Lookin’ For a Home

Do you remember the Boll Weevil Song? ‘Lookin’ for a home, gotta find a home’, said the boll weevil…  Well, we are weevilin’ our way through the maze of ‘cotton’ (aka jungle) trying to find our ‘perfect’ spot, and so far we have looked at lots of places and pondered several opportunities, to the point of actually hauling some of our ‘stuff’ to the potential spot (now to have to retrieve that stuff, argh).  This is indeed being quite the adventure, however, with all kinds of interesting scenarios.

This search started last November when our land ‘lord’ decided that he didn’t want anyone else living on his property, and somehow somewhere there was created some grand story to accommodate this decision.  Well, we don’t agree with the story, but we do agree that living here has numbered days because, who wants to live where there is a lack of harmony?  Our investment into this property was cleaning up the untended grounds around the house and planting LOTS of trees, especially fruit trees (bananas, water apples, breadfruit, cacao, etc.), some beautiful shade trees, highly prized wood trees, ornamentals and herbs like rosemary, oregano, ginger, turmeric, and so on.  We built a greenhouse and we were growing enough food for all of us, including the Lord, and some to sell.  Maintaining the road by chopping and tending to falling debris (this is the jungle) was also part of our commitment.  However, apparently this all is/was totally not appreciated, and so we have been transplanting lots of plants (including 50 pineapples) to take with us…wherever that is.  The man in charge of the maintenance (after we leave) has professed that he will use a high grade of ‘roundup’ to ‘clean up’ the area after we are gone, for the primary purpose of eliminating the need to maintain it again for a very long time.  Lord does nothing but throw beer cans and guaro bottles off the deck.

Okay, so definitely a very different idea of life styles exists here; what we are looking for is the harmony and compatibility with respect for Gaia, the Earth Mother, in a new home environment.  Our life is devoted to working the land, bringing up the earth power, growing lots of food and medicinal plants and culinary herbs, flowers to enjoy their beauty as well as the energetic aromatherapy that so many of them offer.  We love the land and creating an environment that is energetically sustaining, as well as physically sustaining…living in harmony, give and take, with lots of love for what we do.

We also carry a big package, like dogs and cats, horses, trees, herbs and ornamentals and vegies, as well as a greenhouse ready to erect, and lots of planters and dirt for planting.  Instant homestead, without the chickens.  Now all we need is the spot to go where we can live in peace for a very long time, that doesn’t have a hefty price tag attached.  We have so much to offer…

Right off the bat in December we get two offers, one of which has never materialized in connection…but understandably after learning the details, the other one had absolutely no internet connection options, which is a priority for me (duh).  We are looking for remote, but as the saying goes, be careful what you ask for…we now have another offer that is really remote, however there are a gazillion houses between main road and them – the road is long and windy and really far out there, ending at the river where there is a suspension foot bridge (in desperate need of repair) to cross the river, and then only another fifteen minute walk to the finca.  Yes, this is remote and the finca already has a garden area started, some trees planted, resident dogs, and a few one room dwellings in tight quarters ‘ready to move in to’ – all off grid.  Beautiful area, however not quite right for us, Mate has one new knee and the other is in desperate need of replacement (out of our budget) so walking into a place is not an option – twenty years ago, perhaps – not now.  So we continue to look.

Next we receive an offer to live on a friend’s farm, also very remote.  He has a house there and everything sounds awesome as we can sell our stuff in his store and plant our trees and there is room for all of us and it sounds wonderful, the perfect opportunity.  But his young relative and new very young and pregnant wife are living in the house, and will be staying.  Hmmmm…we think perhaps we could build a home on the finca?  After much looking and analyzing we realize that what it will cost for road, water development (that one will really cost) and the amount of work it will take to make it all happen, well…bigger than us.  Could we rent a house in the little village close by and wait for the relative to leave?  Possibility, however who knows what will happen down the road.  Speaking of roads, the road out to the finca is impassable in the winter…so when you are in you are in, and you don’t come out until it is better.  Is this what we want?

So the next scenarios are mostly old homes that are campesino style, lots of dirt floors, old cement, unenclosed roofs and windows (bats and bugs), and LOTS of work to make them habitable for us.  All of these also require paying rent.  And if we want to do any improvements, like planting plants and trees and fixing/repairing the house and water systems, electricity, etc. – our nickel.  More like dollars, these days.

This has been the most difficult part of it, it wouldn’t be so bad to fix a place up if it was a place that we could plan on living in for a very long time, and this we have not yet found – the ‘right’ place where we can invest ourselves and feel good about it with a guarantee of sorts that we will be staying there.  Oh where are you?  We have clarified our intentions, being very specific and careful about what we are asking for, and now we are in the position of trusting that the Universe will provide the connections so that the situation is good for everyone.

We did receive another offer to live on a different finca that is not too far away, but far enough (like an outhouse), yet in the meantime we will need to live in a ‘temporary’ house while we put that one together.  Temporary is a scary word, we moved into a little house while all four kids were living at home that was ‘temporary’ – we lived there for seventeen years.  So if anything is going to be ‘temporary’, it needs to be ‘okay’.  So here is this house that is offered to us (temporary) and it is close together in a family compound with two or three other homes (of this local family), and the young man that built this house has thrown his garbage out everywhere, deep holes in the yard full of garbage, a rundown wanna-be garden sight, sewer line that runs into a hole out back, but the house is new – and unfinished.  Well we could fix it up, clean up the garbage and work the garden and plant it and everything would be great, and pay rent.  The water needs to be cleaned up and a new pump and a tank for the water, too…our expense.  No place to put your tools, dogs, cats…would this work, temporarily?  I don’t think so…

A bit beaten up by the entire query and search, we are headed ‘home’…and instead of turning right to cross the bridge I said ‘Let’s keep going straight, we’ve never been out this way before.’  Mate says to me, like do you think we might see a ‘for rent’ sign or something way out here in the middle of nowhere?  Less than five minutes…there is a house with a for rent sign on it, across from the river.  We are thinking like wow, could this be something?  Well, long story shorter, the house was another fixer upper, but there was a brand new house for rent up on the hill.  We pursued that one for a while until we realized that both spots were WAY TOO HOT for us, down by the river (Mate is a big furry bear with way too much hair, having been raised in an Ice Company…LOL).  Too hot is not good, not to mention come to find out that the new house on the big vacant lot would be the staging area for huge crews of workers and equipment that would be plowing up the pastures and planting oil palms next month…so much for privacy!  Not.

Our search continues.  We are looking for that farm that is owned by someone looking for folks like us that can utilize and improve the land, take care of lots of things, grow lots of food, organically of course – vegetable and meat – and plant our trees, all to share.  Building a house is a dream possibility, we have a ‘maybe’ of some money in our future, but for now we would love to live as ‘caretakers’ or shareholders on a farm, where our contributions would be appreciated and enjoyed by all.  Remote is good, we love living away from the hustle and bustle, and privacy is in order (co-habitation is a no).  A place that we can live out the rest of our days, doing what we do, loving life and living out these amazing days in peace and harmony.

DSC_0158 DSC_0160 DSC_0262DSC_0124

Where are you, person(s) with the farm that need some help?  Is it such an impossible dream?  Perhaps I should start humming or singing that song – To Dream the Impossible Dream – LOL.  Actually, I like Marley’s ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ song.  Well one thing is for sure, we have a good idea what ‘right’ looks like, and for sure what it feels like, and intuition tells us that it is important to stay true to our vision and have LOTS of trust that the Universe will comply and link like minds together.  In the meantime, we continue to seek…with a very open mind, ‘cause sometimes what you are looking for shows up looking a little bit different than what you might be expecting.


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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