Seeking Balance

DSC_0515The time to be out on the horses and enjoying the countryside is now wide open.  The cicadas are in full symphony, have been for a few days now, the jungle is buzzing with their ‘music’.  Here in the tropics at this time of year the trees shed their leaves in preparation for the dry season to conserve on water, and the leaves are everywhere, yet it is time for flowering and color is bursting out at all levels of the jungle.  This year is especially dry, the rainfall for this past season was meager at best, and it is evident everywhere as we watch the pastures starting to dry up already and the dry season has only just begun!  We have been fortunate to have some lingering rains yet, some of them pretty good rains that nourish and rehydrate the thirsty flora and fauna, but even these are rapidly diminishing in frequency – soon there will be none, at least for a few months.  Even here in the rainforest where the water and rainfall is notably in excess of the other zones on the planet, we are experiencing the weather wobbles created by a planet, this planet, out of balance…seeking rebalance.

Gaia is working hard at regaining her balance these days, we have been experiencing the shifting, lurching, heaving labor pains of the Tierra Madre for some time now, but it seems that as we approached the end of 2012 – the pending ‘birth’ – it became more intense.  Now that we have ‘birthed’ a new consciousness, albeit still with the ‘gift wrap’ on it, the need for balance is ever greater, and it is evident.  There are more active volcanoes now that there has been for a very long time, not to mention the continuing earthquakes and weather anomalies.  Anything is possible, so it continues to be important to pay attention!

Maintaining balance here while feeling the winds of Chaos dying down a bit is the task at hand for us as well, and one of my favorite ways is in riding.  We have a big move ahead of us and I will be riding the horses (or one of them) there and these boys are a bit out of shape so I grab this opportunity to get us into shape while using the together time for rebalancing me.  It is good training time for all of us, especially the dogs, always an adventure out there in some way or another!  The last time I rode, a week ago, was the day of the quad wreck, so my ride became a mission as well as a first step back into training for the dogs and horses – what a day that was!  A day of pleasure riding turned into a short mission with much intensity.

Our dogs are two Australian Cattle Dogs (also known as Queensland Blue Heelers) and they are a rarity here in this country.  We have raised cattle dogs for thirty plus years and the Heelers seemed to always be a part of our world some way or another.  The two that we have now are brother and sister and a year and a half old now, maturing a little bit on the late side.  We have taken them with us everywhere from day one, and anything to do with water is fun and exciting for them.  They learned how to swim at the river where we used to live, and they were washed over the rocks and down river a ways more than a couple of times!  But they learned how to dive in the water off the rocks and they are excellent swimmers.  They also learned the waves and water at the beach and Otis – the macho male – loves to go leaping out into the waves.  Mariposa is a little bit more reserved and not so gung ho, but she loves the water as well.  The dogs are definitely growing up and showing the traits of their kind and the training is in full gear for them.  They are really starting to work well together as a team and it is a joy to have them along with me on my rides!DSC_0635

Yesterday was a horse day for me, I had mentally summoned them during the wee hours beforehand – please don’t be too far away!  And they were waiting for me at the gate when I arrived and were eager to go with me. (That is good psychic connection – it’s improving!)  I rode Kinto bareback up to the house where we tacked up and headed out.  Machete, radio (to connect with Mate), dog training remote, backpack with water…check, check, check – listo.  The plan was to head down one of the mountain roads to a couple of rivers and back home again, it would be a good first hard workout for them as the roads are quite steep.  As I was leaving the casa I could hear a hound dog in the water course nearby…

Always working on creating a better connection between rider and horses and dogs, much attention required.  I am riding the boss horse and teaching the subordinate to tow along at the correct spot beside me.  If the lead gets a little too long then Juan likes to nip Kinto in the butt, then Kinto kicks up a little bit at Juan – a cute little game.  No Juan, stay right here beside me.  I use Kinto via the saddle horn to bear the burden of the lead rope, but it has to be quick release in case Juan pulls back or stops, which he has had the bad habit of doing, and we are re-training this one to disappear.  Nevertheless, my attention is always on so as not to get caught in the bite of the rope, a potentially serious situation.  The dogs are good, chasing into the brush looking for critters and such and never too far away, they are very curious about the cows – there is something about those cows –  that triggers those deep memories of instinct and genetic job programming, yet they can’t quite put it together yet.  We do not have cows now, so their connection with them is limited, but they know there is something that maybe they ought to be doing with them, please?  Good thing they listen to me, and they should!

I also keep my eyes open for snakes and bees.  The bees and wasps have been quite aggressive lately, some of them always are, but for sure you do not want to be hanging around where there is a nest and sometimes the nest is not so visible…for example, during the rainy times I would get on Kinto and take him and Juan to browse along the caminos where the grass is tall and lush, riding bareback.  We are just hanging out, they are munching along and all of a sudden I am being attached by bunches of little ferocious biters!  OMG, I couldn’t get them off of me, they were attacking my face and especially the back of my neck and shoulders.  Fortunately they were not after the horses that were peacefully grazing, but I bailed off Kinto so fast throwing hat and gear and shirt and swiping and the buggers kept coming!  They were down my shirt – fortunately not my pants, but under my hair and hat brim and they would latch on and bite and sting and stick to me – YEEEEOUCHAWOWZA.  I finally got them off of me, Mate was already to the rescue and we got the horses turned back out in the pasture and me home to tend my wounds.  I began feeling a little woozy, way too many bites, but I have no allergies.  Washed and treated with fresh basil leaves and then treated with essential oils the worst of it subsided somewhat, but those bites became welts that burned and itched and swelled up for days!  Wow, what a beating that was!  So ever since then I REALLY keep my eyes open for nests and problem areas, especially because so many of the roads are barely maintained and the overgrowth is dense.  Then there are tree snakes…fortunately I have not had an experience with them – yet.

We finally get to the first river which is way down since the last time we were there, we had a serious step down into the water off of the cement crossing (next time I will take my camera) but the dogs and horses were happy to get in as the day had become quite hot and sweaty on the ride there.  The dogs were in and swimming in the deep pool in total heaven, and we went around to the other side where it was easy to get in.  The horses were up to their bellies drinking and enjoying the cool water, Juan was splashing with one front foot and then the other as big as he could splash!  Juan loves to be in the water, he was thoroughly enjoying himself and getting all of us totally soaked.  It was now time to leave so we turned around and headed to the ‘exit’ spot but Kinto decided he was not quite done yet and stepped right off the ledge and into the deep spot!  Right leg all the way up to shoulder, but left leg folded nicely underneath as it was not deep enough for that one to remain extended.  Everything stopped, Juan watched to see what was next, and I then asked Kinto to get his balance back so we could leave now!  Yes, more balance challenges.  No problem, no fuss and we were once again out and heading up the road towards home.  It could have been worse, the horse could have reacted in fear, but Kinto and Juan both remained calm and just readjusted to the situation allowing us to continue on.  Perfect rebalance.

Thus far the ride has been about maintaining a balance in many ways, maneuvering the horses in training and all of my gear (I have to work on that one, I almost feel like the Knight in armor from the black and white original Alice in Wonderland, clunking along-oops, does this give my age away? LOL), merely more fine tuning.  By the time of the ‘Big Ride’ to the new finca I will be in order, which is the goal.

Each of us human Be-ings is being re-calibrated now in these new energies, surely most of us have had a visit from Chaos in one way or another into our realities, all with good purpose which ultimately takes us off-balance.  The re-balancing is all part of it, kinda like getting your tires re-balanced on your car or truck.  Not fun when the car is wobbling and bouncing down the road when it could be smoother and more enjoyable, right?  Same with us – we get unbalanced and need to be re-balanced.  Gaia has been and still is out of balance, and now she is getting back into balance.  Daily activities and encounters can easily be out of balance, now we must have attention on to maintain the balance.  ESPECIALLY WITH OUR EMOTIONS!  That one is a biggie, when those get tweaked the unbalance leaks out all over the floor and everywhere!  Not a pretty picture.  Emotional unbalance can quickly occur because of repressing them or trying to define them or use logic to explain them.  Forget that, just keep flowing and feeling and allowing them to move through without locking down…but that is another story, I don’t want to get caught up in that stuff here.  Just be aware that balance and the need for balance is in all places and things.

Well we are almost home now, the team made the hard climb all the way up the long road and have a good sweat going on, breathing hard and we are on the back stretch when we see a local man with his hound dog approaching…quick as a flash my dogs are after and on that dog in full ferocious attack…I am calling them off and using my remote as the man picks up his dog to save her.  My dogs return and park their butts next to my horses as we engage in a friendly conversation.  Then it is time to go home.  The dogs and the horses and I are very happy and content with the events and progress of the day.  I already have my next ride mapped out…a little bit further and faster every time.  There is much work to do to prepare for our move and this will be one of the jobs, to my great enjoyment!  Work yes, but with thorough rejuvenation.  This ride, as all rides, made my day.  My soul has found some much needed balance and joi de vivre.

Thank you Kinto and Juan, thank you Otis and Mariposa, thank you Gaia and thank you Mate for helping me along the way.  Much love to all!


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

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