Road Blocks

A couple of days ago (the day before the ‘little messenger’ showed up) we decided to take a break and go to the beach, since we needed to make the trip to the small beach town to pay our computer usage bill, the beach is just up the road and we had not been for a while.  This beach is not my favorite swimming beach, but it is an incredible long white sand beach that is great for being peaceful, relaxing, and wading in the healing ocean water.  And great for surf fishing, which was not on the agenda today.  We got going early enough down the hill and just outside the gate to the homestead – OMG, what happened here?  This must be the tree crashing sound we heard last night.DSC_0358

A road block, a big one, about six trees and all the trimmins’ worth to go with.  ‘Normally’ in these situations the machetes are brought out and you go to work – and yes, we did get the machetes out and went to work – but it would take a week for us to chop through the two big trees, one of which was at least eight inches or more in diameter.  This requires a chainsaw, and those are not readily available in this country, you have to know of one.  It’s funny because we have always had at least one chainsaw in our equipment arsenal, if not two or three (yes, we have been ‘woodchucks’ for way too many years), but since we have lived here it is merely on the ‘wish list’, as it truly is a very valuable tool to have.  So, Mate started making phone calls to our neighbors and local friends and scored pretty much right away, and roughly thirty minutes later Neyo arrived on his moto with the neighbor’s chainsaw and started cutting. 

DSC_0364 We had already cleared most of the smaller stuff out of the way so that he could get right in on the big trees, and in less than two hours from start to finish we were on our way again.  In a country where ‘manana time’ is no fiction, this was miraculous.

DSC_0367 DSC_0375

Interesting thing in all of this, and certainly part of the day’s progress report, our land Lord just so happened to be not far behind us on his way to our small village for food and supplies on his quad, and when he topped the rise just behind us and saw our truck parked and the road block, we could hear him swearing in his brain – loudly – NOW what?  He paused for a moment, then proceeded to approach the trees remaining to see if there was any possibility of passing underneath.  Mate and I watched with curiosity, standing there with machetes in hand because we had been chopping, as he stopped behind the tree with absolutely no way to proceed.  He backed up and stopped, and Mate proceeded to approach him, dropped his machete on the road, and went over to the old fart and stuck his hand out for a handshake.  The cosmic opportunity to resolve unsolved issues, this was a big one.  There was a lot of caca de vacas (i.e. bullshit) that had been accumulated over presumed atrocities that were nothing but tall tales, and it needed to be cleared out of the path just like the major road block that brought us all together at the same spot on the same terms, finally.  In a short conversation, Mate reiterated that what the Llord had so believed to have occurred had absolutely NOT, and it was time to let it go.  Mate confirmed that we are still looking for our next place to live, but we were being very careful and specific about what we step into this next time, being wise and slow like the tortoise, but indeed it was still the plan, AND that we had no problems with him, indeed it is time to let whatever the issues were, go.  They shook hands again and agreed that all was indeed behind us all, and we continued to chop when Neyo showed up with the chainsaw.


It was good timing for Neyo to assist the Llord afterwards, as well, as he was able to get a few things accomplished that were on his ‘need to do’ list, and the Llord has no phone…so use your imagination: he wouldn’t speak to us, had he been first down the road that day and met the roadblock, what would he have done, gone back home without much needed supplies to wait for someone else to take care of it?  The other option would have been to walk to the nearest neighbors, which would have been a very long walk, and hope that they were there to help.  (They have no phone or vehicle, either, only horses. However, they do have a chainsaw.) As this was all divinely arranged for the best, it worked out well for all of us, especially the Llord neighbor.

Off we went to take care of our bill and to enjoy the beach; we even had a “enjoy the beach today’ hailed to us!  (I think he appreciates – again – the fact that we are ‘do-ers’, we make things happen – often in the ‘needs tending’ dept.)  We returned the chainsaw to the neighbor on the way down the hill and headed to the beach town to pay our bill, and then on up the highway to Playa Guapil.  We turned off onto the dirt road and less than half way to the beach the road was blocked!  There was a huge dirt and rock berm that was completely across the road, absolutely no paso, and looking beyond that there was another one.  We are not sure what that was all about, could be the replacement of culverts or something, but bottom line there was no getting to the beach that way today (hmm, very interesting).

So we went further on up the road to another dirt access road that we knew of, this one is much less traveled and is impassable during the rains and not great today, but usable.  We continued until about half way to the beach – what is that across the road? DSC_0381 DSC_0383 Yep, another tree – a big one, and further yet we could see another tree across the road, or almost all the way across the road.  Yes, apparently we are in tree falling season here, and today was definitely road block day for us, which was really curious and interesting, as we ponder all of these blocks before us.

Now what?  Well, we had been told that there is another access that we had never tried…what the heck, let’s give it the ole third try today, yeah? This access is through a huge private rancho that has been made available to the public for primarily educational and enjoyment purposes as it once was a huge cattle ranch along the coast (fifty years ago) and it had been allowed to go back to jungle.  The family that owns this property is a primary in the creation of the Path of The Tapir project, and this property is a wonderful example of the ability of the Mother to re-establish a balance.   DSC_0409 DSC_0414 DSC_0415There are old growth trees that I had a very difficult time getting pictures of, as they would not fit into my view…suffice it to say that it was a very magical drive to the beach (all beaches and rivers are public), and we had a very magical drive along the beach looking for a spot to relax and review the day’s events. 

DSC_0387 DSC_0389

This beach is lined with huge ancient coconut trees, and there are a gazillion more underneath growing.  It is thick jungle and I was praying to see some capuchins or howlers or a sloth for pictures, but not today.  The animals on this vast hacienda are protected and have little fear of the many visitors.  We will return to that beach again and certainly we will see those critters, eventually.  There was only one other car there, the beach was ours to enjoy and ponder the days’ events:  three roadblocks and a huge resolution.  We immediately jumped into the ocean for some salt ‘n sand scrub and total release of all negatives, enjoying every moment.  And we toodled around and looked at the beautiful scenery, as well.  What a beautiful beach!DSC_0388 DSC_0400 DSC_0398DSC_0406

On our way home we stopped at the village super for a cold drink and the Llord was there, once again a ‘buddy’.  ‘How was the beach?’ he asked…absolutely amazing.  From being in a state of total resistance, full of animosity, to once again relaxed, smiling and happy, wow – this was indeed a day of grand leaps in progress.  Three road blocks that led to another ‘avenue’ of incredible beauty, Gaia’s wondrous art and an awesome day at the beach – a ‘new’ beach for us to enjoy.  A door slammed shut is now open again; surely there is more to this story that is yet to be seen, my attention is on (always).


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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