Changes Undoubtedly Afoot

Sitting here in the very early morning of predawn light, listening to the song of the howlers in their groups all around us, the awakening of the birds’ songs breaking the stillness of the night..the rivers are loud.  We live pretty isolated up in the middle of the rainforest – way out here somewhere…right now it is perhaps not so difficult to imagine how it must be on the East coast of the States, however far removed we are the feelings and knowledge are prevalent.  We do have some connections that keep us informed – like internet, feelings, cosmic interaction and whatnot.  This storm Sandy just had one helluvan impact on us here, creating deafening rain pounding for two weeks, and then migrating northerly to create a crippling situation in the United States’ northeasterly section.  It swept through the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and on up to pummel the east coast with unprecedented destruction, and more.  This is all happening RIGHT NOW, and the universal feelings that we are feeling of this impact is beyond words, very similar to the havok and destruction created by Fukashima a little more than a year ago (however thankfully without the radiation issues).  We are in the last quarter of 2012, which was labeled with many different descriptions, yet ultimately it has become what it is…and is still becoming.  In my own perspective, and quite mildly put, what it takes to get the attention of the masses to the fact that THINGS MUST CHANGE. The power of the cycles will make the changes for us, or force us into making the changes, especially if we don’t ‘take the bull by the horns’ in our own personal realities. This storm has done just this, made changes in a way that the entire east coast of the USA will never be the same, most definitely the people.

Interesting for me is that not more than a little over a week ago (prior to Sandy’s impact here) we were talking with a good friend about his impending departure from our little remote piece of paradise (which has had its own share of cosmic influence, i.e. earthquakes and volcanos erupting) – he was scheduled to fly right into the heart of where the worst has occurred in Sandy’s path.  We looked at him and said, “Are you sure you want to do this?  You aren’t going to like it…” not even having a clue as to the details of what was to actually manifest.  It was only a very serious ‘gut feeling’ that things were amiss, and traveling at this time could be full of surprises, more than anyone might care to have to deal with. We were quite amazed at how many people we know were heading into that very area, at this time, for whatever reasons, ultimately to experience this.  And we did not know about Sandy, either.  But now in retrospect, we had that ‘feeling’ that something was up and passed along those concerns, merely suggesting to our friends to have a ‘second thought’ about their choices.  However, each of us must follow through with our own directives…decisions, choices, plans.

In these current times, it is so important to totally stop and ‘feel’ our choices through, and act on what we are persuaded (compelled?) to do.  Depending on what we have to learn in our own particular Life Journey, which can be altered at any point, the choice will lead us down the path towards what it is we need to experience…Now.  Holy Smokes Batman!  What have I got myself into?

This is a good question for many people right now, just as it was for the people in Japan a little more than a year ago, and which will also be the question for others in the near future as other events unfold.  What are our friends thinking about as they experience their situations at this point?  Not making their destinations, feeling the impact, having friends and family that are in the wake of disaster…ad infinitum.  We observe from a distance, feeling the feelings of the mass consciousness that are out there everywhere, reeling from this ‘frankenstorm, storm of the century’.  Huge impact, unprecedented, and with changes that are forever.

The changes that we are being encouraged to make on so many levels, personal and as a society, inhabitants of planet Earth – yet Humans are stubborn sheeple, or could we say that we/they just ignore and proceed along the same old path of habits?  Perhaps this is what it takes to wake up a few more people to the fact that either we make the changes, albeit however the pace, or not…we will witness the results. The changes are happening with or without us (consciously), and because of us. We are responsible, come hell or high water, in the end.  Where we are, what we are going through, and why.  Yes, these are big ideas of how to look at all of this, in the wake of destruction, and we question how we could be responsible for the mess at hand, but as we watch to see the steps that are taken now to regroup and get life back ‘in order’, it may become more clear what it truly is all about – one disaster after another of some kind or other, creating big changes on so many levels for all of humanity on this planet.

My heart goes out for all of the people that are in the middle of this mess, the chaos and confusion of having lost everything with nothing there for consolation.  Will the people come together to aid one another in this disaster?  It will take weeks and months, perhaps years to recover.  Now the concerns are for health and food needs, sanitation, and transportation.  And the burden of the financial impact – whoa.

Wake up!  The time is nigh!  Where will you be and what will be happening around you?  Are you ready for ‘whatever wherever’?  This is right in ‘our own backyards’, so to speak – are we listening, paying attention to what is going on around us yet?  And how will each and every one of us, individually and together, deal with it?  I pray that the GodHeart of mankind shines through in these chaotic challenges for all to see.

I send my blessings to those involved, and support them to the best of my ability in any way possible.


Author: Elena in the Jungle

Living a very simple reclusive and self sustaining life way out in the jungle with my husband, growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible, I find my freedom and sanctuary in the amazing and spectacular array of life that surrounds me, gifts of Gaia, most especially while traveling around on my horse.

2 thoughts on “Changes Undoubtedly Afoot”

  1. such wisdom from a pioneering soul…..I align with your prayer that humanity comes to the aid of one another in this time!

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