Illusions, Delusions, Confusions – Some Deep Stuff


This earthly realm that we all share, a ‘classroom’ – if you will – offers us the opportunities to experience and witness all aspects of human life, which is a life with free will, and this can be seriously challenging.  Of course, you may beg to disagree with me on the ‘challenging’ part, as not everyone sees the existence of challenges being a large part of their life here; however those of us that do must deal with the vast array of emotions that most certainly go with challenging situations.  The human creatures that we are have emotions that link us to all of our experiences, those that we personally have as well as those that we witness.  We watch a murder mystery or a love story and our emotions are intimately involved, real story or not.  It is part of the package.  Some people are not as attached through their emotions to experiences and can move past those challenging situations more quickly.  However there are many who do not.  And then of course there are varying degrees of ‘in-between’.

DSC_0515 (2)

I personally have been practicing diligently the art of ‘detachment’ from so many of the challenging experiences in my reality, whether they are my experiences directly or they belong to those that I am close to, as well as including those that are part of the big world picture going on out there.  I have come to believe that so much of our reality is merely an illusion, and this illusion is manipulated by master illusionists, who then rely on the emotional attachments of the people to the illusions, for a more probable (i.e targeted) outcome, per se.  Magicians are master illusionists of this material reality; however their purpose is to entertain and enlighten those watching the illusions.  It is with a very clearly different intention that the ‘manipulators’ of the illusions mean to captivate the people through the emotions of primarily fear, but also anger, sadness, grief, jealousy and so on – the so called ‘lower emotions’.  My detachment practice has allowed me to witness so many of the recent events going on in this big earthly drama without having the ‘hooks’ of the event grab hold of me through my emotions, thus dragging me along much the same as if I was bucked off my horse and my boot was hung up in the stirrup!  It is very easy to get beat up when you get emotionally involved in the dramas unfolding all around.  AND, this is not to say that the events are ‘not real’ – they are very real, however it appears that so many of the events reek of motivation that can, will and does ‘capture and ensnare’ the people through their emotional responses.  I have been dragged and dropped plenty by those hooks, and I finally made the decision to get ‘unhooked’ to the best of my ability.  There are these moments of realization,  referred to as ‘ah-ha’ moments when the clarity of how an emotional ‘hook’ has a grab on you, and you realize that you can deftly, meticulously and very clearly take that ‘hook’ right out of your energy field.  Whether it is a memory of a past emotional event that has snagged you, a current parallel situation (that déjà vu feeling) that takes you back to that moment, or it is a new situation trying to grab you, the ‘ah-ha’ moment is powerful and it is a means to get another glimpse of our emotional weights that drag along behind us.  Intense emotions have taken their toll on me just like many people, so it was time to get off of that roller coaster ride and cut those babies loose!

Also, if you consider some of the latest events that are fully power packed with emotions so much so that they have us riveted by the unfolding dramas of the situation, it is important to remember that we are meant to witness these events, to watch the ‘story’ unfolding in front of us – including watching those around us as well as ourselves.  By watching how we as individuals involve ourselves in these dramas we learn much about our self, which is probably the most important thing that we can do right now.  How do I feel about this? How do I deal with this?  What might my reaction create next?  And so on.  Watching you yourself in the moment or even in retrospect, and eventually intentionally choosing how to deal with any given situation at any moment, without reacting in the heat of emotion, so that the choice you make leads you down a path that at the very least appears to be a good one (follow your heart/intuition/gut).  Some of the crazy stuff that has been going on lately that has shaken LOTS of folks to their cores, in front of the entire world, contain tons of emotion and it is easy to get caught up in it and react, then wonder why we feel so drained and ill for a while after.  It is possible to watch the events, witness the drama, and yet remain detached emotionally… thus our clarity about what is going on there is much more powerful.

Challenges, our own personal unfolding dramas, give us that ‘heat of the moment’ opportunity, and with practice we can be in our Now moment, and make the choice of how we deal with it.  This is what challenges do for us, they help us to grow and learn to be more in charge of our own Self, to watch our Self in the moment, as well as what is going on all around us.  We may then not have to look back and say, why did I do (or say) that?  What was I thinking?  Practice.  Always remember that it is not what happens to you or around you (the event[s]), but HOW YOU PERSONALLY DEAL WITH IT.  It is about you and your choices and actions that pave the path ahead for you.  This is merely another way of taking full responsibility for your world, your reality, and not playing the ‘blame game.’  When we get pounded (with challenges, per se) we become much tougher, much stronger, much more aware.  This is a good thing.

Look at the recent event of the tornado in Oklahoma.  There was all kinds of media coverage on that event and we were given many different views of people going through their experiences of the event.  The emotion involved with the people reporting was huge, overwhelming for most, and also for us watching.  The people going through the events that were just completely stripped of everything were in varying degrees of shock.  Some could not talk, many were wandering aimlessly on the streets, some were comforting others, it was a huge range of emotional ‘reactions’ going on there.  If you watched carefully, you could also see that there were those that channeled their energy into doing good things, constructively taking part in the events; some of those folks merely put off feeling the emotions so they could do their jobs and they will have to deal with PTSD.  But there were a few that immersed themselves into making the decision to be there present IN THAT MOMENT, taking a slow look around, and moving in and through that reality deliberately.  They took conscious control of their own choices and feelings and moved into their ‘role’ with total awareness.  Just for the record, I really do believe that everyone that was close to that event will have to deal with emotional hooks that grabbed them at the time; we are only just now becoming aware that this happens!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just be ‘perfect’ and not get caught up in something as huge as that?  This is not the point of my ranting here; we all felt that event regardless of where we were or how we were involved.  It is a matter of being aware of those emotional hooks implanting so deeply that they feed off of the energy system, and they stay there and stay there eventually manifesting physical symptoms in the body.  And then we have pain and we wonder why do we have pain?

Bad things happen, and it sure as heck seems as though there are more bad things happening now than ever before (not even going into that one here and now, perhaps another time).  But what those events do to us in the moment or a few moments or months or years down the road is what IS important.  Being consciously aware of our own personal involvement, and thus any choice we make at the moment, is really important…especially now.DSC_0587

Living out here remotely and being connected with the Earth and her various creatures intimately, while working in the garden, being at the beach and in the ocean, riding my horses on wild crazy back roads that are hardly traversable, I put myself into my Now and slow way down…watching the scenario unfold before me in slow motion, and thus being as prepared as I possibly can be for what could possibly show up in my reality, without having wild crazy out of control emotions – and possibly wild reactions – ruling the day.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t want those honed skills of what to do in a heartbeat of a situation where acting quickly will save your life or someone else’s, this is not the point here. DSC_0584 There are too many adversaries and possibly serious situations that can happen here to NOT pay attention and then NOT be ready for whatever (like snakes getting stepped on and reacting, or startled ‘things’ jumping out of the trees and bushes, i.e. mad biting bees, or crazy mama pizotes (coati), skunks, etc.)  Living and moving through this environment is part of my personal training, my grounding, to pay attention to all that is around me but most importantly to pay attention TO ME.  Horses are excellent teachers because as herd animals they react to the fear vibration exhibited by any other ‘horse’ of the group, then you have the fight or flight ‘emotional reaction’ and you better be sitting in the middle because usually it is flight!  I have been on a horse that spun around and was heading the other way so fast in a panic that it was all I could do to stay on (there have been plenty of times that I did not – stay on).  Now in my ‘education’ my attention is on the entire ‘herd’, which is not only the horses but includes myself and two dogs and we all pay very good attention, so when there is an ‘event’ of any kind we are all working together as a unit, and how very important it is for ME as the herd ‘leader’ to take control of the situation, because the other members of the herd will pay attention to that.  Of course there have been a few times when it took a while to get their panicked attention back!  LOL.  But here again, being aware that I am calling my own shots – HOW I DEAL WITH IT.  It doesn’t matter if it is while horseback, on a boat, swimming with crocodiles or sharks at the beach, or snakes in the bathroom!

Here’s a good story:  My friend has four jungle kitties, and she and her husband and the kitties live on a small farm in a very rural area.  The rains have arrived, and with that many of the critters that live out in the jungle are looking for higher and drier ground.  The other day her kitties were very agitated and acting strangely, going from her to looking around the house and back to her.  Usually if there is a scorpion or something of that nature present they will act this way and thus tell her that something is up.  She could not find what had them so upset all of that day, but the next morning there outside the entryway was a dead coral snake, one of the deadliest we have here.  Did the kitties kill it? Was it inside the house then outside?  Who knows?  However you want to see it I call this teamwork and following through.  No one panicked and all was well.  ALL HAD THEIR ATTENTION FULL ON IN EACH MOMENT.

Life has its challenges, and the ‘lessons’ that go with – if you want to learn them.  Slowing down to actually be in your moment so that you can observe what is going on around you without reacting in a panic (fear) or any of the other above mentioned emotions will undoubtedly bring you through a crisis with the least amount of trauma.  Trauma from heavy emotional reactions likes to camp out in your (physical) body, usually as pain, until you can detach from the emotion of the event.  Depending on you this could take years.  So we all have trauma and pain in our bodies, but do we want more?  Not me!  I am learning to the best of my ability to be in my moment and detach from the emotional ‘hooks’ that snag us and take us down uncomfortable paths (and somehow get stuck on ‘repeat’, unfortunately).  Detach NOW from the emotions of the past events to release them. It is never too late to unhook those barbs, just look at them, remember how they got there, and learn from those painful barbs that making an informed decision in any moment is a much better way to go.  It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of your world are, the challenges or where or how you live, what your livelihood may be or look like, whatever!  It is your reality, you are in the middle of it and it is up to you how you deal with it.

You and only you.  Be the jefe!  Your reality depends on it.




Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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