The Energies Out There

All things are made of energy, small units of energy called quanta. This is what is left when all matter has been removed.  It is a window or portal opening to another dimension call Quantum Energy or Zero-Point Field.  These units of energy show as particles or waves, and this is what fills the space in between the atoms that we have learned along the way that create our physical manifestation: all physical things that we see.  This background energy field is what ties us to everything and everyone else in the physical world that we do not see, as well as the non-physical world we do not see, such as our thoughts.

As a human that is sitting in this chair at this computer using my fingers to type the words that appear on this page, a nice cozy blanket over my lap in the darkness of the early hours, listening to the night song of the jungle…energy…all of it, each thing, right down to the molecules and atoms, quarks and photons…I allow my mind to grasp the infinite amazement of this ‘fact’.

As I enjoyed the previous morning with my coffee and kitties gazing out over the garden, the jungle, the valley and out over the ocean to the horizon, the epiphanies of the impact of the energies around me settled into my being.  It was, and is now, so peaceful here on this mountain when the energies of discordant attitudes and thought projections have been removed.  How very noticeable this is!  As I was riding down the steep road to the river the other day there was a very marked change in energy as I progressed from one part of my trek and passed into another ‘zone’ of energy altogether, so much different that the grass and the trees, even the feeling of the land and the colors of my surroundings were as if I was in a different land, wow!  All so very different levels and expressions of energy.

The energy on this side of the valley is so very different than the energy on the other side of the valley, or of those down in the valley along the river, the differences are quite intense.  When we went to see the finca where we will be moving the energies of the land and the people that live in those areas flowed and changed as we traveled along, all represented by very different scenarios, how the people group together to live, their houses, yards, farms, forming a picture of who they are as represented in their physical expressions…all sending out a different energy which is totally palpable.  As we climbed higher onto the mountain the energies really changed and became so fresh and clear!  So much flowing with very little stagnation evident in the first impression, which is very important.  Yes, this feels really good…

When you live in isolated places for extended periods of time your sensitivity to the energies around you are heightened, exaggerated, and keener.  I have been fortunate to have experienced living in relatively isolated places for a very long time, and it seems that we continue to move further and further into the remote.  Growing up I had the privilege of experiencing many of the wonders and marvels of nature as represented in the United States and Canada by traveling and camping in those places, remote and rustic then.  Now those places have trams and buses and condos for staying in and lights and people everywhere…the energy has definitely changed.  To find the pure essential energies of Gaia, Tierra Madre, as she flows unobstructed freely through to the surface with very little impact EVER and currently still quite undisturbed is not much short of miraculous!  I am blessed…we are blessed.

My sensitivity has increased to a point of knowing when there is energetic change in the atmosphere; sometimes we call it ‘earthquake weather’.  Or sometimes you just KNOW that something is up and you wonder what where and when it will show.  It is perceptible to feel that someone is coming in your direction, or when something is amiss in the jungle.  You learn to listen to the jungle and her critters as they, too, are sensitive to the energies for their survival.  This is tapping into that other etheric dimension of Quantum Energy.

Humans have all but lost the sensitivity to this other dimension, it is very weak, yet during these times of consciousness shifts it has become part of our ‘homework’ to become more in tune with the energies, no matter where you are or what you do.  There are so many different kinds of energetic expressions – considering again that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY EXPRESSED – and depending upon your lifestyle it is possible for you to tap into one or several different levels of energetic awareness, and communication.  From talking to your cats or dog, the flowers or the laundry, to having conversations with beings of other realities!  Channeling is another energetic connection via the mind, thought forms and vibrations.  So many different avenues to explore with experiencing energies, how about the energy of the grumpy checkout clerk at the market?  Perhaps I will move over to this other line…

Energy.  Everything is energy…vibration…quantum theory…we are all connected energetically…our personal energies ebb and flow.  Becoming conscious of one’s own energy in general, energies small and large as well as different levels of energies or vibrations, what we are feeling and what we may be ‘putting out there’ subtly or blatantly becomes evident…this is good.  Awareness of one’s own energies is very important, and learning to acknowledge what is encouraging those energies to be whatever they are is equally as important, as this is what helps us to choose which energies we wish to reside within, or ‘share’ with those around us.  Isolated areas are very forgiving and will readily absorb and transmute any energy that you may feel in need of shedding, like any of the negative energies (i.e. anger, resentment, frustration, doubt, etc.), so feel free to get rid of it out there (transmute it).  Giving it to other people, animals or plants is something different altogether – like yelling at the dog when the vibrations of town loaded up on your shoulders (do you feel that neck and shoulder tension?) and you wanted to get rid of it as you tripped over the dog on your way into the house.

Awareness: Be conscious that you are energy connected to all of the other expressions and vibrations of energy around you, this is certainly at the top of the list, especially if the energy is discordant around you.  It has been said that when things are easy and peaceful there is no need or urge for change.  However when the energy and vibration around you or inside of you is NOT peaceful, then there is a definite desire for change, sometimes urgent!  How can you deal with discordant energy outside of yourself?  By focusing on the discordant energy inside of yourself, harmonizing your own energy will undoubtedly help to stabilize the energy that is around you.  Understanding and applying this information can be a study all of its own, so let’s just suffice it to say that becoming aware of one’s vibration(s) and then focusing on what might possibly be done to change it, becomes a simple starting point to relate to the fact that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY AND WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.  You can then pursue this to the far reaches of understanding, if you like, the knowledge here is absolutely amazing, but that is volumes of information.

As we float throughout our daily lives, in and out of the myriad of vibrations of the world around us, our task is to mind our own vibration business so that we can maneuver more harmoniously.  We cannot control or change those vibrations that are sometimes whirling and swirling around us, like our friend Chaos, but we can become conscious of our own levels of energy or vibrations as we mingle with others in our world. Paying attention to those other energies and vibrations that exist in the world around us help us to be more aware of our own state of being, and thus to become more sensitive and perceptive to the energy of all things around us, including ‘earthquake weather’, LOL.   We are so much more as humans than we know!  This is one very strong step in realizing that our vibration in connection with life around us is ours, we choose it, remain in it or change it, become balanced and in flow with it, or fight with it.  When we fight with it we tend to lose all of our energy and then we say, ‘Why am I so exhausted?’  Holes in your energy bucket, all of the energy leaked out to whatever it is that you have focused on and spent your energy on!  How simple is that?  Sorry, easier in concept than application.  Again, AWARENESS that this is how it works helps to become more conscious of your part and role and responsibility in it.  You alone have the controls of your own vibrational state and your energy, or lack of.  Time to grab the bull by the horns and be responsible for whatever level of energy you would like to reside in, it is ultimately your choice to remain or change.

The vibration here on our mountain has changed with much in the energy shifts all around us –discordant energy has arrived and it sometimes stays for a while, although we are only too aware when it leaves, as well.  We can choose to fight this energy and thus become drained on an ongoing basis, or we can ‘zip up our energy bubble’ and ignore the vibration that is disharmonious around us.  This is what we choose, to maintain the integrity of our own state of being and let the discordant energies bounce off of us and get neutralized by the great outdoors. Thus we can continue to enjoy the peace and harmony that exists in the jungle around us.  However, the energetics of this mountain has changed – our integration with it is different now.  This is one of those ‘gentle nudges’ that helps us to flow on into a different area that has more resonant energy, vibrations that are more ‘in tune’ with our own.  We as humans tend to gravitate towards the vibrations of those with like energies; however we also tend to go where we will be challenged with life’s lessons so that we will become more conscious of our own vibrations as we climb the evolutionary ladder of personal growth.

It’s all good.  Baby steps – to live and learn how to be more in tune with your own reality, in vibration and with your own energy, is a primary focus for anyone on the road to Waking Up.  As Yoda says, ‘Do or do not – there is no try.’  It is up to each of us, it is all energy, and it is there to be recognized, utilized, absorbed, distributed, reorganized, fine-tuned, harmonized, the list goes on! What we focus our attention on becomes our reality, or changes it.   Our world is comprised of these many forms of energy, our reality is ours to define – so find out what your song is and sing it with all of your heart.  Be happy!




Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

4 thoughts on “The Energies Out There”

  1. Ah Lynn, I’m sorry to sound like a broken record, but I haven’t found other words to describe your “putting together of words” INCREDIBLE,just incredible the way your fingers can go into your mind & grab the words & put them down here ……I will be sending this on to some friends & family, as you have explained this Energy movement in a way I have tried &not made it happen………..”Good on ya” for your evaluation !

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