Approaching the Gateway

As another dawn approaches, one more new day ready to emerge, I have many non-thoughts circulating throughout my Being.  It is the first week of December, 2012.  Hard to fathom that a time that has been so anticipated – 12.21.2012, so prepared for, so pondered and studied and with so much mystery for the masses (even no consideration at all for many) is finally here.  The date, the event, what will it be?  No one really knows, as in actuality it really is merely another day on the calendar.  There is so much anticipation and expectation for some spectacular ‘event’ that may or may not occur; but for myself it signifies more of a turning point in the evolution of human beings, whether it is obvious or not.  I have been ‘preparing’ for this time for many years, most of my life actually, as there has always been an innate ‘knowing’ that I am here on planet Earth with purpose this time, so the search started early with asking those questions to my Self: who am I? Why am I here?  What is this all about?  And many other questions, as well.  However for the past twenty-five years the actual intentional attention to my Journey here on Earth during these times has been significantly focused on living life with my eyes open (there’s that ‘paying attention’ thing again) with what was going on in my life, and what I could do or choose at any point along the way that would make things better (or worse).  Paying attention is no guarantee that life will be, or would be all comfy and cozy, but it would lead to making choices that invite circumstances with ‘lessons’ of life that had very important meanings, which as I reflect back now from this point in time, have enabled my understandings of me and how I fit into this time in the history of humans on earth.

Yes, we call it the ‘School of Hard Knocks and Instant Education’, even though some of the education is not so instant.  How many times did I/we make choices from the viewpoint of the heart, what was good for all, only to be completely stomped and pummeled into a distorted mess by the ‘powers that be’ – and why?  How could that be?  We are not being selfish, we are working on doing things here that are good for everyone, why or how could this happen?  Ah, so having waded through way too many of these kinds of circumstances in life, it begs the questions that open up other doors which HOPEFULLY and INTENTIONALLY take us into areas, places, people and things, that are of a more benevolent nature.  As we look back and comprehend what was actually happening, we see that in life, this one in particular, we have to ‘come evens’ (some call it catching up with karmic debt) with situations created in other times, as well as dredging up those hidden icky parts of ourselves that need more polishing.  Another way of looking at it is that life is always offering us a glimpse of ourselves, especially the parts that are not so evident, in the circumstances – reality – around us.  Like it or not, we are looking at parts of ourselves reflected back to us in that outer reality that is our world.  IF we can allow this to be a truth in our understanding, and seek to understand what the heck THAT is all about, we actually get a little closer to making choices that make our world better.  I said ‘better’, I didn’t say perfect.  There are tons of books and CD’s and things to buy, workshops and seminars, etc. out there for us to hear what others have to say about such things, and these things DO help if you are serious about achieving the understanding, but again here I am getting off track.  Back to the point, it is about WANTING to find out WHO this person inside this body really is, and realizing that one can have not only more control over the circumstances of their life, but choose not to be just bumping along in the dust of the other sheeple.

My Journey in this life has been about the discovery of Me and how the choices in my life WILL help to make a better world.  The more people that understand this, the better our world will become.  The control of our actions and the results of those actions belong to us, not to those ‘others’ out there attempting to direct and control our lives.  What we have being reflected back to us in our day to day realities is a guide to help us to become aware that we can make better choices.  It is NOT about opinions that the ‘other folks’ need to do this or that, it is that I need to do this or that.  This is MY LIFE, not anyone else’s – everyone has their own life to do with as they choose.  And because of this, I will have to live with the circumstances of my life (whether I choose or allow someone else to choose for me), and take responsibility for that, ultimately.

So what does this have to do with December 21, 2012?  And the current countdown, as well as the potential possibilities of what may come AFTER this date?  Well it is most certainly about the mass consciousness of the people of planet earth WAKING UP to the fact that we are NOT here by accident, we are here with a definite purpose –each of us our own; what we do, say and think DOES matter; and the most important thing is that our power to change the current state of chaos here now into something good for everyone IS REAL, we must only choose this, and then act upon that choice.  It is not about going out and changing the world, it is about changing the world that is yours, from the inside out.  You don’t have to do yoga every day, or eat raw foods, or attend to a strict regime of this or that – it is only necessary that you are aware that what you do or say and how you think is what counts (however I must add that doing some of those above mentioned things can and do help our focus, a lot actually).  This is what is leading up to the consciousness shift that all of the peoples that are remnants of civilizations long gone are talking about – the old cycles are done now, the old ways of being controlled by others for their own ulterior motives are ‘passé’.  Time to create what we WANT, not what someone else wants (with control issues at the helm).  No, this is not creating more material things; this is about creating a time here on earth for humans without wars and fighting, greed, anger and power regimes.  There is enough abundance here for all, if the All were to realize that and make choices supporting the ‘good for all’ concepts.  Working together to make it work.

My heart has always had a big space for the Hawaiian Islands, the Polynesian world that has all but perished in the muck of materialism.  The people of Hawaii lived a life that is my dream of what the New World could be, and it still exists in their hearts as well.  I offer this:

“Hawaii culture is the antithesis.  Instead of taking, we give.  In our tradition, the fisherman catches fish not only for himself, but for everyone in the ahupua’a (land section).  The taro farmer harvests not only for himself, but for others in the ahupua’a.  The woodsman does the same, and so on.

Therefore, the greatest virtue and personal asset is NOT how much money one has in the bank, but one’s relationships.  That’s the basis for our traditional culture.  But we are compelled to abide by western times (he taps his watch), to get a job, pay taxes, and bind ourselves to a mortgage.  If we don’t, and we live like our ancestors did by fishing and sharing, we go to jail.  So we’re caught in the conflict and too many of our people give up.”

-Kekuni Blaisdell, M.D.

Now is the time.  Take a look at your own way of thinking, acting, being.  Are you paying attention?  Let’s step through the Gateway of December 21, 2012 with awareness that We can Be the Change we wish to see in the World.  You never know what 2013 might look like then, yeah?  Let’s take back the power of our lives and create a New World with love and sharing.

Nana Na Moe.

Look to your dreams.




Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

5 thoughts on “Approaching the Gateway”

  1. Well Elena, as always, your words are written true. & from the Heart & yours are for me,,,, they are
    MY words too ! U saved me a lot of typing 🙂
    Yes, if we all could stop & look DEEP with in , we too would all want a Better World for ALL …..if for no other reason then the fact that OUR World would be SOOO much better. But most of us don’t realize that we are making our decisions from what we’ve been taught from childhood …..our parents taught us the best they could, they just didn’t know there was another way……NOW. we do ! ! So on we go to continue to learn new/old ways…….. May WE too do the BEST they we can…….

    1. so very happy to oblige, of course! me thinks that more ARE looking deep within these days, which will continue becoming that wave of change we all long for. those of us in the forefront of the know will have much to offer in guidance, as we will be – already are – BEing and living another way. show me the way, hay hay! they will say…ha ha. we will do our best!

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