.  However that would be an accomplishment that is looking down the road a ways…quite a ways, and the road is a bit ‘rough’.  How do I feel about rough for what could be an extended period of time?  Not too plucky, for sure.  We were going to have hot water where we are by now, but due to circumstances beyond our control this did not happen.  In the winter rains the spring/creek water gets cold, and when it is cold and rainy outside for several days or weeks it makes for polar plunges on a regular basis.  What, you say?  Isn’t this the tropics?  Yeah, but…you would undoubtedly be surprised.  More cold showers, I mean after the water gets fixed and all?  For how long???  Okay, yes – there are ways to have hot water, this is not a hopeless situation (but when? LOL).

Okay, so much for complaining.  I am just really confused about how I feel about this entire thing, especially when I actually had the audacity to think that I could ‘feel’ my way through to knowing what to do.  Perhaps after it digests for a bit the clarity will come through and I/we will know what to do, but for now – wow, what a trip!  What an adventure it was today, especially after we dragged our sorry tired butts all the way back to town and back to our world – up our own long rough road to this home that is ours for now.  There is much to be marinated upon, chewed up and digested to see what might possibly come out the other end.  We believe in miracles, and those really strong feelings before – those couldn’t have been ‘wrong’, although there is much to contemplate, discuss and review.  It could happen; with a good imagination and a lot of working things out…we shall see.  Perspective is everything, yeah?

It was a very long day, and Memorial Day as well, and ended with a beautiful blessing from our daughter, who called to share her thanks with her folks for the memories of her youth, and for her Father’s survival which ensured that she would be here to do this, remembering him for his services so long ago, but not forgotten.  And it was definitely a memorable day for us, perhaps the first day of a very interesting journey ahead…hmmmmm, I wonder…


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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