Out of Chaos Comes…

It absolutely amazes me how life here in this part of the jungle can be so tranquil and peaceful…providing so much time for meditation and rejuvenation of the soul – ahhhhhh

Then in a heartbeat it has changed!  Chaos showed up quick as a blink and decided to hang out here, which inevitably chased the peacefulness off into the jungle for a while.  What does it take to retrieve the peace while Chaos reigns? LOL

Even the insects have been stirred up and oddly aggressive.  The howlers have been howling at odd hours and yesterday we had three 4+ magnitude earthquakes to the north of us, more evidence that things are shifting and stirring.  However that is on a bit larger scale than what is going on here ‘at home’, but it is all relative in the end…the ripple in the pond, so to speak.  Here at home the Chaos that arrived came in the form of humans with alcohol and attitudes, one does tend to promote the other.   And then that wants to be shared with others in the vicinity – the attitude, that is.  Which then creates more chaos…so we have this whirling dervish spinning all around here these past several days; remember the quad wreck of last week? That was only the beginning of the intense work of Chaos.

Our focus has been on achieving and maintaining balance while in the middle of this whirlwind of other energies present, these energies that push and pull and blow and bend us over, all the while downloading (more like drilling) the message into our Beings, ‘Get out, get out now while you still can!’.  Ha ha ha, and this we already knew!  However the ‘to where’ part was the unknown, yet the push was on, the tornadic winds of change were upon us and TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.  Whoa, wait a minute…time is an old concept and we are supposed to be living in this Now moment, being the creators of the new reality, new world, new life, etc. etc., right?  The answer, ‘Well how the heck do you think that is going to happen if you don’t stir things up – A LOT?’  ha ha ha

Enter Chaos into Now.

Things definitely got stirred up, time was totally squeezed into NOW do something, and yet the nagging question ‘Yeah but what?’ would not go away!  And so we went to the beach.  The beautiful serene peaceful quiet beach, with hardly anyone there, so many pelicans flying in graceful symmetry…important now to find the mindfulness needed to receive an answer… One of the important parts of getting an answer from ‘out there’ is to ask the question in a way that is very specific, one must be careful what one asks for ‘cause sure and by gosh you will get it!  I blurted out, ‘Isn’t there someone out there that has a nice farm that they would love to have some people like us come and help them build it and make it into something?’  We knew that the answer was hanging out there in the ethers somewhere… oh wait…did you hear something?  What was that?  Hmmmm…

On the way home from the beach we stopped in at the local pulperia to get some eggs – no eggs, nada.  So here we are just hanging out for a few, chatting with the store owner about the current Chaotic Event and lo and behold he comments, ‘I have a farm, up on the mountain, you can live there.’

WHAT?????  Did the answer from the ethers at the beach just float along with us to this spot in this Here and Now to manifest????  Yep, sho ‘nuff.  No, really I must have sand in my ears, did you hear that?  YES, I heard that!

Without too much further discussion (we didn’t want to break the spell), we all left it as a very definite ‘we have to let this sink in for a bit’ mode, as this was a HUGE offer, one not to be taken lightly.  At home we got out the picture books, which is our resume in photos, and decided that this would be the best way to share Who we are, what we do and where our skills lie, beyond what was already known by him and that is we have been working hard at growing our own food up on the mountain on the edge of the jungle and we had hoped to sell some of the extra at his store.  Thus far it has been skimpy.

Meanwhile back at the ranch there was the Word, actually it was a few words, which literally translated said:  You have very little time to pack and leave, get with it.   These words were delivered directly to us in a matter of a day or two from ‘the Invitation’.   Well this most certainly has guided us to harness a little bit of this chaotic energy and put it into some forward positive motion so that we can get our caca together and get this operation to another more amiable spot, which has been the biggest request of all: we sure would like to live where who we are and what we do are appreciated.  Could this be it, really?

We grabbed hold of the tail of that tornado that has been stirring things up all around us and went to look at this new possibility…WOW.  Way up on the mountain, just inside the cloud forest in the countryside where people are few and far between, mostly family and a small village, and it is not all solid jungle! (No gringos either, LOL.) Rolling hillsides with deep water courses full of trees – and jungle, way up on the top and over the other side this finca spills out over a lot of mountain, there are fresh springs with lots of water, a house to live in and there is even a garden area started – on flat ground!  Views of the coast and fresh cool breezes, a dream come true for sure, but that’s not all…the opportunity to work together with a man and his family who also share a common dream with us, and that is to grow an abundance of organic food, meat, vegies, eggs, fish and fruits, whatever – and sell it through his store.  Yes, this is what we do!  We can do this and we can do this here!

2012 was left behind with the knowledge that things had changed significantly, we had been preparing for these unseen changes for a very long time, and yet when they arrived they were so very subtle…hardly tangible that so many are asking if anything had happened at all.  2013 arrived and with it we knew that change was inevitable, it had already been pre-ordained in our reality, but we were not quite expecting our guest Chaos.  Chaos showed up and really got things moving in the fields of possibilities and probabilities…we had to stay our course with the mindfulness to KNOW what we wanted, and that is no easy feat!  We absolutely knew what we did NOT want, however the idea of what could be was still fuzzy.  The extra time for meditation, contemplation and the enjoyment of our peaceful surroundings prepared us for the arrival of our guest Chaos, and the return of the epitome of what we are choosing to leave behind as well (as represented in the alcoholic Attitudes abundant with no respect for anything or anyone).  In effect it has been a very blatant ‘good-bye’ to an old world that absolutely does NOT work (not for us, surely), and the opening of a portal into a New world that we can create together, in harmony.  That is The Plan.  We have talked at length about it now, the ball is rolling and we now have a direction to organize this energy into manifesting this new reality.  So much has to do with allowing things to unfold as they will, it is not possible to manipulate things, but more important to focus on the direction you consciously choose and become clear on where you are going!  What do you want your reality to look like, really?

I have learned much about working with Chaos, the wild energies therein just waiting for a direction, stirring things up…and when the dust settles a bit there will be clarity.  For now we are utilizing these wild energies to help us get down this mountain, across this beautiful fertile valley and up the mountain on the other side.  We knew when we first saw this valley two years ago that this was a good place, we loved the energy, however we did not have any ideas of what could be then.  Trial and error, pokin’ and hopin’, dreaming big.

Out of Chaos comes…Miracles (or madness), if you so choose.  Believe and it shall be.

Guess you could rightfully call us ‘Chaos Tamers’ now, yeah?  Ha ha ha


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

4 thoughts on “Out of Chaos Comes…”

  1. Yes, yes, yes! ! ! What a wonderful story ! ! I liked the thought of grabbing the tail of Caos &then using it’s energy to work for you! Sounds like that’s just what you did………& a mt top WITH ocean views…….can’t get better then that 🙂

    1. yippee! by george, we might’ve done it this time. yep, you have to use what is available, some martial arts focus on using the OTHER person’s aggression as the power to unbalance them, not merely defense or offense. harness the energy and utilize it to your advantage…in awareness.

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