The In-Between Time

Here it is already the second week of 2013 and to say that it seems that time has both sped up and stood still is a paradox, a conundrum and just plain weird, yet that is exactly how it feels.  Just prior to the end of 2012 it was as though time was racing and the energy of things was such that it felt like we had been on a very long sea journey and the anticipation of coming into port was strong and exciting…now it feels like we have lost the wind in our sails and there is no land in sight.  Yet time is still racing.

For the past couple of weeks we have found ourselves somewhat ‘sequestered’ up on this mountain, in the jungle, and it is a most interesting ‘feeling’ this time around (we have been isolated for extended periods of time before, not new)…definitely connected with the most unusual energies of Now Times.  Everything in our personal world radically changed as we approached the end of the year when we realized that our investment into living here on this finca became a short-term situation, instead of long-term, quite the surprise for us especially when we had worked so hard to set ourselves up for a few years, i.e. we had built a greenhouse and cleared some ground to grow some food, planted about two hundred fruit and wood trees and were just settling in nicely when the rug was pulled out and we found/find ourselves looking for something else.  Although we are not in a desperate ‘must leave now’ situation, the circumstances have changed everything for us energetically.  Fortunately we are pretty much alone up on this jungle perch, but what seemed like fast forward motion all of a sudden came to a very simple Stop Everything, You are experiencing an extended Now Moment of No Time.

The daily work schedule has completely shifted to Nothing on the List except maintenance and whatever happens to show up that requires attention, and this past week that was the refrigerator.  We have a propane refrigerator that stopped working, and so way out here there is no one to work on it except us, and a local whose father understands refrigerators, and a limited set of tools.  Needless to say we were wondering why we had sore muscles in odd places, and it was from pulling the big heavy refrig out again and again to work on it!  Then Mate tried to rip off his toenail with the beast one time, which has slowed things down even more.  OUCH!  WTF?  LOL  Even eating habits changed when we had to eat everything perishable in the frig before it went bad, which is muy rapido here in the tropics.  At least the freezer was working, albeit a bit warmer than it should be, at least the frozen stuff kept it cold enough to use as a limited space refrigerator for a few things.  So all routines and habits have been seriously altered as we jump into the abyss of 2013.

Alrighty, so with all of this Time just hanging around all of a sudden and doing nothing, and for me this is like my personal prescription for anxiety (way too much cardinal fire in my natal for this), what can you do?  I always have lots of projects going on, always the perpetual student, busy with this or that, but all of that came to a point of not…do…able…like…that…any…more.  Radically different.  Yes, I meditate, contemplate my contemplations and have found much healing in merely ‘gazing’ into the jungle and watching the amazing life of it all around, but all day long is challenging!  Even my writing has taken a hiatus, nada!  What about the horses?  Well that is a horse of a different color – out of reach, shoeless, a challenge for me to harness them right now, however that is changing.  Yesterday I ‘arranged’ a meeting with them, they met me at the gate (saving me a long ‘where are you?’ hike in the sun), I hopped on bareback and we just grazed (actually they grazed, I just enjoyed being with) along the road for several hours, enjoying the timelessness together.  A huge blue morph graced us for a while, fluttering around and around. Again, lots of No Time for experiencing the extremely unique energies of this new year, and without a clue as to what is next!

So what is next? Everything seems to be on hold…all connections with friends, family and projects have currently been put on hold – waiting for something it seems.  No action, no connections, nada.  Is it just us or is it Out There also?  We are only Here, however it seems that this current theme is being experienced by others out there in cyberspace.  It FEELS like something is brewing in the ethers, or perhaps in the System of the controllers, or maybe Gaia has something working up in her molten chambers?  My guess is that any or all is possible, especially right now.

With all of this meditation time, and reading time, as well, I have received some pretty amazing understandings of How Things Work in the bigger picture, thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and his book The Biology of Belief.  If you would like to know the details of cell biology and evolution and how we have become multi-cellular communities of energy (quantum physics with biology) then you must read this book, but in short detail what I have realized in a much grander scale that what we are experiencing right now in these times of what has been called The Shift of Consciousness is not much different than the shift of consciousness  that happened billions of years ago when cells started to come together in common awareness to progress into something much, much more (like conscious human beings, for one).  We as humans on planet Earth are struggling to come together as a unit to make changes that are Grand in scope.  These changes are happening not only on Earth, but in our solar system, our galaxy, our Universe, and all of the dimensions that co-exist in between!  The Matrix.

Yes, I know this is deep but what else can you expect from a multiple Aries locked in the jungle with little money and not much work?  I went inside…and this is exactly where humans have been being directed to go for many years now: Inside to do the healing work required to progress into the next phase of evolution, which is shifting and fast-forwarding in monumental ways right now.  The internal personal work is required to get out of the box thinking that has held us captive for way too long; this box thinking that created the ‘sheeple’; this box thinking that has led us into a trap that is almost a point of no return…we are on the brink of the realizations that will set us free, as a civilization.  BUT (with capital letters), it feels like we are towing a barge of dead weight – those in denial that there actually is anything else – and we still cannot see land.  This is the In-Between Time.  We have worked hard to get here, yet too many are dragging their feet and in denial that anything has changed, or could change, or why would anything change, really? And what might that be, anyway? Lifetime after lifetime we get up, go to work, pay our bills, get drunk on Friday, life goes on, right?  We have done our best to share our knowledge so that those in denial can get to ‘land’, however it seems that now we are at the point where it seems as though we are looking back at the dead weight and wondering, do we still keep towing or is it time to let go and make the leap?  The old saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t throw him in’ comes to mind – LOL. 

We can simply believe that our light of understanding will continue to be a Lighthouse for them, and keep going…I can see land, I think…

More meditation, more contemplation, much more understanding.  I truly believe that we already have all of the answers, we need only remember.  Those simple, and sometimes not so simple clues (depending on you) that bring it all together, into focus…allowing our perspectives to broaden further, our belief systems to change, and thus invite the probability that Humans will evolve into a peaceful, harmonious, co-habitating culture with Gaia and our Star brothers and sisters.

Yes, it is possible.  We are In-Between now, time is an illusion.  The jungle has secrets, and it has so very willingly shared. Thank you jungle.  Thank you caballos.  Thank you morph.  And even thanks for the abundance of meditation ‘time’ available, Now.  It is all coming together exactly as it will.

(I think I need a long hike now, LOL)


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

4 thoughts on “The In-Between Time”

  1. Los amo , paz, todo esta bien todo es perfecto parece que nada ha cambiado tan solo hay que mirar despacio y mirar desde lejos la magia esta dentro de nosostros..Aqui todo es muy despacio pues parece que todos te han abandonado es parte del proceso..

  2. Ahhh, you are experiencing what I have been, after my work stopped at the Health Food Store! WAY too much ‘free Time’ & NO $ to do anything ud been thinking “oh, if only I had some extra time, I’d do ……”so ya read till u think if u see another book you’ll SCREAM &the so on! lol ! !
    Quite interesting that u too are experiencing the “no time” too. I’ve talked to a couple people who r conscious & they too have felt this…..ur description of the boat & land just about summons it up! ! After reading the DIVINE Matrix & Earth going around the end of the Milky Way, it seems to me that the G forces is part of what is gone…no more pull against us physically ….who knows….we do like u Elena …..keep on keeping on……

    1. I am here, and I will keep on delivering! your perception of it is very strong…we are all feeling our way through this one, which is exactly what is called for…like groping in the dark (read that any way it suits you! it all works). hanging in there…and hanging…and…

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