May The Spirit of the Season Inspire You

Are we still here?  Yes, the sun did come up again, in the east.  Perhaps next we shall be seeing survival manuals for those that missed the spaceship ride on Dec. 21, 2012, right? More like intense therapy classes!  LOL Apparently there were quite a few folks all over the world that seemed to fall into that pre-fabricated illusion that December 21, 2012 would be a day of some grand ‘event’, maybe a huge catastrophe, or a grand star gate opening or a spaceship landing, but nothing happened – nada.  At least nothing that appeared to take place, on the outside…we really don’t know the extent of what happened for mankind, and my opinion is that this is what it was/is all about – a shift of consciousness.  Subtle, yet intense.  The truth shall be self-evident, and the illusion is breaking apart, all we as humans need to do is REALIZE that we have been fed a grand illusion, for a long time, and we do have the choice to move beyond it, and that is what these times are all about.

Moving right along, the 21st was a rather auspicious day here in the jungle – the howler monkeys were going off all day long, and THIS is unusual, with the toucans chattering right along with them.  The weather was just plain weird; the energy in the atmosphere was palpable, thick and strong.  The night sky was vibrant and pulsating, the stars were beaming their intensities toward us with a brightness that was awesome.  Today the ants were like people on black Friday!  They were all out and swarming and everywhere – why? Something is up.  And now we are preparing to enter a New Year of 2013, which is totally a new book!  New cycles, new paradigm, new attitudes (I hope for many) and new dreams.  Our new dream is to find another place to live, the one we are in was always temporary, although we didn’t realize how temporary and short-lived it would be, but then that happens when you are renting.  My Mate and I are Earth Keepers, we bring up the earth energy wherever we live.  We plant and nurture and create beautiful gardens, take old energy and transform it or we will take a lump of clay and create a thriving oasis with it.  Unfortunately people see dollar signs when you take their nothing and make it into something pretty awesome, and so another home goes up for higher rent or for sale or whatever the case may be.  Our dream is to find that spot that we can nurture and bring up the earth energy and STAY there for the rest of our days, with appreciation for what we do.  We are retired and not getting younger, although we have group counseling sessions with our cell bodies nightly to dispel the illusion that we need to grow old and die, at least add some longevity to it!  We love doing what we do, growing organic gardens and planting flowers and trees for aromatherapy, visual therapy and herbal medicines.  WHERE ARE YOU???? I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE…I CAN HEAR YOU CALLING ME… I am listening.

Yes, this is our dream, and we are being very specific this time.  The old saying, ‘Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it’ is so true.  Be specific, ask for exactly what you want, expect miracles, and don’t worry about the how’s, where’s, when’s and who’s about it!  That is the responsibility of the cosmos, we just ask and believe and PAY ATTENTION so we don’t miss it when it knocks on our door!  Or slaps us upside the head, whatever.

We love the jungle, but what we wouldn’t give for a little bit more level ground to work with, you have to be a goat or a pizote or a chancho de Montana to get around in this steep ground to grow things, especially when it is slick from rain.  And the jungle does encroach, rapidly, on any area that has been worked, so maintenance is ongoing.  It is good to get outside daily and work with the earth, the plants and the soil, even with the bugs, good for the soul and the mind and the heart.  However, how much does one choose to take on?  This begs our attention, and is a large part of exactly what we are asking for this time.  This country is also divided into many micro-climates, so it is important to choose where we want to live and what we would like to grow.  We lived in a really hot spot before here and it was so unbearably hot that it was stifling, and Mate had to shave his chest – wow!  A breeze is good…thank you.

 Choose wisely, be specific. And, realize that we don’t have to make sacrifices!  We as humans get so caught in the belief that we must let go of this to have that, or suffer through this to get that, etc.  Poppycock!  Be specific, and believe. Intention…important at this point.

I will let you know how it goes, but for now the intention has been broadcast and the New Year is ready to unfold before us.  And with that I wish for everyone the abundant opportunities of realizing your dreams!  Let’s create the world of our dreams, it is there waiting to unfold or to be discovered, we need only to get out of our own way.  The old cycles are closed now, the new cycles with new opportunites are before us and it is up to us what we do with them.  What is your dream?  NOW is the time to really realize what it is FOR YOU.

May the Spirit of the Season Inspire You – DREAM BIG.  It is our turn…


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

One thought on “May The Spirit of the Season Inspire You”

  1. Everywhere you go you make the Earth come to life! I dream of eco villages where we all enJOY what we’re creating and so proud of the beauty we bring. Recognizing the true wealth is in the hearts of the people. I have heard said there are no safe places only safe people. In My dream we return to the long house experience of old an equalitarian, moneyless society under direction of folks such as yourselves-we share in infinite gratitude and abundance seeing that we are part of everything that goes on around us and when we bring this to a higher place-it is the awareness that the way we live is art-time is art……let us create ever expanding beauty this time. Garry & MaryKate are still holding the space……7 of us wound up there drawn by canyon stories innemerable!

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