20 12 2012

Today is 21 12 2012, a very much heralded and auspicious day, that most likely will not present itself with any specitacular fireworks or huge events for us to observe on the outside, yet there is so much going on in the inside of each of us, personally.  Yesterday however…what a wonderful day!  Numerologically speaking the lineup of numbers is loaded, no matter how you line it up: 20 12 2012, or 12 20 2012 or 2012 2012, it’s just fun to view some of the dynamics of this combo.  But that is not my department, although I thoroughly enjoy reading up on the meanings of this combo, which can be pretty involved. I won’t even start with it here and recommend you check it out if it so moves you, quite amazing information actually.  Suffice it to say that it is a far more power packed day numerologically than the 21st, which offers a Galactic Alignment of cosmic proportions…taking into consideration the cosmic proportions of such an alignment, would it matter much to focus it down to an exact date, let alone time?  We are talking about really big ‘things’, like planets and galaxies and black holes and star systems all lining up together – it seems that something of this magnitude would be evident even in what would be called ‘close’, yeah?  I mean how exact can you get with these huge systems and planetary bodies?  I personally believe that this alignment has had its impact on us for quite some time now, several years actually – by earth time standards – and will have for several more years yet to come, God and the governments willing.  Oh wait – that is one of the main focal points of this alignment, this is an evolutionary leap for the consciousness of mankind, hu-man Be-ings, which in a nutshell means we are taking back the helm of our own ships, piloting our own lives, creating our own realities, time to shit or get off the proverbial toilet, eh?  Walk our talk, NOT to continue following the tail in front of us, which means that by becoming AWARE of the aforementioned awakening consciousness, we don’t have to wait for the government’s ‘stamp of aprooval’ for us to continue with a quality of life, right?  Ah, the illusion holds its power as long as we believe in the illusion.  Wake up!   Well, I kind’ve got off track from yesterday…to continue on, my mate and I have been staying pretty well sequestered up on the mountain, away from the hustle and bustle of the holidaze and commotion of whatever hoopla happens to be hoopla-ing out and about, and doing alot of meditating and contemplating while being consciously aware of what we are choosing to create for ourselves, as we envision a New World minus negativity, greed, exploitation, etc. etc.  Woke up this morning with a need to go someplace…so we packed up the ice chest and the dogs and headed out to the beach.  Here in this wonderful little country in which we reside it is what is called the ‘high season’, which means that all of the tourists show up and things get busy and congested and all of that kind of thing.  We were expecting there to be a few more people at the beach, but lo and behold it was empty – again.  We are talking about miles of pristine white sandy beach lined with coconut trees and beach trees, the perfect tropical beach, and no one was there.  Talk about a time out!  We so thoroughly enjoyed the almost lake-like ocean, the color and the clarity of the water was absolutely spectacular.  In fact, we were standing out waist deep enjoying the immense awesome connection to the Earth Mother and there in a wave was the shadow of a very large fish, probably a rooster fish, and that was pure thrills!  “Next time we are bringing our poles, that fish was huge!”  This fish was swimming across the wave, enjoying life every bit as much as we were.  We were, and are, so grateful to be able to experience this right now at this point in time, to be on a beach that is difficult to imagine still exists!  But it does, and we were there.  Yes, a couple more people showed up, but there was so much empty beach they were not even close to us, but we could see them…So the dogs played and we meditated on the bounty of this planet that does still exist, while we enjoyed the rejuvenation gifted to us through the waves, the sand and salt of the sea, the energy of the earth rushing through us, washing away any ‘stuck-ness’ that we may still be cleansing.  Oh what a joy!  We all had a blessedly wonderful day, with much sun and relaxation, rejuvenation, mental unwind.  And as the day waned, a couple of local men came out with their nets to catch some bait fish, dragging their nets through the surf, anticipating their next catch…all in a day, all in this day, 20 12 2012.   Thank you Gaia. 




Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

5 thoughts on “20 12 2012”

  1. Gracias Helen y Rich los amo cada sentimiento lo fui viviendo en mi corazon compartiendo con ustedes mi Espiritu estaba ahi disfrutando las caricias de las olas los susuros del viento.Hapy hapy.Puro Amor Divino.

  2. Hey Elana ! That was a MAGICAL day to say the least ! ! When u were tellling beach & fish , I started hearing the theme from Jaws! Or “holy crap Batman” here comes another alligator :-))
    My 12/12/2012 Day was sent directly from the Gods! ! Started off re-watching the 2012phone movie u sent along, with a Very conscious friend….discussed it more………grandson Logan came over we had a nice day together …..then tai chi in the evening………WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL day! ! !
    So today is the 21st &its trying to top yesterday afternoon ! ? ! I got a massage from my friend Joy on wed, she spent the night & I worked on her in the morning. WHAT u a session! ! ! She was releasing ANY debris that were left inside her from being addicted to the drama/trama of her husband’s family &I the last place she worked……WOW, what a session! ! Right at the end, her mom came in, along with her resuantly

    1. To carry on to what I was trying to say ……her dog that recently passed over…….I’ve allowed her mom to use my body before & she did again…..hugged her daughter, while her dog was licking her face ! ! Can’t get better then that ! ! :-))
      Happy New Year to u & Rich & may you manifest the Greatest things in 2013….. things that make your Soul Smile ….Love you gal, Nanc~

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